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Memories of Miss Molly Munchkin
Our memories of Molly revolve around the pure joy she gave us, every day for ten years! She was truly our child. She related to us as a human child would, and we related to her as parents to a human child do. She was special and unique. A one of a kind gift that brought us joy and happiness every day of her life. She always had to have a drink of water from her daddy when she was going to bed, and lots of kisses from her dad. He would kiss me also, but Molly always had to have the last kiss. Our memories are all about the love Molly gave to us.

She will be loved and missed forever. Until we meet again!

7/31/13: Hi baby girl. It has been one month and ten days since you left, and Mommy misses you so very much. Nothing feels right without you. I am lonely for you every day, Molly. I know you've met some wonderful playmates there who will keep you company until mommy and daddy can get there to be with you. I love you Molly and daddy loves you too. Don't ever worry that we will forget you because we never will. I will see you again, baby girl.
8/12/13: Oh, my little baby girl, every time I come here to see you, it feels so unreal when I look at your picture and see your name. You should be here with me Molly, not where you are. My heart hurts all the time, I am so lonely for you. Yesterday, I was holding one of your little blankets and just putting my face into it because I could smell you and see some of your hair on it. It gave me some comfort because I had something tangible that belonged to you. I fixed up your place with your ashes Molly. It's really pretty, baby. I hold you in my heart Molly, until I can be with you again. I picture that time in my mind. Mommy has no words to tell you just how much I miss you, how much I love you and always will. My sweet Molly girl.
8/21/13: Hey, Molly baby. How's mommy's girl doing? It has been exactly two months today since you left Molly, and I am just so lonely for you all the time. I wish you would come to visit me in my dreams Molly. It would mean so much to me if I could just see you one more time. I miss you so! Oh baby girl, I love you so much. One of these days I will cross the bridge and see you waiting for me, and we will be together forever. I can't wait! Don't forget, mommy loves you.
9/6/13: Hi Molly baby, just want to say I'm thinking of you, missing you, love you. It's so hard for mommy to come here because I cry every time I do. I am so very lonely for you every day. The time goes so slow. I just want to see you again. Mommy loves you, Molly.
9/21/13: Molly baby, it has been three very long months since you left. It seems like forever since I last saw you and held you. I miss you so much, baby. I know I will see you again, but it is so hard to wait. I had so hoped you would come to me in my dreams, just once, so I could touch you and give you a kiss, but I guess it is not to be. My heart aches, and I am so lonely without you. You and I were so close Molly. Mommy loves you, and I always will. I will never stop missing you, and longing to see you and hold you. If I could just see you once more, touch you and kiss you, I know I would not hurt so much. Molly, I love you.
10/21/13: Four months, Molly. Four months of not seeing you, not touching you, feeling you in bed next to me and daddy, kissing you. It is still almost unbearable. I miss you so very much, baby girl, and I always will. My life changed forever when you left. I love to picture you at the Rainbow Bridge, young and healthy, running and playing with all your friends. I can't wait to see you again, hug you and give you a kiss, my sweet, sweet Molly. I love you baby and I will always be your mommy.
11/15/13: Missing you baby girl. I think about you every day. Mommy loves you.
11/30/13: Oh Molly, I miss you so much baby girl. It's winter Molly, and I know how much you loved the snow. Your birthday is coming up Molly, I will miss that day, my beautiful Christmas girl. Six months since you went to the Rainbow Bridge will be a few days before your birthday. I put a birthday cake and a stocking and Christmas tree there for you. Oh Molly, I think my heart is broken forever. Everything is the same here, but nothing is the same. I love you, love you, miss you my baby.
12/21/13: Six months, Molly. Such a long time to not see you. I love you baby girl. I will be back in a couple of days, on your birthday.
12/24/13: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Molly! I love you so much, miss you always. I wish you were here. It's not the same without you, baby.
2/10/14, Hi Molly, mommy loves you. I think about you every day, and I always will. I miss you so much, Molly. You take care of yourself baby girl. Mommy will be back soon to see you.
2/28/14, Hi Molly girl. Mommy misses you so much. You are never forgotten, sweet, sweet little girl.
3/21/14: My baby girl, how I miss you. You are always in my heart and in my thoughts, Molly. Please know mommy will never forget you. You are loved forever.
5/21/14: Mommy's here Molly. It is exactly eleven months since I last saw you, and I continue to miss you so very much, sweet girl. I hope you are happy Molly, and that you have friends to play with and all the good food you always wanted to eat. Now you can. Remember, I promised you that you would be able to have it all, if you wanted. I will be back next month baby, but please don't forget you are in my thoughts daily, and I will always love you. Mommy
6/21/14: It has been one year since you left us, Molly girl. I will always miss you. I so wish you could have stayed with mommy just a little longer. You are supposed to be here, but you aren't. I will always be grateful to God for the ten years we had together, my sweet girl. I know we will be together again one day baby. Mommy loves you Molly.
6/22/14: I will hold you in my heart forever. Love, Mommy
10/10/14: Sweet, sweet Molly girl, mommy misses you so much. Love you forever.
12/6/14: It will be your birthday soon, Molly. I miss you, love you my baby girl.
12/24/14: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Molly! You would be 15-years-old today. How I wish you were here, baby girl. I will always love you and miss you. You are in my thoughts always. Love, Mommy.

2/12/15: I will always love you, sweet Molly. Love, Mommy.
6/4/15: Mommy hasn't forgotten you, baby girl. I lost my confirmation number for a while so could not get on to write this to you, but I never forget you. I will love you always Molly. I miss you still.
12/24/15, Happy Birthday, Molly Baby! I love you so much, and I miss you. I will be seeing you one day baby. Mommy loves you.

5/16/16: It will soon be three years since you went to Rainbow Bridge baby girl, and I still miss you every day. Daddy and I talk about you and how much we miss you. You are in my heart forever. Love, Mommy.

12/7/16, it's been a while Molly since I've been here but I think of you every day. Your daddy and I are always remembering things you have done and laughing at what a fun girl you are. I love you baby. Your birthday is coming up. I will love and think of you forever. Mommy
12/24/17: Happy 17th birthday, baby girl. I love you and miss you always, my sweet girl.
2/28/18: Hi baby. You are on my mind today so I thought I would drop by and give you a little spring. Love you, Molly girl.

6/10/2020, Hi my sweet girl. I hope you are happy and having fun with all your friends at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you Molly and I think about you all the time. Your daddy and I talk about you, and I talk to your brother Scottie a lot about you. Just wanted to say hi to you and let you know I am loving you forever. Mommy

6/8/2022, Hello, my sweet little girl. Mommy will always love you and one of these days we will be with each other again, forever. I know you are happy in the light of Jesus which shines on you and every other baby there at the Rainbow Bridge forever. I will see you again, baby. Love forever!

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