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Memories of Miss Kane
I rescued Miss Kane in New Orleans after Katrina. She was in a room full of 200 kittens at Lamar Dixon. She begged me with her eyes to rescue her so I stole her and her best friend and sister Katrina and brought them home to Maine.They were both awful sick and would have surely died If I had not brought them home.
Miss Kane was the bravest and most loyal cat.She followed me every second, of everyday.She was at the door when I came home from work. If I went in the bathroom, Miss Kane went in the bathroom.If I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, Miss Kane was in the kitchen cooking dinner. She slept with me every night.
She was afraid of no one. If a stranger came in the house, she would hiss at them, but never run. One day when I was giving her sister a ringworm bath and Katrina was crying and yowling, and Miss Kane bravely jumped up on the sink and hissed at me. She had come to save her sister, in the face of a sink full of water.She ruled the house with an iron paw.
She grew up to be a beautiful cat, but you would have never guessed it when she was a kitten. She had a long coat with breaking fur and was a hundred different shades of gray.She had big tufts of long white fur under her armpits. She had perfect little eggplant colored pads. She talked so much we used to call it "Kany Talk". She talked to me all the time.
She died two months ago. A coyote came into my yard and snatched her. I looked for her for a week until my neighbor found what was left of her a half mile from my house.
I still cry almost everyday I miss her so much. I don't sleep to well, but Miss Kane was always there in the middle of the night to keep me from feeling alone. I feel so alone now, and its terrible when I wake up at night.I am all by myself, no Miss Kanykins fancy pants to keep me company.
I miss my girl so much, and wish I could have saved her.

She is badly missed by her sister Katrina, her three brothers Hymie, Oreo, and baby Sweetie, her grandmother Gloria, and her dad Michael.

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