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Memories of Miracles Pantera
Miracles used to love Christmas, he used to eat all the prawns from the Christmas lunch and always ask for more, he used to play with the Christsmas decorations every time I put them out, this year he left us one week before Christmas and left us heartbroken , we tried our best ( specially Nathan ) to keep
him with us until Christmas , he had Pancreatitis and the Vet said to us : there is nothing much we can do, but Nathan had a lot of faith and tried so hard to keep him with us, the last two days were so hard especially for Nathan, who has to take care of him. I'm sorry my little Miri I could not spend more time with you the last days, I hope you forgive me for this. I just want to tell you I really love you and miss you so much, you were my best company in very difficult moments for me, and I'm gong to miss your pruuuuuing a lot because that used to be like a therapy for me.
Nathan is so heartbroken, I never see him like this , all he wants is to hold you again, thanks for all the messages you left to us around the house and in other places , you even bring us to discover this website and I think that was magical, you were my little magical cat, we think you come from the stars , and for that reason I ask you to send Nathan something to cheer him up and also give to him something to say thanks for all the time he spent with you and for all the love he provided to you.
Mi muñeco pequeñito ya estás en el cielo de los gaticos, espero que te portes muy bien cómo lo hiciste con nosotros, ya tienes amiguitos? Ya conociste a tus primas : Sugar y Sinser?, son lindas tienen los ojitos azules.
Mi purruncho, mi niño Miri, mi bebe , mi angelito , Minci, Marrunchi lindo te quiero y te extraño mucho , pero sé que allí eres feliz y saludable, te deje una cobijita y unos regalitos de Navidad, y aqui te dejo los prawns que tanto te gustan 🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤, disfrútalos! Feliz Navidad mi Mirito , Merry Christmas Miri ♥️
It's said that a cat chooses the owner and this is true for me.My Miri came to me from the shadows of a cold winter night he was beautiful he resembled a baby panther with bright yellow eyes. He walked around my legs before leading me to my front door how he new where I lived is a miracle but cats are very intelligent. For one week he came back and forth for breakfast and dinner always scratching at the door. I eventually followed him back to his hideout which was under another apartment block and I told him that it's time to come with me that I loved him and want him to with us and he decided to come. For the next two weeks he slept a lot I guess the street life had taken a toll on him and now he had his on bed and plenty of food. For the next three years he always stayed by my side followed me everywhere and I loved him with all my heart. He slept with me and my girlfriend during the winter months and slept on the cool tiles in summer. He was all that was good in me he was my heart. I would never think I could love something so much but I do believe he came to me in a time where I was in a dark place and he gave me light. He was my only friend as I never saw him as a pet but a brother in creation. He was all I cared about and in my own world the most beautiful thing. He was an escape from this world from all the hate and evil that he was innocent and only wanted to be loved. I wish I new him all his life but the three years I had with him I will treasure until my time comes and I can be with him again with God. Now he has gone I am heartbroken and feel alone but I do believe I will see him again. Four days after he passed I decided to return to my old place where we first met is at in the little park where he would play. It was 9.00 at night and dark I sat on a chair remembering and saddened by my Miri when a completely black cat jumped up next to me purring and jumping all over me and full of happiness I couldn't believe it I was shocked but happy and my sadness was fading. The cat had collar with a name which was atlas so I new he had a good home. I take it as a sign from God that he is healthy again and peaceful. I loved you my friend miri and I always will you were the best part of me I am lost without you but I will be strong as I know I will see you again soon thank you for everything you gave me you were beautiful and full of love our connection is everlasting you showed me that there is still good in this world and I am forever grateful. My Panther I love you. Papa.
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