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Memories of MIRA BROWN
Mira was our steadfast companion and best friend for the past 18 years. She was there to help us wipe away our tears when our health issues seemed unbearable. Or to hold our hand with her little paws, squeezing tightly to let us know everything would be alright. She'd listen intently to everything you said and took it all to heart. I believe she understood every word. Everyday at 4pm she would wait for me to call my mommy so she could talk. It was beyond endearing. She was an old soul who seemed to have a deeper understanding about the universe. She had a sixth sense. She loved to balance herself on the top edges of chairs like a dare devil walking a tight rope. She'd sit there gleefully content while we fussed she might fall off. She was always underfoot to the point of distraction and we found ourselves trying to avoid stepping on top of her, which was exhausting. If she found a spot she liked it was hers and you better figure out how to get around her cause she refused to budge. When her sister passed a year ago Mira helped my hubby and I find a new normal. She'd wait each night to jump up into bed with us, getting frustrated, if we didn't do it at a reasonable hour. First thing in the morning her blankie was a mess from us tossing and turning but Mira would be clinging to it waiting for me to straighten it out. I'd give her a big hug scooping her up to fix it. And she'd give me kisses. When she went blind, she navigated with her nose and whiskers instead. When her legs went out on her she fought with determination to stand. Over and over again. She'd listen to my mantra as she was tackling the impossible. She needed to rest, all her strength was being tapped. I'd tell her to be very, very calm and breathe breathe breathe. And she would purr as she entered hibernation mode and lay very, very still. We knew we had to find a way to say goodbye. We had been listening to celestial music. Overwhelmed with emotion, I played Amazing Grace on my cellphone, instead. Her little ears twitched as we listened. When the song had reached it climatic conclusion, I reached down to caress her head and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a tiny smile cross her lips. The music had been uplifting and had touched her heart as a final send off. She passed away early the next morning. Our hearts are filled with a loss that is so profound we can not stop our tears. A truer friend, such unconditional love we have never known. We love you with all our hearts precious Mira. REST in PEACE, sweet girl and let your spirit soar. Dara, your sissie is here. You can run and play free from the shackles of your ravaged body. And one day... you will see mommy and daddy again on the other side.

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