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Memories of Minnie
Minnie and her sister Maggie were found in a window well on September 11, 2006. Their mother was killed during a hurricane like storm that we had. They had another sister who found a home. I took one look at these helpless babies and knew that I had to take them home. We had five other cats at home. They learned to fit in rather quickly. In June of 2010 our daughter got married and took her "five " cats with her. Now it was just Minnie and Maggie at home. Our household also housed a Greyhound. He was good with cats. In November of 2010 we rescued another Greyhound. He was much more excitable and therefore was more interested in the cats. Minnie and Maggie learned to stay away from the dogs. In October 2011 another dog was added to the household, a German Shorthair Pointer puppy. The puppy was always curious about the cats. In August of this year the puppy and both Greyhounds got a hold of Minnie. She fought and twisted and turned and was able to get away with a few broken nails. Then on Friday December 7 the newest of our Greyhouns got a hold of Minnie again. This time she wasn't so lucky. It took 2 days to find her and when we did, we took her to an emergency hospital. But it was almost too late. She was in shock and septic and her prognosis was very poor. So I had to make a very difficult decision and had her put to sleep. I feel that I had let her down and that it was an accident that should never have happened. I miss her every day. She was just so loving and cuddly. I love you Minnie.

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