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Memories of Minnie
You were a good dog even though you messed up the bathroom and your crate. You were the barker. We miss your snoring and the way you would lay next to us whenever we felt bad from a cold or whatever. You were NURSE Minnie whenever we need you. You were a great comfort puppy. You were always there when we called you. You were the one I would play football and run around the house with. You would wear your University of Tennessee dog shirt September to December proundly. You went by just about anything Minnie Mow, Minnie Mouse,Mow Mow, and other name. You know how to tell us when you need to go outside you would dance around. If you could of been on Dancing With the Stars you would get 10 from us.

It has been 2 months since you left us but we talk to you everyday when we leave to go to work or out shopping like we use to when you where here. We miss you a lot still and will always remember you Minnie. I know in my heart you are having alot of fun at the Rainbow Bridge with all your new friends. You are watching over us everyday. We never stop talking to you. Just want you to know Minnie we still miss you and love you very much. It is fall time now and the it is raining alot here in Nashville, TN. I know that you didn't like the rain I know that it doesn't rain at the Rainbow Bridge your with a very special person the Lord and one day we will see you again. Take care Minnie enjoy the fall time. We miss you Minnie. Your Sister Jaime is doing Great keep watching over her, like you are over me and Mom. Love You Very Much and MISS YOU Minnie. Here's a big hug and kiss on your little black nose.

I want to let you know how much we all miss you. Today is Halloween and we are all setting here waiting on the kids in their Halloween costumes. I wish you were here to so you could bark when they come to the door. I think of you all the time when I'm working and at night when I go to bed I always have your blanket ready for you to come and lay down with me. I hope you are doing well and making alot of friends. We will be going on vaction to our favorite place soon and I know you will be going with us in our hearts. Please take care of yourself and send some kisses to me and your family here in Nashville. I set and watch TV while I hold a pillow with your picture on it that way I know you are stell with me when just Jaime and I are here at night. Because as you know Jaime always goes to the bathroom an goes to sleep but I know she stell thinks of you also. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH and well talk to you soon. Mom (Betty) 10/31/09

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving This well be the first big holiday without you. I know that you are well and have many new friends but know that I LOVE YOU So Much and miss you Everday. This year we are staying home but we are going to Kentucky for Christmas. I know you travel with us always but I wish I could just hold you and fell your warm body next to me. The hole family sends their LOVE and Kisses to you. Please remember to send your Kisses whenever you get a chance. I will write again around Christmas. I have a candle burning just for you and all the good times we had together. Jamie and Nina say Hi and they miss you too! LOVE ALWAYS Mom (Betty) 11/26/09

It's christmas time here in Tennessee. It is cold and raining today. Minnie you didn't like the rain you would run right to the dog house when we let you out. Now that you are with our great Lord and waiting for us to get there to hold you again. I know that you are with my grandparents and with Baba Bear, Pineapple, Maui, Coco, Mitiz. I know that you are all waiting and watching over me and mom and Jaime. Jaime misses you very much lately she has been having dreams and I know that you are talking to her. This christmas is going to be a little blue for me because you are not going to get your christmas cookie bone and when I start cooking in the kicthen you won't be there to get what falls on the floor or I just hand it to you. You where always in the kicthen whenever we would go and you won't a slice of cheese and chicken dinner for christmas but I know that the lord will have a fantastic dinner for all of you. I miss you and there is empty hole in the house and kicthen. I will let you go because I know that you have to get back to playing with all your new friends and watch over us here in Tennessee. I hold on to the pillow that I got you with your picture in it whenever I need to hold you. You are always in my prays and I miss you little burger. Have a good Christmas. May god bless you and all your new friends. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's Minnie. 12/08/09

1/31/10 It snowed on Friday we got 4 inch of snow you would have fun playing with Jaime in the backyard with her ball like you use to with her. She still has dreams and I think that you are sending her messege from the rainbow bridge. We miss you very much still even today. We still have 2 month of winter to go and I hope we don't get any more snow we have had all we need here in Nashville, Tn. Take care I still think of you everyday and you are always in my pray's. Love you Minnie

2/14/10 Hi my sweet angel sorry it's been a while since I wrote but I never forget you in my pray's. Just want you to know that I will always miss you and all the wonderful times we had together. Today is valentines day and I wanted you to know that Nina, Jamie and myself thought it would be nice to share our home with another wonderful puppy. We found a really sweet little girl at the Humane Assoc. where you come to use from she is about 1 year old and likes a little like you. We named her Reba, she is black and white just like you but more black with a little white, she has the same tail as you with the black spot on her rear. She seems to be very shy but I think she will come to love it here. Jaime is not sure about her but is warming up a little I know that Jaime still miss you very much just as we all do. But I know you are watching over all of us so I hope you will also watch over your new sister Reba. Take good care of yourself and keep us in your prays as well. Well write again and keep you up to date on the training of your new sister wish us luck but I'm sure she will work out just fine. Love to you always. Mom

7/11/10 - It has been a year since you left us to be with the Lord. Me and mom, Jaime miss you very much and your new sister Reba is still in training. We think of you everyday. We have been thou a lot in the past few month with the house beeing flooded with water. We are back in the house now but it was something that I don't wish on anybody. I know that you were watching over us the though time we were trying to get things together for the house. There were days when I could think and seat down I would pray to you to help me get thou these. I miss yu minnie and I know that you are still with us everyday and waiting for us at the Rainbow Gate. I know that you are with Baba Bear, Pineapple, Maui tell them Hi also. I know they are waiting next to you. Mom is not feel well right now she has to go to the hospital in the morning for more test but she know that you are with her. I with one thing I have been asking for would come true can you help me Minnie can you ask for a money tree for me. I know that other people have ask for one to but I thought you could ask the wonderful Lord for Help with that.
Love you Minnie We Still Miss you very much. Hugs and Kisses

8/10/11 - We miss you Minnie very much and we are always think of you. I know that you are always watching over us. Have a great day and stay cool it has been hot here in Tennessee. I miss you Minnie take care.

12/17/11 - Hi my sweet Minnie it has been sometime since I wrote you but i never forget you in my prayers. It's now just a week until Christmas 2011 and want to send you my LOVE and thank you for bring Reba into my life as I truely feel that you helped bring her into my life. I bet you have alot of friends at Rainbow Bridges. I stell kiss you good bye ever morning when I leave for work and still have your pictures with me at work sometimes I stop keying and just look at your picture and talk to you for a few minutes. I hope that you will be together again someday but until then I just keep talking to you anyway and ask for your help to watch over Jaime and Reba when needed. Jaime has been going through alot this year she has had two surgery's and now has a cough that she is taking medicine for but other than that she seems to be doing very well for her age. Well better give this machine back to Nina so she can do her thing. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR from all your family here in Tn. Be good and be careful.
With All My LOVE MOM!!!

12/29/11 - Hey Minnie I know that you are with your sister Jaime she has left to go home to the Lord today. Please Minnie watch over her and take care I will see you and your sister again when it is my turn I am 42 now but you and Jaime will never be forgoten I love you. Your playmate sister is up there with you now have fun playing and watch over us down here in Nashville, Tn. Just wanted to let you know that I still miss you also Minnie. I still hurt and always will. May God Bless You.

7/4/2013- Boy I have been bad I have not been here since 2011. I still miss you always and think about you always. I have your picture on my desk at work even thou you are my angel dog and I need that while I am at work. I know that you didn't like the fireworks but I know that up in heaven you love them because they are very special and I know that you and Jaime just sit watching them in peace. I still miss you Minnie and one day I will see you again. Have a great 4th of July Minnie. Miss you still and think about you always. Keep watch over me and mom.

6/18/2016 - I still miss you very much Minnie. I talk to you always when I need to. You and sister Jaime are always in there for me to talk to when I need to talk to somebody. I will see you again one day and wish I had another wish for you to come see me again but I know that will happen one day. I love you Minnie. Please keep watch over me and your two new sister Fancy Bear and Reba Bear.

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