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Memories of Minks
Hello my precious chocolate angel. I miss you. Izzy, Ollie, Sashi, Esmeralda, and Jeff miss you also. You are the Queen of the house and your brothers and sisters are lost without you here. Tonight is three weeks that you decided it was time for you to leave and go on the next part of your journey. Mommy loves you with all her heart and my heart hurts now. I love you, thank you for all you gave me. You are an amazing child.

Hi my angel. I miss you. Today is a month ago that you and mommy had to rush to the ER. Life feels so empty without you to greet me at the door and nudge me with your precious freckled chocolate nose in the morning. I miss cooking for you and your dancing around the kitchen in anticipation of your meals. Today is two years ago your cousin Cody Bugs went to the Rainbow Bridge, I hope and prayer the two of you are together. Your Foothills Farms family misses your sweet self. Mommy gave a donation to the angel fund in your honor, as I know you would want to help someone else in need. Your beautiful pictures are all over the house, I look at them all the time. You are so beautiful, those beautiful eyes and the smile of yours. Your baskets of toys are right where we always keep them. I miss playing fetch with you and you walking over to your abundance of toys and choosing just the right one to play with. I talk to you every day, I hope you know that and hear me. I love you my precious little girl. Thank you for all the love you gave me and choosing me to be your mother.

Hi my beloved, a day does not go by that mommy does not talk to you or looks for signs of you. I bought you a beautiful bouquet of flowers and have them sitting by your urn and photos. I miss you so much my beautiful happy baby girl. Mommy loves you and one day, I hope you are at the bridge waiting for me.

Hi my baby, it is Christmas Eve, and tomorrow is your favorite day as you always got snowballs for the holiday. I
Hello my precious angel. Mommy loves you. I made a beautiful shrine in the bedroom for you! I talk to you everyday I hope you hear me. I miss you with all my being. Such a special little girl. The other day I was chatting with an old friend, and he reminded me how you love to chase pine cones! What a precious memory and precious of him to remember that. It made me smile, as I remember your obsession with fetching anything that you could. Love you angel.

Hello my angel from heaven, Thanksgiving was the first major holiday that we were not together. I missed serving you a nice little turkey meal. I miss you honey, I hope and prayer, you know how much mommy loves and misses you. You are such a sweet baby. I love and miss you sister susan. xxxxxxoooooo So thankful, you are my child and I am your mother. Such a good girl. I love you.

Hello my sweet angel, I love you and miss you honey. A day does not go by that mommy does not think of you and wish you were right by my side, even though I know you are, I yearn to touch that soft chocolate coat of yours and that smile of yours so amazing. Mommy is leaving you eight nights of gifts so you and your cousin share! I bought and arranged some beautiful flowers, they sit right next to your urn, I hope you like them, I got you pink flowers as they are your signature color! Pink and chocolate! I miss you honey and love you more than you know and I hope you know how much I love you. We miss you angel. Mommy

Hi sister Susan, mommy is leaving your a gift for your second night of Hanukkah. I love you honey and I hope you and cousin Bugs are helping all the new angels as Mommy is helping all of us who have lost their loved ones as well. I love you my precious angel and miss you.

Hello, sweetheart! Mommy loves and misses you. You are such an angel, always was, always will be. Your flowers are so pretty sitting next to you, your sister Sashi Moto tries to make a salad out of them. I am going to leave you a gift of steak tonight, you and cousin Bugs have the same gift. I love you honey, please watch over us. xxxxxooooo

Hi my love, how are you today? Mommy took the kitties to get groomed today, they are mad, maybe you can whisper to them and tell them to be happy. Mommy left you nanners and a blanket tonight for Hanukkah. I love you and miss you more than you know. xxxxxxooooo

I love you sweetheart. Adam, is here visiting and said, he can feel your presence and he loves and misses you. Mommy loves you honey.

Hello my sweet angel. Mommy left you a holly plant tonight. I love you, the gifts I leave for you, can never ever even measure up to the gifts you gave me. You are an amazing child, that smile, those eyes, the unconditional love something money cannot buy. I love you sweetheart and miss you every day.

Hi my little beautiful angel. You are so pretty. I miss and love you so much. xxxxxxoooooo

Hi pretty girl, it is Christmas Eve and I miss you so much. I wish you were here, even though you are. I want to touch that soft sweet fur of yours. Mommy left you a Christmas tree for you to enjoy. I love you honey. xxxxoooo

Hello my beautiful little child, it is now the first day of 2018. I miss you. I saw one lone star in the early morning sky and knew it was you peaking down from heaven saying hi to mommy. Your Aunty painted the most beautiful picture of you, it captures your beauty, those gorgeous whiskey eyes and that smile of yours! I have the picture hanging above your shrine, so you can look down on all. I love and miss you my angel.

Hi my precious baby. Your mommy misses you. Your birthday will be soon. I love you so much. I miss that smile and the tenderness you have in your eyes. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Hello my love, yesterday was your birthday, you would have been 15! It was a sad day for Mommy. I bought you a big bouquet of pink carnations! They are right next to you on your shrine. You are such a precious little angel. Thank you my love for all the years we spent together. You gave so much and never asked for anything in return but mommy's undying love and devotion to you, which you received. I got the most beautiful custom tattoo of you! It is as stunning as you are my precious angel. Your aunty gave a wonderful donation in your donor and for your birthday to a wonderful Labrador. I love and miss you, you are on my mind all the time, and in my heart. Thank you for you my sweetheart. Happy Birthday and Valentines Day you are a beautiful box of chocolates! xxxxxoooo

Hi my beloved precious angel. I miss you honey. I hope you know how much Mommy loves you and misses you. I miss that beautiful smile! I miss your warm soft fur and you being right by my side. You are always in my heart and my heart aches for you. I think of you all the time. Love you sweetheart.

Hello my beautiful little girl, I miss you honey and that wonderful chocolate body of yours and being in my face to see what I am eating and sharing with you. It was cousin Bugs birthday on Saturday, I hope the two of you are keeping each other company and greeting everyone that enters the beautiful place that you with a smile and tail wag. I miss you my love, I look at the stars in the sky and sometimes there is only one, and I know it is you peeking down at me. When there are alot of stars, I know the brightest one is you. Mommy loves and misses you more than you know. I placed beautiful flowers with your shrine, I hope you like them sweetheart. I love you, I hope you think of me like I do you each and every day.

Hi my precious angel,I miss your beautiful smile and face. I have your photos on my desk at work and look at your everyday. Your beauty is amazing and mommy's heart aches for you. Your cousins are here while your Aunty is deployed. We all miss and love you. Mommy loves you with all her heart.

Hello my love, it has been awhile since I have visited your residency and wrote to you. I am sorry, do know, mommy misses you and thinks about you everyday, you are always on my mind and in my heart. I love and miss you sweetheart. Such a precious angel you are! Your cousins from Las Vegas have been here all summer while your Aunty is deployed. The house is a family circus, you are missed as you would be in charge. I love you angel.

Hi my precious angel. Are you ready to leave for Las Vegas tomorrow? That is where you and Mommy found one another! We are a full circle my little precious girl. It is sad to leave this house in CA, as it is the last home you and I shared while you were alive. You are always with me and I love you with all of my heart honey. I cannot believe in a few weeks it will be one year ago that you passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Please know, mommy loves you honey. You are perfect angel, you never did any that you should not have in your entire life.
Love you and miss you my little chocolate morsel!

September 20, 2018
Hi precious baby girl. This evening is one year ago you passed away. It was this time that you and I had to go to the ER and the Dr. said she could not save you. We spent 12 1/2 years together, it does not get better than that even though I would have loved for you to be with me forever. You are such a special little angel, amazing little girl! I miss you honey and love you with all of my heart. I left you pink roses, your signature color! You looked amazing in pink! I love you and miss angel. Love mommy
Hi my precious little angel, Mommy wanted to say hi to you and tell you how much I love and miss you. You are the best little girl in the world. I miss you sweetheart.
Hello my precious baby girl! I love you and miss you. The holidays are over and it is going to be 2019 in a matter of hours. You are with Mommy and we will go into 2019 together my love. Your birthday will be in February. What a special little girl you are! You and your cousins stay together and love one another. I love and miss you angel!
I love you and miss you my beautiful little girl! I hope you like what mommy left for you at your residency for spring and your birthday and Easter!

Hi my precious little angel, mommy wanted to tell you how much I miss and love you baby!

Hi beautiful little girl! Today is three years ago that you decided to go to the Rainbow bridge. I miss you honey. You are missed my love. We love you more than you will ever know. I hope you are happy, safe, and loved precious angel. Mommy.....

Hi Punkin, mommy was just making sure your memorial is up to date and it is. I love and miss you honey. You are such a good girl and so beautiful. I know you are right here with me. Love you honey.....

Hello my precious angel; I miss you so very much. I was at the store and they had your favorite toy; snowballs. You loved to fetch those. Please know, you are in my heart and a day does not pass, that your mommy does not talk about you or think about you. I know we are always together. Love you sweetheart.

Hello precious little girl! Today is Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day from your mommy who loves and misses more than you could ever imagine. I have your pictures all over the house, You are in every room, you beautiful little child. You are the prettiest little chocolate angel ever. I love you, honey.

Hello beautiful baby girl! I miss you and love. I know you are present with me all the time. I cannot believe you have passed through the Rainbow Bridge 4 years ago. A day never goes by that I do not think about you. You are the most beautiful baby girl ever. I hope you know how much mommy loves you. I miss you, angel, I am renewing your residency. I love and miss you, honey. You are the sweetest box of chocolates ever!

Hello, my sweet precious angel. Today is your birthday! I shared your 14th birthday photo with a friend today and she said, you are a beauty! I replied back and told her, yes you are! I miss you every day my precious and beautiful little girl. I know you know we have Zoey, Bella, Gunner, and your little brother whom you gave me the most awful look of disgust over when I brought him off the street. I will never forget the look you gave me. You looked at Noonie and me, with a look of disgust and turned around and walked away. You were always such a joy and so expressive. I miss you beautiful angel and I will see you again. I love you, Miss Minks!
Love you,
Hello, my sweet angel... I saw some snowballs in the store the other day, and they brought a smile to my face, I know how you loved snowballs and fetching them. It is just about Christmas day. I miss you and love you every day. You are my special little girl. I hope you like the flowers and gifts I left for you. I think about you every day, my heart will always ache for you, precious child.
Love your mommy... xxxxoooo
Hello my dearly missed sweet angel,
My goodness, you have been at the Rainbow Bridge for quite a while now. I miss you every day and think of you all the time. I love you and will always miss you, pretty girl. You are the sweetest angel ever. Please know, I miss and love you always. I know you have been visiting, the kids will sit and stare up toward the ceiling, and I immediately know it is you. Continue to be sweet my angel.
Love you,
Hello beautiful little girl,
I love you and always will. I changed your residency scene today. I hope you like it. I miss you precious little girl who loved to chase balls and fuzzy snowballs constantly. I hope you are well and enjoying all the precious fur babies at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you, Mommy.

Happy Birthday Angel! Your mommy misses you more than you can ever know. I love you and miss you.

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