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Memories of Ming
Ming, I will miss you forever. I have you in a sunny windowsill where you can watch the birds outside and still be close to me in the office. Thanks for your headbutts when you were on my shoulder. Thanks for touching my hand with your little white paw just before you left me. Thanks for being my guardian angel. Thanks for your ever-abiding love. Thanks for the little head shake you did when you were talking to me. Thanks for being such a good patient. Thanks for being there for me when Dad died - he loved you a lot! Thanks for making it clear to me when you didn't want to go on with any more treatments. Thanks for loving me even when I stopped the treatments. Thanks for leaving me before I had to make that horrible decision. Thanks for sharing your last moments on earth with me. Thank you God, for giving me such a dear, special friend to share my life for 8 very short years.

4/3/07 You've been at the Bridge for a little over a week now, Miss Ming. I hurt just as badly today as the day you left. But so many people have written so many kind things to me, telling me about their own losses. I know from them that you have many new friends at the Bridge and that you are no longer sick. I also know that you wouldn't want me to be crying so much. But for now, I have to cry. Cuidate mucho mi gatita preciosa. Nos vemos.

4/8/2007 Ah, Miss Ming. It's been 2 weeks, almost to the hour. I know lots of folks might think that I'm obsessed with your loss but it's only because they don't understand the bond we had. I'm not getting as many e-mails about you, but it's ok, I don't really need them. Well, maybe I do need them, but I have to be braver than that. I even caught myself smiling about you the other day. I guess that's part of the healing. But I still cry every single day. I wish I could get over the pain, but I never will. I love you, sweet girl. Duerma bien, princesita.

April 10 Today was a rough day at work pretty girl. Lots of times I used to come home and tell you about it, remember? Now I'm talking to your urn or your photo. I wish you could listen and purr like you always did when I had days like this. I'm not sure if you always understood, but at least you always purred for me. And after a bad day, if we all had purrs to come home to, I'm sure the whole world would be a better place! You know, with a candle burning in front of your picture, it almost looks like your eyes are twinkling. How neat is that! Keep twinkling for me sweet girl. Te amo mucho Querida.

April 14, 2007 Oh Minglet, I'm still crying every day, but I'm so glad that you don't have to take pills every day and that you don't have any more problems. I cry for me, not for you. I know that makes you sad, but I love you so and miss our Dance. Dios te cuida, chiquita mia.

5/2/2007 Ming, my sweet girl. Just when I thought I was all cried-out, still the tears come. I am so sad about losing you still. Life here on Earth goes on, and I am able to forget the pain, but it keeps coming back to me. I wonder how long it will last... Know that I still think of you every single day, several times a day. I found a little stuffed kitty that looks a lot like you. I have something to hug at least. Did you feel that hug I gave you on your last day here? I think so. Even though you had lots of pain medicine in your system, I'm pretty sure you knew I was there with you, right? Estas en mi corazón para siempre.

5/20/2007 Today at 7 pm you will be gone from me for exactly 2 months. Ming, I don't know if you ever knew how much you mean to me. The tears are still flowing so freely. At least not every day, but still they are there. I tried to talk to Steve about you and I think he was tearful too. Te extraño tanto, mi gatita.

6/14/2007 Hi beautiful girl. I went through all your paperwork tonight to try to organize it. It just reminded me exactly how much you had to go through, just to live those short 8 years with me. But you know there were times when I would never have made it without you. We all have a job to do on this earth, and you did yours beautifully. If I can only live up to your standards and finish my work here faithfully, I'm sure we will meet again. Today, both Linda and Isabeau allowed me to hold them in the special way I used to hold you. They have never liked that before, but they were even purring. So sweet, just like you angelita. Besos, besos y mas besos...

7/4/2007 Happy Fourth of July Miss Ming! You probably would not approve of the firecrackers and all, but I just see them as a way for us down here to reach a little closer to you all at the Bridge. Maybe you're far enough away from them to enjoy them... I love you little one, te extrano mucho todavia. Muchas gracias por los arcos irises me has dado!

7/29/2007 Hi sweet little girl. I brought in some pretty red roses to put by your urn today. They are small and delicate, just like a special little someone... I still miss you so. If I haven't visited this site, it's just because it still hurts so. I still say hi to you every day when I open the curtains in your window. Sabes que te quiero - con todo mi corazón!

9/4/2007 Hi Minglet, my sweet girl. Autumn is in the air. Today the temperature is dropping just a little. You have sent me so many rainbows lately, I almost think you are trying to tell me something. But I don't understand. I love you and miss you so much. I found a new little plush tuxedo kitty that is on top of my computer. She looks a lot like you. Sigue enviandome los arcos irises - son preciosos como vos.

10/29/2007 Ming, it's been 7 months now. I'm ok, but I still cry a lot. I was talking to Vicky about you last week, and started crying in the middle of Cafe Ole. She has her Chance, and he is very old now. She is so afraid of losing him, but of course someday it will happen. Please watch for him, he's a big lovable Irish Setter. Mi angel de la guardia, por favor cuidame siempre!

12/14/2007 Ming,you are soon to be joined by your "sister" April at the Bridge. She is in complete renal failure and Denise thinks that even if she improves with IV fluids she will only have 6 months to live. She was kind of mean to you when you were very ill, but she loved you. She just didn't understand what was happening to you. Now I'm sure she understands. She's very sick Miss Ming. When she comes to you, please welcome her to the Bridge. I know you must have other friends there, but she won't have anyone. Please take care of her, she needs you so. Te extraño mi linda, y te quiero mucho.

3/4/2008 Bendiciones, Princesita. How you are still touching my life and my soul. You know, I still cry when I see a beautiful tuxedo kitty - they all remind me of you. I suspect they always will. I see shadows around the house and imagine that you and April are playing chase games. I have never given my love to any being as freely as I have given it to you. You knew the depths of my soul and when I told you that I would be ok, you left me. I really think you were worried about my well-being before you could go peacefully. In any case, you are healthy and happy at the Bridge. Just remember me when I get there. I miss you so.

6/1/2008 Querida Ming. I still cry for you my beautiful one. I almost brought home a kitten that looked just like you. I called him Bling. He was so small and fragile and just wasn't meant to live, but he was so sweet. Almost as sweet as you, but nobody could ever take your place. I love you so Miss Ming. Look after April and now little Bling. He will always be a kitten at the Bridge, and will need a big kitty to keep him out of trouble! Besos.

2/14/2009 Blessed, sweet girl. How are things at the Bridge? Do you know how much I still miss you? I'm sure you do, because you are still sending love my way. I feel your love every day and send it right back to you, my beauty. I also know that you have sent the most precious gift in the world to me. His name is Jingo and he's a young tuxedo that found his way to the Humane Society and into my heart. I am very sure that you picked him out for me. He has your special way of just "knowing". He is quite a handful, but I think you realized that maybe I needed a little troublemaker to brighten my days. It won't always be easy - yesterday we found him on top of the birdcage, just taking a peek. The canaries were scared, but thankfully they have a strong, safe cage! You have been gone from me for almost two years now, and finally, I think I'm ready to let another tuxedo touch my soul. Never as deeply as you did, I think that ours was a once-in-a-lifetime relationship. But this guy will definitely keep me on my toes. Thank you for whatever part you played in bringing him to me. Sabes que nunca te olvidaré preciosa...

4/3/2010 My precious little one. You have been at the Bridge for 3 years now and sometimes I still cry for your loss. Jingo continues to be a handful, but sometimes he gives me headbutts on the same place that you used to and I know that in those moments he is your messenger. Te quiero siempre y nunca estas lejos de mi corazón.

3/26/2012 How is it possible that 5 years have passed and I still cry when I remember your sweet "uniqueness" little Ming. You truly were (and always will be) the best ever. Jingo laid on top of my chest today, for just a few minutes. Did you send that idea to him? He's never done that before. Te quiero tanto - todavia y siempre.

4/15/2013 -Hey Minglet - is it Springtime at the Bridge? I hope you haven't forgotten me in the past six years. I still love and miss you so much. There will never be another you. I'm changing your music today, I hope you like it as much as I do. I read a beautiful tribute to a kitty named Cleo today. Her guardian is feeling lots of the sorrow I felt when you left me. Besos querida.

3/25/17 Yes my darling little one, you have been away from this place for 10 years now. You are still the most special kitty I have ever had the pleasure to share my life with. Our bond was one that I may never have again, but I thank you for sharing with me. Jingo and Pascual are still here, but I think you will be guiding little Pascual over the bridge soon. He's blind now and will need the tap of a friendly paw to show him the way. Isabeau could help too, she's been with you for a few months now too, and she was always his bestie. So soon, just Jingo and I. You never met him,but he was your surrogate kitty. He hasn't lived up to you, but he keeps trying and I love him so. See you soon, don't worry about me!

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