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Memories of Mindy
When you came into my life in October of 2008, you were only to be with me one or two nights. You were my first foster rescue, and living with me until another foster volunteer had a arranged to pick you up. As she was unable to care for you at the time, she asked if I would temporarily care for you. Months went on and there was no home found. Meanwhile we became bonded and I decided to adopt you. You were such a fragile soul and scared of your own shadow which is why I was probably the best candidate. I was an empty nester, living by myself, so your home could always be calm and predictable. You were there for me in 2009 when I lost my mom, and just holding you gave me so much comfort. You were definitely not a cuddly pup, but your eyes extended to me the love and admiration that you felt. When we moved to a condo in 2010, it was a bit of an adjustment leaving a fenced in yard where you had the freedom to run about(sometimes with other foster fur babies). I really spoiled you but that was okay because you deserved it. I never knew what your first two years of life were like, but I knew that the rescue organization had rescued you from euthanasia somewhere down in the South. Making our introductions in the park at the new condominium was quite exciting for you because you loved other dogs and there were so many there. I bought one of those little pack and plays for you to sleep in at night, as I did not want you in a crate. I placed it next to my bed so I could hear or see you during the night. I was an over protective Mom for sure. You had the best of food and Vet care along with frequent road trips to see your "cousin" Rudy who was my Son, David's dog. You bonded from day one, even though Rudy disliked all other dogs. I think he realized that you were in the family and not going anywhere. I have had many dogs over my life time, but you were the only one that I felt so much apart of my soul. Perhaps part of the reason was your timid nature, and my vulnerability being a senior citizen and on my own.
We were two peas in a pod and loved to be home. You never liked toys, but loved your chew bones. Unfortunately the last two years of your life created a sensitive belly so you were not able to have them. I guess all these restrictions go with old age as I have found so many myself that I have had to give up. How I enjoyed our evenings together
when we had our dinners and then watched tv. The couch was a two seater, so you were always next to me(you even ate your meals on the couch). You were definitely my Queen! When it was time to buy a new couch, I went to Jordan's in New Haven and picked out another two seater, but real leather this time and gray instead of beige. Before you passed, you left paw prints in two places following one of our walks. They are perfectly woven into the grain of the leather, and I have left them as a reminder of your beautiful life. Mindy, the years went by so fast! How did you go from two to fifteen what seems like over night?? A card I received from a friend reads "In between hello and goodbye, there was so much love". One thing you always loved was your food!! For a few years I gave you yogurt in the morning until you became lactose intolerant!! I cooked meat and fish in the crock pot along with vegetables and kibble. The last year of your life, you had difficulty chewing, although your dental check ups were always good. So that was the point where you came off of kibble and I gave you soft food only. You enjoyed chicken, turkey and fish along with ID prescriptive food for digestive health. In the last year or two of your life, your eyesight was diminished along with your hearing. You would no longer hear me when I came through the door. Your sense of smell made up for it as you always knew when I was cooking up something good for you. I buy flowers every week and put them next to your picture. The one with yogurt on your face! last week I bought a purple hyacinth plant that was so fragrant reminding me of you and our walks in the spring when the air was so fresh and new flowers were popping through the dirt. I have a box with your winter jackets in it remembering our romps in the snow and the squirting around all the icy patches so prominent here in the cold weather. I never let you stay out too long for fear your little paws would freeze!!! The day in October when I saw signs of your decline and then your admission into the hospital in November after collapsing during a walk and the subsequent days following, were nothing but heart wrenching. I slept with you on the couch every night only to see you shake and vomit at times, refusing food and water. I watched your little body waste away. Consultation with your veterinarian suggested a cardiac condition and he placed you on a diuretic which you refused to take. You were trying so hard to try to walk and function normally but I could tell that you were doing so you wouldn't disappoint me. I struggled for the last three weeks of November to try everything to make you better, but your eyes told me that it was time to let go. So on December 4th 2021 I made the decision to end your suffering, although it would be my suffering that would be just beginning. As you looked at me for the very last time, you were placed on my lap and in seconds I felt your body go limp. When I walked into the condo later in the day without you there to greet me it was the emptiness I have ever felt in my life. I fight with myself, tortured by whether I did everything I could to treat your failing body.. I know that you lived a long life and I am so thankful that god gave you to me. I pray that we will be together someday. I also pray that Honey and Poppy are up in Heaven taking care of you until the time that we are united. I love you so much baby girl. May God bless you.

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