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Memories of MiMossa
When my Mom passed suddenly in August of 2014, the family was devastated. We could not believe she was gone and we sat outside for hours helping to comfort one another. In the midst of all this sadness, a tiny kitten played around us. I heard her story of how her momma had been killed by a pack of wild dogs along with her two siblings. Somehow this baby kitty survived unscathed. I traveled the 9 hours in October 2014 to visit my Dad once more before I decided to bring her back with me. My Dad said she would probably have a better chance of life with me. I have four other cats ranging in ages from 7 - 16 years of age. My youngest, Mia, took to the baby kitty right away. We hadn't decided on a name for her except for the fact that Dad called her 'Mossa', short for 'encimosa', which means 'one who is always in the way'. She was always running in front of my Dad and he had sort of started to get attached to her which was strange because my Dad has never liked cats.

Anyhow, we called her 'Mossa' for a few days when I called out for 'Mi Mossa' (My Mossa) and we saw it fitting that we call her MiMossa. She was the sweetest kitten I have ever known. She followed me everywhere. She had the tiniest, little squeak of a meow. Sometimes I would mimic her and she would talk back to me. She loved sitting at the bathroom window looking down at the squirrels and birds feeding by the tree. One day she didn't want to get up. She seemed tired. A week went by before I decided to take her to the vet. She was diagnosed with feline leukemia.

My baby passed away quickly. She was only with me for 6 months and I cherish each and every moment she spent with me. She made me smile when the sadness of loosing my Mom overpowered me. She was my little Angel sent from Heaven to comfort me but now I have a new reason to be sad again. I miss my baby kitty and I pray that someday we are together again. I heard the song, "Fields of Gold", and I can almost see my other kitties who have passed, along with my Mom and sister, playing and running happily.

"I miss you, my little MiMo!"



May 23, 2015

My dear sweet baby kitty, I miss you so much. It's been a month since you went away. Sometimes in the wee hours of the morning as I am waking up I think I hear you calling me. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, then I pray to God every night that he allow you to come back to me but this time in a healthy body. Your life was cut short and you didn't get to experience all my love. You were/are the sweetest of all my fur babies. If Lucy can live to be 18 years old, why couldn't you? I always wished for a true lap cat and you were that kitty. Climbing onto my lap every chance you got. You would curl up on my lap and purr and make sweet little noises to show me how much you loved me. I loved you that much too. Sometimes you would climb onto my chest and make yourself comfortable there. Curled up as if in a basket.

Mia misses you too. For days after you left, she would look down the hallway to see if you were coming to eat breakfast. Then she would climb onto her eating spot and look back at your spot and you were not there. Now she sits at the window where you used to sit. She misses her little play buddy. I still have the videos of you and she tumbling around on the floor. You were so alive and I just don't understand why you had to go.

The last day we spent together was so special as we sat outside on the swing. I could tell you weren't feeling great but you still wanted to be by my side. You eventually made it onto my lap and lay there purring. After we went back inside, you climbed back onto your favorite window. I stood there with you and you walked over and rubbed your little face on mine. You were telling me goodbye. It all happened so quickly after I rushed you back to the vet. I knew I was losing you and my heart is still broken.

I hope you can hear me and sense me and know that I am waiting here for you to come back to me.

"I miss my baby kitty. Please find your way back to me."

Love you so much


July 2, 2015

My dear sweet baby kitty, I still miss you so much. I went to visit my Dad and I spent time with your father, Bobo. He's the only cat left at the house. I had hoped to bring back another baby kitty that Bobo fathered but the dogs got their mother and the gray baby girl died. The black one survived but I let my sister keep him. I am doing okay - better. I'll never forget you. I think of you daily especially when I'm outside and I happen to glance at the spot where you used to sit and stare at the tub full of water wondering what was in it. I don't hear you calling me anymore in the mornings so I'm hoping you finally found your peace on Rainbow Bridge. My sister, Gloria's puppy, Abbey, passed away not too long ago and I told her that you would be there to meet her at Rainbow Bridge and play with her.

Rest in peace, sweet baby,

Love you forever and ever,


December 7, 2015

My beautiful MiMossa, I still miss you so very much. I was sitting outside yesterday afternoon with Angel, Zumi, Hannah and Mia and I thought of you and how you were still with me same time last year. It would be your first Christmas but I had no idea it would be your last. I wanted to tell you that I adopted a little boy fur ball just two weeks ago. His name is Baby. That is the only name he would respond to. He is very sweet and loving. He snuggles up to me at night, just the way you used to. I also want you to know that no matter what, you will never be replaced in my heart. That hole that was left in my heart when you went away is still only filled with love for you. I've attached a picture of Baby so you can see him although I know you can probably see him from heaven and somehow I feel that you sent me this little bundle of joy. He came to me from Cisco, Texas of all places. Like you, he is terrified of dogs. I guess it's because he was always just barely getting away from dangerous dogs where he lived. He was having to cross a dangerous highway to get to food so one of my friends, Claudia, rescued him and asked if I wanted him. I took one look at him and I said "yes!". As I lay with him in my bed the first night, I thought of you and wondered if you had anything to do with saving him and sending him to me.

I love you my sweet, baby kitty. My sweet, little MiMo, I will never forget you. You're in my heart forever...

Play and wait for me - we'll be together again someday,

Love you,
June 11, 2016

My sweet baby girl, I still think of you daily. How can I ever forget my beautiful MiMossa? Lucy passed away in March. She was 19 years old. I wish you had lived that long. You were only with me for 6 short months. I hope you are happy, my sweet baby. I miss you so much! What's wrong with me? I know you are in a better place but am I selfish for wishing you were here with me instead? Yes, I have Baby. He's such a sweet boy. He makes me laugh and he's very affectionate. He always wants to give me kisses by putting his lips on mine. Funny boy! So much sadness in my life nevertheless without you. You were so alive. I'm hoping to go see Dad and I'll see your father, Bobo, too. Maybe he'll bring me another baby girl, like you? I can't help but wish that reincarnation is real so you can come back to me. My sweet baby girl.

I love and miss you so much. Play with the butterflies, my sweet baby kitty.

Love and miss you so much,

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