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Memories of Mimi
We lost you Mimi to what the vets thought was a tumor that allowed you to be healthy, but took away your walking ability. I wonder still, to this day, if it was not the phenobarbital that took away your ability to walk (overdosed). It is very difficult for me to think that maybe we could have enjoyed your presence longer if I had only known more about Phenobarbital.

Mimi, we love you so much still, and miss you dearly. My meatball, you will live on in our hearts forever and we will see you again some day. For now, stay close with my Mom and brother up there in the catnip sky. Meg, Matt, Me and Daddy miss you so much that we can't stand it.

Mommy and Daddy laugh every time we think about you and Callie on the bed. Callie was so light we never knew when she came across our legs. Mimi your weight always told us where you were on the bed, but the best part of you being on the bed was the "stealth mode" presence you made walking across our legs... never stepping on our legs, but quietly and VERY SLOWLY walking over our legs so as to not wake us up. We always laughed because you were being so considerate and cute. Ugh we love you guys still because the memories live on in our hearts.

Callie, we always knew where you were because you balanced on the back of the kitchen chair which was about 4 inches wide. How you slept there for hours we will never know. You were a great mentor to our new kitty Sam after Mimi passed. God somehow takes you when we least expect it, but he is the lucky one now to have you my sweet love.

Mimi, we will never forget all those multiple syllable words that you always spoke, the "saying mama" training sessions, the day you said "chicken" or at least that's what it sounded like! You are now heaven's lap cat who loves to be loved, caresses all who are around you, and talks up a never ending story.

Mimi I'm so sorry that we had to let you go, as hard as it was, because we didn't want you to suffer. This was so difficult because you were healthy in every way except you couldn't walk - life just isn't fair sometimes, but I know that God holds you tight in his arms and he has other things for you to do (other than eat)...

Callie (Mimi's true sister) went to join Mimi on December 7, 2009. Callie sat on the back of our kitchen chairs with an amazing balancing act. Callie started to have seizures a couple of years before her death. Possibly it was the fact that you hit your head on the underside of the kitchen table each time you hopped up on a chair! Or maybe it was the food "made in China" and shipped to the USA. Callie you were actually a pretty healthy cat - but ALWAYS skinny! Callie ran out of the bathroom like a wild leopard every time she pooped - so we always knew when to clean the catbox... hahaha. I miss you Callie - you were a great spark to our everyday lives. You went so quickly that one day, we really didn't expect it. I miss you my sweet baby...

Mimi and Callie - We love you so, and miss your loving ways. Love forever, Mommy and Daddy

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