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Memories of Milo White
Good morning my eternal baby. I've been getting suggested photos on my phone with you in them lately. I think it is you saying hi. <3
You are still missed so much here. I'm glad you're playing with old boy Maxi and I'm sure by now you're no longer the new kid on the block, but are eagerly welcoming new fur angels as they cross the rainbow bridge.
Mi-mi, gosh boy, S&P ;), you were and are still loved so deeply. Time does heal all wounds, but there is still a huge missing gap in my heart where your little snuggle body use to warm me. Little Mia is still here trying to fill the hole, but I don't think anyone or anything can ever. You are such a special little soul. I'm sure we'll meet again and I'm going to keep looking for you in my daily life.
I love you my sweet baby boy, and I know Amber and Mia and Maxi do as well, you're still missed and left a huge mark on our lives forever.

Happy Birthday sweet baby! I know you're playing and running around barking at squirrels and just having a grand time, but do we ever miss you here still. I can't believe it's been three years already. I never thought I could heal over your loss. I would walk in from work every day and remember anew you were gone and the mourning would start afresh. I'm so thankful for the day little industrious Amber found you. Even though the loss of you caused us such heartache, the joy from loving you was so much greater.

Today is your 2nd birthday since you crossed the rainbow bridge. We all still think of you and miss you terribly. Sometimes I find myself getting fearful that little Mia is inching closer to coming to play with you forever. I'm not sure how I will handle that, but I try to not think of it so much because I still, and will forever miss you. Both you and your sister were "technically" Amber's babies, especially after Maxi went to the rainbow bridge first, but when I worked from home and she moved away to school, we all bonded so strongly and I knew even then even if you just moved out to go live with her, I would miss you so much and now not being able to see you at all, is even worse. I still watch the little home videos on my phone as long as I can until the tears start pouring. I hope you are having so much fun with all the other special fur babies and Maxi has been taking good care of you since you reunited with him. I know it was a long time he was there waiting, but I'm sure he remembered you and still loves you, even though to him, you could be an annoying little brat sometimes! ;) Do you remember how you both would play in the backyard or the park with Amber for hours! Loving you still little Mi-Mi, to eternity and beyond!

It's been a year since you passed my sweet boy. I still remember that day with dread and remember holding you in my arms and rushing you to the vet. And I know the exact moment you passed, you sighed real big and stiffened as I was holding your body tightly to my chest in the car ride there. I'm not sure I have ever been so heartbroken in my life before. I just wanted to start CPR on you and bring you back. I wasn't ready for my sweetness to be gone from this world, but I know you were finally out of pain and in peace. I hope you've made friends in puppy heaven and are having fun and not worrying about us anymore. I still watch your videos and your suffering was so evident, I was so selfish to have you endure that simply because I wasn't ready for you to leave me. I just kept holding out, hoping for a miracle. We love you and you will always be our baby boy. If it's really true that we will be reunited, I can't wait for that day. And I'm not sure if puppy heaven is with human heaven, but if so, I'm sure by now you've met my sweet mother and it brings me peace that she is with you. As well as my sister and other family members that have passed. I know you're a light to them as you were to us, I'm still so happy the day Amber found you. Salt and pepper boy! <3<3

Merry Christmas my beloved Milo. I think of you every day still and miss you. I have your photo as my phone's background pic so see your handsome self every day, many times a day :) I Love you so much baby boy. I wish you were still here. Little sister Mia misses you as well. She tries to make mommy happy when she can tell I'm sad about you, but I'm sure she also misses you playing with her and protecting her from all the "noises" in the house! You were always such a protector. Even when you were a baby and in the car and someone you didn't know would approach to talk to Amber (usually one of her friends at school as I was picking her up) you would get up on the window and start low growling and then barking so big! You were a small boy with a HUGE presence and a love for those in your family.

Hi Mi-mi xoxo Thinking of you today and was reading your guest book posts and this one really spoke to me today reminding me of God's great love for you:
"From: Jini
On: 2/14/19

What a beautiful fur baby!!!!! Hi, please take comfort in knowing your baby is at the Bridge waiting on you, running and playing with the others. Clearly God loves animals. He filled the Garden of Eden with them, preserved them during the Flood, and expressed concern about the cattle of Nineveh at the end of the book of Jonah. He even makes the surprising statement in Proverbs 12:10 that righteousness includes treating our animals well. God undoubtedly created animals to be lessons for us. God Bless...."

I always think we take care of you guys, but it is clearly a two way street with you taking care of us as well and providing us daily reminders of God's unconditional love for us, just as yours always was/is. xoxoxo

I miss you so much still... just when you think the pain is gone, a memory or photo surfaces and you realize it is still a very open and deep wound. He was so gentle to his loved ones but such a fierce protector, especially when Amber was younger and a stranger would come near our home or car. God, I hope you know just how very much of an impact you have on our family and how so very loved you are!

Today is your birthday, March 13th, the first one since you passed last month. We all miss you so much. I find myself coming into the house and looking for your cute face, or getting up during the night to see if you need to go outside or need anything. Although the last month of your life the disease progressed so rapidly, I'm so thankful we had the extra time to say goodbye to you. You are forever my little boy. I know with time, the pain in our hearts will lessen, but our love for you will never dim. You were such a good, gentle, loving boy and we were so blessed to have been your human guardians during your time here. Fifteen years wasn't enough, I want to ask for 15 more, but then I know, I would greedily want 15 more.
You are forever loved my sweet Milo and missed by everyone who ever knew your sweet self.

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