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Memories of Milo James Laird
From that first moment I saw you in the times herald record on Thursday, October 18th, 2012 I knew that I had to have you.
When I walked into pets alive and asked to meet the tan puppy named " Frank " and they said give me one minute to go get him, as I waited patiently in the waiting room the door opened, a beautiful young puppy came through the door all smiles with that tail wagging. You jumped on top of the sofa they had in the waiting room and I knew at that moment you were the one. I brought you home, a place that was unknown to you but you adapted very quickly. We connected right from the start. The name "Frank" had to go though so the name MILO came into my head quickly and it stuck, it stuck like glue. I don't think any other name would have suited you like the name MILO. I gave you many nicknames over the years some good, some not so good but you loved them no matter what. As the years went on the bond grew, i introduced you to hunting, fishing, nature walks and you loved every aspect of them. When we went for nature walks I let you run free but you knew, you knew not to venture to far away from me. I close my eyes now and think about all the times we walked, you would run 45 yards ahead of me look back at me then run back. You did that every single time almost tempting to see what you could get away with. Squirrel hunting was the best with you, we never really got squirrels but I enjoyed seeing you run with your harness and the bell. Hunting isn't going to be the same with out you, walks are not going to be the same, nothing is going to be the same. You were the best dog anyone could ever ask for. The soft touch of your fur, your belly rubs that you enjoyed, the smiles you had. The endless cuddles and love that you gave on a daily basis. Mi this hasn't been a easy road since you left, I've cried a bunch, it sucks closing my eyes and re-playing what happened that day it stinks. You left me with a TON of memories, you showed me a lot about life and I sacrificed a lot to spend the past few years with you and I wouldn't change that for the world. Me and Aiden were talking yesterday and I told him if someone offered me a million dollars or my dog back, I would take you in a heartbeat. I love you Mi, always have always will. You left a paw print on my heart that I will have for the rest of my life. Since you left us so soon , I want you to run you butt off and chase all the little critters. Since you passed I have seen so many chipmunks on the property its insane. A lot of people are upset you are gone, you did it for a reason. I wish I knew the reason but only you do. Mi, you took one for the team and I respect that, wish you would have gave me a kiss before you left though. I'm going to miss the early morning wake ups with you whimpering over top of me, the greetings every time I came home from work. Your sister misses you as well homer, she misses you a lot. When you passed in my arms I told you we would meet again on the other side, when that day comes I hope you knock me over, I can already picture that smile when you spot me, ear to ear , missing tooth and all with that gray beard of yours that I love so much. Until that time comes I want you to run like you've never ran before , because when we are together at last, I'm going to have a lot of memories to share. <3
I love you Mi Mi
Love Dad <3

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