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Memories of Millennium Seven
One early morning,when I came to work,I saw an angelic eyes looking directly to my eyes as if saying take me w/ you. Seven was under the tree infront the door to the office,helpless and was in the street for many days.I took her to my arms though she was dirty and gave her a bath in the office.I tried to find somebody who will adopt her but had no luck so, we decided to take her home as she was welcomed by Habib and Eiraj.We named her Millennium Seven as she came to our lives facing the new millennium and Seven to complete the company's name as "Orbit Seven".She was very naive, calm,submissive as Habib and Eiraj adjusted easily to her presence as an addition to the family.She never gave us any problem nor headache. She did not do any foolish behavior as she was growing up. As agile as she was that when Dad took them for a walk,she always walked so fast ignored any sniffing.One day as we were driving to the store, as curious as she was she jumped by the window car and fell to the ground. Confused & hurt she ran across the street. I ran after her ignoring the danger of being hit by incoming cars on both sides.Thank God I got her back to my arms w/ only lacerated wound on her left eye.
We got her when she was about 2 months old. When she turned 8 mos., she was diagnosed with Tumor. We were amazed by the 8lbs mass they got from your tummy. She was a fighter as she survived another surgery after 1 year for another mass.Thanks God that was the last.
Now, you are gone. All that was left to us are memories. Memories that we will cherish the rest of our life. We missed you so much, much more than words can say. You will remain forever in our heart. The only thing that keep us going is that, you are free from pain now, and that you will be with Kuya Habib and Ate Eiraj. And just like when you were here with us, they will protect you from anything.
So long my beloved Seven, we love you. Pls. tell Kuya Habib and Ate Eiraj that we love them too.
Until then my ANGEL till we meet again!.....

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