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Memories of Miley Mae
Miley was such a special little girl, I remember the day she came to me, a tiny tiny little pup sitting in the middle of a huge crate. She had flown in from Oklahoma and the plane was late so there was this scared baby pup. Riding home she hid behind my Grandchildren's back's. When we arrived at the house she crawled in her new bed and and fell fast asleep. She was such wonderful company but did not like to go on car rides, so we jut enjoyed each others company at home. She loved treats and eating most of all and begged for our food with her big brown eyes. She wasn't much for playing with toys and the only ones she ever played with were a little hedgehog and a tiny purple elephant. Ball or sticks held no interest for her and if I gave her a milk bone she immediately hid it anywhere she could. Her favorite treat was a puperoni which was her nite nite treat. She was extremely smart and seemed to know exactly what I was saying to her i.e.: "your treat is on the bed" she would bound into the bedroom and climb her stairs to the bed and consume. I will miss my fur baby forever and altho I know she is safely over the Rainbow Bridge it doesn't make it easier right now, she will be my best memory always.Because Miley was getting weaker she received a stroller for Christmas and she sure enjoyed her rides. The day before she passed, knowing it was her last day we put her in her stroller and took a walk down to the pond to feed the ducks. My twin granddaughters got her out to run and watch the ducks. She didn't chase them but calmly barked a bit and just walked all over the little park sniffing out the smells that were probably wonderful t

o her. She ate one the slices of bread meant for the ducks and looked at us like, "ha...gotcha" not sure if she even liked it, but you get the idea. It was a brisk day and she enjoyed this day so much and we were to glad to give it to her with the help of our wonderful Vet Amy who gave her an antibiotic, insulin and some fluids to make a great week-end which Miley seemed to enjoy and not feeling so sick. My precious baby, you were and always will be the light of my life. Everywhere I look there you are in almost everything I do, Missing you sweet Miley.

Today Feb. 1st would have been Miley's 8th Birthday so the Granddaughters and I lit her candle on her little shrine table near her ashes, another day of many tears. I miss you more and more everyday, I know someday it will be easier but it's not now. Rest well my sweet baby girl....love you always.

Today i got an amazing decal in the mail for my car window, it's a white pup with the words "Cavalier Mom" beneath it, I got it just for you my sweet baby and it looks so awesome. I'll soon receive your plaque for your beautiful box of ashes. Tomorrow, one of your best pals, Ellie is taking a packet of her favorite things to show and tell at school. She chose 3 little Miley pups and some pictures of you. She is only 6 and misses you so much, everyday her and her twin sister Nellie tell me how much they wish you were here. They miss our walks to the duck pond and tell me how heartbreaking it is that you have left us. We just miss you more and more, our best girl. They have said even tho you have crossed over the Bridge you are still here because your ashes are here, such profound statements for such little ones. We love and miss you beautiful girl.

It's been not quite 2 weeks since you left for the Bridge and I still go into a room and expect you to there. I get ready to go to the store and go to get your bye bye treat but remember you are not here to take it. I miss so much how you barked at all the animals you saw on TV and had read that dogs don't watch TV so don't know whats going on. I beg to differ, you were always going after them barking all around the TV set looking to see just where they were. I found your first collar and amaze just how small you were. Your oil portrait came yesterday and I marvel at what a beautiful portrait it is and what an amazing job the artist did from one of your pictures. You are my heart and soul and i miss you so much, will this pain ever end? Have fun with all your new pals and remember the wonderful times we shared...love you Baby.

Almost 3 weeks since you left for the Bridge and I miss you today as much as I did when you left us. Someone tole me it takes about 2 months to start to heal, I hope this is true. It's just so lonely without you. Some days are better than others but it's still just too raw. The girls miss you like crazy too and you are often the subject of many of their conversations, they know you aren't coming back but I hear them say they wish you were here. I sure do. I know you aren't so sick and in pain any longer and for that I am grateful, but baby I miss you and love you so much. Happy Valentines to you and all your new pals.

3 months now have passed and you are missed as much as ever. My dear friend Barb decides I needed another baby to help me heal. I am still not sure i am ready but your new baby sister is a sweet little girl and is the polar opposite of you. She is a tiny Chi Yorkie and is so shy and fearful that she sticks to me like glue. I know you would have helped her get used to this busy world and you would have been the best of friends. I still start to call her Miley several times a day so I am still looking for you even tho you are not there. We all still miss you so much and I don't think that 2 month rule is going very well. A couple months ago I was reminded how much we loved each other, it had been a year since I was so ill and almost didn't make it. Not once during my convalescence did you leave my side. It was truly remarkable and something i will never ever forget. Good night my sweet princess and hope you are having a wonderful time with your new friends over the bridge.

I haven't written in so long, but it's just been so hard without you. Tomorrow (Jan 25) it will be one years since you left our family and went on your amazing trip over the Bridge and I guess I thought it would be easier by now but it hasn't. I miss you as much today as I did that day a year ago. Lots of changes have occurred, besides your new baby sister the girls got a kitty for their birthday. She is a little black Bombay (not so little anymore) named Smokey, she was grey when we got her as a tiny kitten but to our surprise she turned out to be black. I know the 3 of you would have been fast friends. Tomorrow we have a beautiful white candle to light at your little memorial table to honor your wonderful life. The girls talk about you all the time and wish you were here. I joined a site called I <3 (heart) Cavaliers and it's kind of a mixed blessing, I love seeing all the beautiful Cavaliers but at the same time it just makes me miss you more. Then there are so many on the site whose baby's have also crossed over the Bridge and it makes me sad to see their Mom and Dad's heartbreak.I know that being the best friend I ever had that you have met some amazing friends over the Bridge and am glad that you are like a brand new Pup again with no sickness or pain. I just wish I could turn off my feelings sometimes when the heartache pain is too much, but then I remember what wonderful times we had together and if I had no feelings I would have missed all that. I wish you sweet dreams until we meet again my sweet sweet girl, parting is never easy...kisses baby.

Nearly 2 years now and I still miss you everyday. There have been so many changes here. Your sweet human babies have moved out with their Mom and Dad and your human brother Gary and sister Erika have moved in. They each have a support doggie, Gary has Leo a really cool Pomeranian and Erika has a little Chi named Roxy. They are great friends with your fur baby sister Foxy but it is just not complete without you. You were the best ever and wish I could reach across the bridge and bring you back but I know how much pain and suffering you were in so I can't be selfish and bring you here with me when I know how wonderful it must be to run free with all your friends but know I will never ever forget you and you are in my heart forever. I love you so much baby....love Mommy

It"s been 3 years since you left us and the pain just doesn't go away, love and miss you just as much today as it was 3 years ago. Nelly wrote a beautiful Offenda at school and it was a wonderful tribute to you, our precious girl. Her and her twin sister Ellie draw pictures of you all the time, I didn't realize how much they loved and missed you too. Your memorial wall has a candle honoring your memory today. I just so much wish you were here with me. Love and miss you sweet girl, hope you are having fun with all your new friends...kisses Baby girl...

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