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Memories of Mikey
I'll never forget going to the SPCA to find a 'female' dog who didn't 'shed' LOL I fell in love with MIKEY, a little beagle-mix pup - 'male' who shed all year round! :) Such a smart boy - he only pottied in his own backyard; didn't bark unless we told him to 'talk, Mikey!' when playing hide and seek or tag w/Daddy. He stuck close by us - neighbors thought we had an electric fence when he was out on the lawn with us. He knew not to go into the road or stray. He seemed to understand everything we said - even when he 'pretended' not to ;)
He had such personality! and everyone who knew him loved him. He was a 'people dog' -- he rarely noticed other dogs and when he did, was never cruel. Occasionally, he would like a dog he saw walk by when we took him to the dock downtown. He would get in the 'play position' and play briefly. He loved people food - peanut butter; watermelon; green beans; yogurt; egg; just about everything! he would 'chirp' excitedly when begging orange slices!
He could run like a greyhound! He could whip around bushes and trees and trellises...playing tag. He loved to cuddle; did not chase or hurt animals (bunnies could come up close and he would glance and put his head back down on his paws). He would never bite - you could take food from his mouth and he would never hurt you. He would round us up at bedtime - wanting all 3 of us to go at the same time. He would dearly miss one of us if we were gone long. He could give a 'high five' and loved me to play tickle games and massage his legs and spine...he reciprocated when I laid my hand on his paw and taught him that was 'LOVE'. He would put his paw on MY hand and stare into my eyes. As a pup, he hated water - would walk around a puddle and never walk on a dock. Later, he was fine with seeing it but never wanted to swim! :) When seeing his Dad or Mommy coming out of STARBUCKS to join him, he would jump straight up high off the ground with excitement :)
He would blow air out of his nostrils to make a sound to get our attention...he would 'whisper' a whine at bedside to wake me for his breakfast. The heartbeat of our house is missing now, and I am missing MY rhythm.
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