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Memories of Miffy
When she got rubbed on the bridge of her nose,she would lean her head back,open her mouth slightly & purr as if to say "Oh yeah,that's the spot."
She loved to sit on my keyboard table while I was on the computer which made me have to buy a wireless keyboard & mouse to use on my lap.
While computing,she developed a taste for Gold Peak brand sweet tea.The vet said it was OK so I gave her her own little bowl to drink from. About 1 tablespoon worth.
Mommy,Daddy & (kitty-sister) Nibbles love you & miss you,Kitty Girl.
4/23 - Hey,Miff. Just wanted to let you know that Nibbles misses you & she's been keeping your bed warm. When I gave her breakfast a few days ago,she looked up at me as if to say "Why is there only one bowl?"
I'm sure that you're happy where you are but we miss you dearly here.
4/26 - Hey,Miff.It's been a week since you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge & I hope you're happy there and making new friends.Last night I attended a candle lighting tribute in your memory. Thanks go to Ginny for heading the tribute,to Pressys Grandpa for the fantastic poems & words of healing & inspiration. Special thanks to Andrell for offering to light a candle in your name & listing your name during the tribute. I lit a Yankee Candle Edelweiss jar candle for you & kept it lit the whole time.
The pain of losing you is slowly going away bit by bit but I still miss you terribly.
Nibbles has offered to eat your portion of food & treats down here so that it doesn't go to waste.
I didn't think that you'd mind.
Love you,kitty girl.
5/7 - Hey,Miff. Mommy fell down today & hurt herself.She'll be OK but will be in rehab for the next few weeks.I didn't want to leave your sister all by herself all day while I'm at work so I took her to Grandma & Grandpa's house to stay with your kitty-cousins Willow,Abby & Angel and Karner (THE DOG!!)
Nibbles has been looking around for you & been depressed because you're not here anymore.I'm hoping spending time with the cousins will help her feel better.She really misses you.
We all do.
Love you,kitty girl.
5/23 - Hey,Miff. Mommy's still in rehab but getting better. I've been bringing Nibbles home on the weekends so that she can visit but I imagine riding in the kitty carrier is getting tiresome for her. I'm sure she can't wait for Mommy to heal well enough to come home so that she doesn't have to travel anymore.
I hope you're having a grand time across the Rainbow Bridge & making lots of new friends.
I still think of you every day.
Love you,kitty girl.
6/14 - Hey,Miff. Mommy's home from rehab & Nibby's back from Grandma & Grandpa's but it still feels like this home is incomplete without you. We're looking for a companion for Nibbles because she still looks for you & calls for you now & then. It breaks my heart when she does that. Hopefully we can find another fur-sister for her soon but she will never replace you.
In our hearts anyway.
Love you,kitty-girl.
7/6 - Hey,Miff-Miff. Nibby has a new companion now. Her name is Tika & she's a kitten. Like you, she's gray & white but she has short hair. Nibbles wasn't too keen on her at first but I think she's starting to come around. She still hisses at Tika when she jumps on Nibby but I think Tika just wants to play.
In a weird coincidence...she was born on the same day that you crossed the Rainbow Bridge into Heaven.
I hope as she grows, we can find some of you in her. We didn't have you as a kitten so for right now, it's tough to say.
Either way, even though Mommy & I love her dearly,she can't replace you.
Love you,kitty-girl.
9/2 - Hey,Miff. I know it's been awhile since I've written but things have gotten a little more depressing here at home. Kitty-sister Nibbles has gone back to live with Grandma & Grandpa because Tika is just too rambunctious for her to handle. She stopped eating because the kitten would always jump on her whenever Nibby was eating, sleeping or just generally minding her own business.
She seems to be happier now & she's got a new companion closer to her age. You remember Abby from when you were at Grandma & Grandpa's. She & Nibbles are getting along well & have formed a friendship.
Unfortunately, Mommy's in the hospital with a couple of fractured ribs. Tika was racing around as she likes to do & ran between Mommys legs, tripping her & sending her crashing to the floor. She was on the floor for 6 hours until I got home because she was too hurt to move to reach the phone to call me. I think Tika realized that she had done a not-so-good thing because she stayed next to Mommy for most of the day from what Mommy told me. We hope she settles down after we get her fixed in the next few months but I don't know. I love her but we can't keep her if she's going to be a danger everytime Mommy tries to get around. But if we send her away, I'll feel like we just gave up on her. I just don't know.
I do know that I still love & miss you,kitty-girl.
12/13 - Hey,Miff. Mommy Lisa passed away 2 days ago. I'm sure you know that because you were probably there to meet her at the Rainbow Bridge along with Mama,Baby,Muffin,Mugsy & all the other furry companions she had here in life.
Since being in the hospital, she hadn't been getting better & fluid built up in her body faster than it would drain. Knowing that she wouldn't be around for much longer I asked her to give you a hug for me when she saw you. Give her a kiss on the nose & a head bump for me.
This year of 2016 sucked. It took 2 of my best girls away from me. I can't wait for this year to be over with.
Please watch over me because I love & miss you both so much.
4/5/17 - Hey, Miff.I'm sorry I haven't written to you lately but since it was time to renew your memorial I figured now was a good time.
I still miss you & Mommy Lisa very much but I'm getting by. Tika has been a great source of comfort even though she drives me crazy with some of her antics at times. I just have to remind myself that she's still a kitten though not for much longer. 2 weeks from today will be a year ago that you left to go to Heaven & the same day that Tika was born. You were a pretty mellow cat when I had you but sometimes I wonder if you're actually giving her ideas from where you are to drive me loony.
Will try to write again in 2 weeks, Kitty Girl. Give Mommy Lisa a kiss on the nose for me.
As always, I love you both.
3/23/18 - Hey, Miff.I know it's been much longer than the 2 weeks when I said I would write again. Almost a year now but I've been busy dealing with 2 cats now. I told you about Tika but I also adopted a stray from work & named her Lily in Mommy Lisa's honor. That was the name she would have given Tika if I couldn't come up with one. Lily & Tika are starting to get along better since she came in. They both keep me on my toes.
But the main reason I'm writing this tonight is to let you know that I don't think I'll be renewing your online memorial. Since I haven't really checked in & written anything for almost a year, I think it best to just move on from here.
However, I still think about you (and mommy) almost every day & probably will for many years to come until I join you two. I anticipate that day but am not rushing it. It will come eventually.
This place has helped me cope with losing you & will be forever grateful for the kindness the keepers of this site & other families that had lost their babies have shown me.
Thank you. Each & every one of you.
Well, Miffy, it's time for me to close this out. As always, give Mommy a kiss on the nose for me. I'm going on with my life but I still miss you & love you. Both of you.
I always will until we meet again, kitty-girl.
4/1/18 - Hey Miff. I've changed my mind about not renewing your memorial. I had forgotten that I opted to have it automatically renewed each year plus the fact that the fee goes towards helping other kitties here.
I probably will still not write as often but will come to visit from time to time.
I love you, kitty-girl.
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