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Memories of Midorri
There are more memories than I can share here about Midorri. She brought so many special moments to our lives.
She passed this morning. The memories I have of her crying for me to pick her up when returning home from work. Taking her upstairs to see her mommy. She would run into the bedroom and I would picking her up to play on the bed, rolling around begging for attention. That I will truly miss! You will always be in our thoughts and prayers. Love you always and thank you for being part of our family. You came into our life under such tragic circumstances, but you made our home so joyful. You were the baby of the family and kept us all entertained and loved. Our home is sad without you but you will always be here in our hearts. We love you so much Midorri. Mommy and Daddy and Uncle Pat

Well I made it through the first night without you patting me through the night on my arm for water, it was hard because I kept reaching for you all night and you were not there. We miss you so much. Chynna got up this morning looking for you and is now laying on the couch in your spot, she misses you so much. I hope you are enjoying life with your new friends across the bridge and as much as we would love to have you back, we know you are happy, feeling good and so much stronger now. We love you baby girl. Mommy

My dearest baby Midorri,it's been over 48 hours since your passing and we are still finding it difficult and miss you dearly. Your presence was that of an angel giving your mommy and I blessings and love. We will have your ashes back with us soon, but it never will be the same as having your infectious bark when you needed to communicate your needs to us. Although the feeling of loss will eventually subside, our love for you will not. I would give anything to rewind the time we were together even for one day. Miss you always little one. Daddy

Hi my sweet baby girl, well today marks a week that you left us and I know they say time makes it easier, but for me everyday is harder than the day before. I miss holding you in my arms and the feel of your fluffy soft fur, your sweet little kisses and the way you always wanted your mommy before anyone. Yesterday we got your ashes back and I am so glad you are back home with us, but I still feel so empty without you. I know in my heart that you are doing so much better now but I want to be selfish and have you back. I miss you so much baby and love you more than you will ever know. Mommy

02/06/2015 Hi my little one, my eyes are still filled with tears. We miss you immensely. As your mommy said, we finally got you back home. Your ashes are up by your sisters that passed before you. We also have your precious paw prints and clippings of your beautiful hair as well, I cried looking at them. It is such a relief to have you home baby girl . I just want you to know that we could never replace you. I thank God for the privilege of caring for you and I still cry everyday for you even though you are with your original daddy now. I pray the pain leaves my heart someday. We did the Monday Candlelight service for you. I know I felt your presence with us. Bye for now. Love you baby girl. Daddy

02/13/2015 Hi my little angel, It's been another long week without your beautiful personality at home. I look at your picture and paw prints often... tears still run down my face. We talk about you often remembering the joy you've brought to our home. We still miss you and our hearts are still filled with pain. I pray you have found friends over the rainbow bridge. Just know we love you and will never forget you! Daddy

02/17/2015 Let me start off by saying I loved you and still love you with all my heart ever since the day I first met you. I was working that night when your original daddy was coming over to stay with me as he often did. I knew nothing about you as he did not tell me you were joining the family. Anthony was so excited about you that he came to my work and told me to come out to his car to see you. You were so tiny and sleeping in the blanket he had in the passengers seat. I picked you up and held you in one hand and you woke up just enough to give me a little lick on my nose with that puppy breath tongue, I thought you were so precious, what a loving way to say hello to me that night. Then after that I would see you when I would drive out to Mesa or when your daddy would come hang with me in Phoenix. Your daddy loved you so much that when he came over one morning he was handing you over to me when he tripped and fell injuring himself but managed to keep you from harms way. The next year the Lord called him home and you came to stay with your new mommy and daddy Ronald and Betty. As for myself I was only living footsteps away from you and every time I would come over you were so animated and loving that I always had to pick you up so you could love on me and give me kisses. Since then there have been so many memories of you that there are to many to list. I was so excited when we all moved into our new house that I would get to see you every day. You became my little girl too. You were such a little lover when I had my knee surgery hanging out with me every day and even after that when uncle P was looking for work. We really had our own special relationship. I miss you so much Poo and I just can't stop thinking about you. I know you had to go but why does it have to hurt so much? I miss you wagging your tail as you bark at me to come play and then you'd "run up" on me, over and over again. It's just not the same without you and it is so odd not to have a few marks on my hands from the times you were a little quicker than me. My heart hurt so bad that morning you crossed over the bridge and it still aches and will for a long time. It was just 12 hours earlier that day when I took you upstairs to see your mommy and then you let me rough you up, love on you and then you rolled over so I could rub your belly on the bed and then I picked you up to go down the stairs you licked me on the nose the same way you did when you said hello to me for the first time. I didn't know that would be our last loving time together, as your life had come full circle and I now know you were saying goodbye to Uncle P. You will always be there in my heart, in my memories and in the tears that stream down my face for you. I know you are back with your big daddy now and all your fur siblings that greeted you at the bridge so be good for me and be gentle when you run up on your big daddy. One last thing for now......do I hear you my little Poo Cow barking for my chips? Guess what.......you can have as many chips as you want. Love Uncle Pat.

03/08/2015 Hi Poo Cow! I don't go a day without thinking about you. I love how animated you were when you were with us here in this world. I know you are probably having a great time with your Big daddy along with your new friends and your family. Uncle P wishes you were here so much to keep me company since everyday something on your Uncle P is collapsing. At this rate it won't be long until I see you again. I hope you are playing nice and not running up on your mates...LOL!! I miss your furry hair getting caught in my mouth, but most of all I miss your wet kisses so, so much. I'll send you a message later Poo...I love you!!

03.08.15. Hello my littlest angel Midori! Do not ever feel that you are forgotten. Though the tears still flow, we continue to miss you immensely. What I miss mostly is you being there when I get home from work and taking you upstairs to see mommy, running into the bedroom and rolling you around on the bed. Mommy and I would love to have you back. Understanding you are in a happy place. We'll see you on the other side one day. Love you baby girl! Daddy

03/30/2015 Hi my sweet baby girl, I know it has been a little while since Mommy has been on, but it has been so hard to not have you here and it just breaks my heart to know that I will not be able to hold you and feel all of the enormous love that you have. Life is sure a lot more sad and lonely without you here, You were a big joy in our life and we miss you so, so much every single day. I sure wish my time was up here on earth just so I could be with you again. I love you baby girl and will always love you. Mommy

06/20/2015 Hi my sweet baby girl. Mommy sure hopes that you are happy at the Rainbow Bridge. I know that you have plenty of friends to play with and are no longer in pain. We miss you around here everyday. We love you so much and you are always in our heart. Love Mommy

01/29/2016 Hi my sweet baby girl. Today marks one year since you crossed over the Rainbow. I still feel your presence with me everyday and miss you so much. I hope you know that you were the joy in my life and I would not trade a day of the years you were with me for anything. Life sure is lonely without you little one and I wish I could be with you, but I know that I will see you again and cannot wait for the day. My hope is that you are happy. I love you today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Big kisses to you. Love Mommy

06/14/2016 - Good morning little one. I hope you welcomed your sister, Chynna to Rainbow Bridge to play with you. Seems like we just keep losing you all one after the other. Only Angel is left of the "BRAT PACK" but she is still keeping Mommy and Daddy company, along with her new sisters Bella and Gizmo. We think about you everyday my sweet baby and miss you so much. You are still the light of my life and I have your spirit with me all the time. Love you so much Poo. Mommy

01/29/2017 - Hi my beautiful baby girl, two years since you crossed the bridge and to me it seems like no time has went by at all, I can still see you and feel you in my arms. I miss you everyday and love you even more. My wish is that you are happy with your brother and sisters in heaven and that you are playing all the time. You were the best baby that any parents could ever have. Love you so much my sweet one. Mommy

02/03/2018- Hello our beautiful baby, we still think of you often and still have a piece of our hearts missing. Waiting and hoping for the day we reunite over the rainbow bridge...until then God love you and keep you happy.

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