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Memories of Midnight
07/07/2017 It's only been two days that you crossed over Rainbow bridge and it feels like two years my sweet baby,I miss u so much,I wish I had just another minute with you.I will never forget how brave u were as we walked to the vet that dreaded day,we talked,u held your head so high as we walked,we stopped to see the boats in the lake as we crossed the lake.you were such a trooper,i carried u the rest of the way there because u were so tired out,i dont know if u understand our talk but I hope u know mommy was protecting you,like u always did mom.I am so grateful to have had your love,u are a angel and I can't wait to cross that bridge and see u waiting for me,oh what a day that will be,I hope mamma bb
was right and zara,mammas other fur baby was waiting with open paws for you and showed u around,introduced u to all her fur friends.Dont be scared ol man,try your wings on for size and fly so high.please send mommy a signal from heaven so I know your safe.i love u sweetheart,give zara mommy's kisses.im gonna be strong just like I told you bud.ttys honey.ooxxs 7/07/2017 |midnight I just can't believe your gone,I can't get u out of my head sweatheart,my heart is broken.I keep replaying in my head u yslipping away in my arms,I know u were so relaxed as I held u close and whispered in your little ear how much I love u and it was okay to go,but god do I miss u.I can't even go outside without feeling like I've lost my shadow.I hope your okay my love,sweet dreams my sweet boy.ooxxs,.give zara kisses from mommy too baby. 07/08/2017 Good morning sweet boy,I hope you are doing well and I hope u are so happy.There are so many fur babies at Rainbow bridge,it comforts my heart to think of all the new friends u must have,i know u love kitty's too,are u playing with the kittys at the bridge sweetheart? Mommy misses u so much,ive cried all morning,missing my boys sweet face.Its so hard to wake upt in the morning with your crate next to my bed and know your not next to me.I have your bed still right where it was last time u laid your precious head to rest.You midnight were mommy's whole life,I can't wait for the vet to call to say I can bring u back with me,and my dear sweet boy I am gonna keep my promise to you and pick u up with my motorcycle and you and mamma are gonna hit the road and ride,I told u...I'd get u on my motorcycle some day!!!Mommy loves to ride her bike but since uve left I don't enjoy much of anything anymore.I have decided that I will keep your remains with me sweetuheart and when mommy goes to heaven,u are going to go wi7th me,I hope u like that idea,I was so unsure what to do but I believe that best friends should always stay together.Sissy wrote you a little letter yesterday,so nice of her,she misses u to sweetie,all us girls miss u.There is gonna be a candlelight visual held in your honor monday,I think this sight is so beautiful for you and all fur babies,I'm so glad I found such a wonderful place to share your love and memories.People have been so nice leaving little messages in your honor sweetie.Please send mommy that sign so I know your okay,and give Zara mommy's love,I love u and Zara,play together and with your new friends love.kisses to you both.ooxxs. 7/08/2017 Hello again sweet boy,I'm really struggling today,it's 5:25pm.and today just feels so blah without you.Mommy tried to go riding but came right back home,I just miss u so much I don't wanna do anything.The sun has been out and I know how much u love to lay in the sun,but near the end you lost alot of your hair and mom was afraid of u getting sunburn so we had to be careful.my goodness sweetie I miss u so.i keep looking at my screen on my phone,it's a pic of u and mommy.Baby I so wish u were with me,nobody understands me the way u do,u were and are my very best friend and nothing could ever replace my love for u.Well sweetie until later I send all my love,give mammas kisses to zara.I love u sweetboy.ooxxs. ~~~7/09/2017 Hey sweetboy,it's 8pm.ive been thinking of you all day,u left me just 4 days ago today,mommy feels so empty but I'm trying to stay strong,I visited some other fur babies momrial pages today and asked them to please show u around and make sure your okay.So many other beautiful babies on the bridge,u must love all your new friends.Are u okay sweetie?Boy mommy misses u,I miss our time together,spending time together outside,our walks,going for icecream,I miss u buddy,sooo much.Makayla was here for a little while today so I showed her your momrial page and told her all about this wonderful page so she could visit anytime.she misses u too sweetie.I took sophia for icecream today,but icecream just didn't taste the same as it did when u were with me and we had it together.Well sweetboy I hope u know how much mamma loves her boy.Hope u love your new wings bud,I bet u look so darn cute with them.Be good and have lots of fun with your fur friends sweetheart,don't worry about mommy.Sweet dreams my boy.give Zara mammas kises.ooxxs to u both love!! ~~~~7/10/17 DearestI u sweetboy,it's been five days since I've seen you,honey u are so terribly missed.My life has changed so,I just can't get used to u not being near my side.I tried for years to try to prepare for the day I would loose my best friend but nothing can prepare u for deepest heartache of loosing you.I called over to the vet again today to see if u were picked up yet and they said u were going to be picked up later today,don't be scared sweetie,your beautiful soul is in heaven and your body returns to dust as jesus has planned.U are now mommy's angel and I may not see u but I'm sure your with me,looking down from The beautiful Rainbow bridge.But now your healthy,your once again a young sweet pup with lots of energy and u have new wings that are just stunning.Jesus called upon my sweet boy as he only was on earth for a short time but sweetie we will be together again soon.I love u Bud.give Zara mammas love and I certainly hope u are being playful with all the angel kitties,i know u have a special place in your heart for kittys,u silly dog.sweet dreams angel.ooxxs ~~~~7/12/17 Good morning my love,how are u?Mommy has great news,yesterday I brought your cremated remains home,I couldn't wait for them to be shipped back to the vet so I went right down to the human society to pick them up sooner and guess what love...you and mamma went riding on mammas motorcycle!! I was so excited to bring u riding,you always hated it when I left on the bike because u had to stay behind,not anymore bud..u can go anywhere I go now!!I know it's not exactly the same but it's a little comfort to know a part of u is with me.I miss u so sweetheart.Youve been gone 7 long days,you weren't just a dog buddy,u were my everything.Life just feels empty and lonely.It would help if I was around the girls more,but as u know I don't get to see them as much as I would like.I can't believe as soon as I got your urn set up in the house yesterday and all was quite,one of sophias toys in her toy box that takes batteries just started singing a song about "pet friends".no one was near it,nor even talking in the room,it was very silent in the room.Wow midnight..was that my sighn from you that I've been asking for? I couldn't believe it,and the night before that I watched a guy on utube that says our sweet pets who have passed will send sighns thru coins,butterfly OR thru a song to let us know they are ok.I took that as a sighn from u sweetheart that u are okay and happy!! I miss u and love u so much,give Zara mammas love sweetie.hugs and kisses to u both!! ~~~7/13/2017 Hello sweetheart,eight days since I touched or seen my baby,I sure do wish u were here,just not the same without you and never will be.My heart will never heal,not until the day I see u running towards me to greet me.I found out that even though I told the vet,and also called them to remind them the day after your passing that I wanted your little pink Minnie mouse blanket to stay with you and to remain with you during cremation that your blanket didn't remain with you,I'm so sorry baby.The vets office told me they would make sure your favorite blanket stayed with you and when I picked up your remains and I asked if it was with you,the man there told me that you arrived without it.That just makes me so angry.im so sorry It didn't stay with you sweetheart,I will put a blanket on your memorial page and I hope that brings some comfort to u.On a positive note,I'm so floored at all the wonderful pet parents that have left their condolences,it brings comfort to my broken heart.i am going to go try and leave your blanket now sweetheart.I love u baby.Give Zara mom's love and you have lots of fun with all your new friends.ooxxs to u and Zara,and all the fur babies at Rainbow bridge. ~~~7/14/2017 Hello sweetboy,nine days ago I held you in my arms and tonight I only wish I could hold you.You are always on my mind sweetheart and u will always be in my heart,i will never,ever forget you,you hold a very special place in my heart..yesterday,today,tomorrow and forever.I hope you have found your way and have no worries,please don't worry about mommy,i always told you,I will carry our worries for both of us,I just want u to be at peace and I really do hope bud that rainbow bridge is as wonderful as it sounds.I love u sweetboy,sweet dreams.Give Zara Doo mammas hugs and kisses,ooxxs. ~~~7/15/2017 good morning my love,it's Saturday morning 8:30am.Missing u so much,you always would go outside in the morning with me and try to find the best place to lay where the sun shined down on you.I hope you are laying in the sunshine at Rainbow Bridge.Have a wonderful day sweetboy,u will always be in my heart.Give Zara mammas love,ooxx ~~~7/15/2017 8:40pm.Hi sweetie,wanted to send my mommy good night kisses straight up to heaven and gently land them upon your forehead.I miss you buddy,wish I could hug you,put u into bed like everynight I've done for 13 years.I told u everynight before tucking you that I loved you,and I always will love you.You are the most loyal friend I've ever had and just like the girls,I love u as I love them,my only boy!Mom went out for a little while today on her bike,went down by the lake and thought about you,and asked God to keep u wrapped in his loving arms.Midnight coming thru the door with no little four legged cutie pie greeting you sure does suck..You were always there for me,if I couldn't sleep you'd get up with me,if I felt depressed u never left my side.mommy did put your blanket on your memorial page,sorry it's pink but so was your Minnie mouse blanket,hope that brings a lil comfort baby,your crate is still next to my bed with your pics and candles and your urn that's right next to my bed.well sleep tight sweetheart.give zara Doo mom's hugs n kisses,she's a sweetgirl, i really hope she found u.she has a heart just like u.mom always said that God sent me u to get over the deep pain of loosing zara,Zara was my childhood dog,and she looked just like you.She went to Rainbow bridge when mom was 17 and i still miss her.I will never heal from the pain of loosing u midnight,but we kinda somehow knew it was soon and we stayed together every second,near the last few months it was different,I wouldn't leave your side for five mins.i loved every second of nursing you.i would take every pain,ache away for you and carry it myself if it was only possible.well sweet dreams to my sweetboy and my sweetgirl.I will be home with u before u know it.please take care of each other,and take care of all the babies at the bridge,they are all special to someone very dear here on earth.goodnight lovebugs,ooxxs. ~~~7/15/2017 Good morning luv,sending mommy hugs up to Rainbow bridge to cradle you in comfort this Saturday morning,know that your in my thoughts and in my heart.Missing my boys sweet face,your little eyelashes.I hope you have plenty of sunshine to lay in this morning.I hope Rainbow Bridge is a comfort to you my baby,you will be on my mind all day sweetie.Lots of ooxxs,give Zara mommas love.Be good!! ~~~6pm.Still thinking of you buddy,another day without your precious face,it's hard babe.Stayed gone all day,trying to keep busy so things don't wear at me so much.Your very much missed midnight! Let me know your okay.I love you with all my heart,give Zara mammas love,ooxxs. ~~~Dear midnight (from Sophia)7/16/2017 How is heaven,do u like Heaven?I miss u,I wish you were here to play with me.Nanny has a candle next to your pictures.I love you...Love sophia Belle.p.s.im gonna leave u a toy. ~~~7/16/2017 8:20AM.Good morning baby,it's a sunny morning,just the way u love it.U are the first thing on my mind as soon as I wake and the last thing on my mind before I sleep.Its been 11 days since u left me,and I miss u so very much midnight.Hoping your day Is filled with much happiness and know mamma misses you.give Zara my love sweetboy.ooxxs. ~👩‍👦🐾7/16/2017 Hey sweetie,sophia is spending the night with mom tonight and u are on our mind and in our conversation,we miss u little buddy.one day closer to the day we meet again my baby.sweet dreams my love.sending kisses and hugs to u and zara.Be good my boy.ooxxs. 🌻7/17/2017 7am. Good morning sweet boy,thinking of you this morning,missing you terribly.Dont seem possible your not coming back.I just have to remind myself that we will be together again someday when God decides.I hope your having lots of fun my baby,life is just not the same without you.sending my love up to heaven,please send yours back to mom from the rainbow bridge,send mom comfort and healing.I will always you,always in my heart sweetheart,have a blessed day,ooxxs to you and zara. 🤦‍♀️7/18/2017 Hi sweetboy,it's after 9pm.and I just wanted to let u know I'm thinking of you and tell u good night and sweet doggy dreams.Mamma hopes she sees you in her dreams tonight.I miss tucking you in my boy.All is quite at the house,sophia went home with her mamma and mammas all alone with u in my thoughts sweetheart.miss u more than you could ever imagine midnight.Wish I never brought you here,maybe things would've been different then again maybe it was gods plans all along? I don't know but hurts being without you.sweet dreams my baby,ooxxs to you and zara,I put you and zara both on the candle light monday list,mammas angels,forever loved,and in my heart until we're all together again. ~😔7/2017 My Midnight,definitely one of the hardest days I've had without you.I can't seem to get myself up and going.wasnt but a few days ago I kissed your sweet face and held you next to me and today just feels so empty.Had you had to go because it was best for you,I'm not 100% sure and that's what hurts.I would never want you to suffer as I have told u many times,I only wanted nothing but what makes you happy or comfortable.Midnight I hope you really do know that I was using my best judgment baby,the stress u were under was breaking my heart.I wish things didn't turn out like this bud.we couldn't get settled anywhere for to long before it was the same ol thing.who knew that at the time our "drivable" home was our only home,that those memories were gonna be our best ones? I never seen a dog go thru what you have and for not one minute ever wanna leave my side thru it all.That my friend is true friendship,that is so hard to find with a human,you have a amazing heart midnight.Your loyalty is something that's beyond words,something that a person who never bonded with a dog will never,ever understand.You and I midnight knew each others thoughts most of the time,that's one heck of a relationship bud.You have definitely showed me a love that I may never find again with a pet.Ive had some pretty good dogs thru out my years but u bud were key to my heart and now my angel.I would never let anyone hurt you midnight,I'm so sorry that you heard hurtful words from people who are supposed to love and protect.Mommy would never,evuer let that happen.This world is absolutely full of selfless and cruel people.I will never be able to get that out of my mind.I knew you defentley didn't deserve to go thru anymore,it's been one heck of a roller coaster bud, we may not have had everything ..you and me..but..WE had it all my baby,our friendship was everything.I love you sweetie,missing u so much.Give Zara a kiss from mom.ooxxs. 🐕👩‍💼7/20/2017 Good evening love.Its after 9pm.and I just wanted to let u know I'm thinKing of you and mamma misses you so Very much!! Can't get used to the quietness without you sweetie.I know my baby is at peace and so with that I can go on,day by day.I love you forever buddy.Sweet dreams my baby.kisses to you and zara.ooxxs. 💔7/21/2017 Hi sweatheart,mom's getting ready to go to bed and I wanted to tell u goodnight and I love u soooo much buddy.Miss u to the moon and back!! God,I miss you,more and more everyday!! Sweet dreams my forever best friend.Give zara mommy's luv and take good care of each other until mom gets there.ooxxs. 😔7/24/2017 My Dearest Midnight,I miss u more than I could ever begin to explain.The days seem to go by slower and slower without u next to me.Mommy misses your love and friendship,your loyalty,your beautiful heart.Im sure you have made many new friends and I sure hope your having many sunny,wonderful days.Know mommy thinks of you all the time and I love u so much.Give Zara mammas kisses too bud.sweet dreams my baby. 😪8/22/2017 my sweet midnight,there are no words to express my feelings,I miss u terribly.Ive been unable to come on here in awhile,it's been so painful.I had to go in and erase some of my notes to you in order to write more,my letters on here are numbered and that breaks my heart so I will do my best to keep it short.I couldn't possibly miss u more,days don't become easier just harder without you.im so lost bud.I knew it would be difficult without you each day but didn't relize just how empty my life would come.The girls are doing good buddy,we all miss u.I keep your spirit of alive and talk about you to the babies.Cant wait to be together again someday soon my love.I love you. 🙎‍♀️08/31/2017 Hello sweetheart,yesterday was mom's first birthday without you and it just stinks without you buddy.No birthday will ever be the same without you.I miss you more everyday.its so very hard,I cry everyday I miss u so very much.Thank you sweetheart for your love,can't wait to be together again!! Goodnight my angel,sweet dreams. 😢9/6/2017 Midnight you have been gone two months,I just can't find the words to explain the pain I feel without you.I dreamed of you last night and in my dream I was calling your name and crying so hard,I did some online searching of the meaning of this dream..the eyes are the windows to our soul.I miss u so much midnight.Other then seeing the girls once in awhile,I spend my days alone,it's terrible bud.But I'm glad that you no longer have to deal with so much.This summer is coming to a end and this is one memorable summer for sure.Every Fourth of July will forever be changed,it will always be a time of sorrow,a time that I will forever be heartbroke.Looking back at the beginning of our summer I believe that in a way has played apart in teaching new lessons,it's opened my eyes to things I didn't want to see or believe but because of loosing you I see the picture so clearly,that's not without pain but it's something that needed to stop being over looked.Going thru things without you is definitely a learning process I'm struggling with but I know that you will always be in my heart until we're together again In two days buddy is sissies birthday.we all miss you,especially mom!!I love you forever sweetheart,hugs and kisses to you and Zara.🎃10/19/2017 my baby,its been just over three months since I seen your cute face,geez mamma misses you! I struggle coming on here sometimes but want to let you know there's not one day I don't think of you,I'm lost bud.It's not getting easier midnight.I'm thankful you don't have to go thru all that's left behind but I've had no support other than the girls and I don't see them enough.Ito almost Halloween sweetheart,I seen the costumes for doggies at walmart when I walked past the pet section,I of course thought of you and how cute u would be dressed up.Mom is leaving you a pumpkin and is changing your theme on your residence page to fall.I love you with all my heart.Ooxxs to you and Zara.take care of each..love mom. ♥11/8/2017 Good morning my love, you are in my thoughts as usual. Its been four very long months since I seen your cute face, the pain of your loss isnt letting up, im completely lost without you bud.I try to spend as much time with the grandbabies as much as I can, thats what keeps me going but when their not around I feel so empty. Sophias birthday is in seven days, she will be six so im trying to find a gift for her.The kids are constantly saying they miss you, the teddy bear mom bought for you the girls sometimes sleep with when they spend the night.We will never forget you sweetie.You are the best dog EVER, hands down!!Moms still working on the housing issue, send strength and guidance love, show me the way.I love you forever.Take care and give Zara my love, until later all my love.ooxxs. 🎂12/17/2017 aww,Happy Birthday my baby♡♡ I know Im one day short but I couldn't keep u off my mind.How bad mommy wishes you were here so we could celebrate,you are so missed buddy,my heart aches daily.I hope you like your birthday cake🎈 I left on your memorial page along with your Christmas tree as well.Winter has arrived my baby,it's cold out and snow will be here soon,how I miss you going out with me in the mornings,no yellow snow this winter,lol.I hope you have only joy and love and laughter at Rainbow bridge.Have u made alot of friends love?Here will never be quite the same but I know midnight that you are lighting my way,I've learned so many things in the very short amount of time you've been gone,some good,some very hurtful but either way I know now that you still have my back and I'm so blessed to have your beautiful spirit with me.Thank you buddy for all the wonderful years of true friendship,if only people were as true as you,I'd never be sad again.The girls are doing good,all their birthdays have came and went (except baby charilees)come February.I sent the babies letters from "santa". My only wish is someday you are running to me with open paws buddy,we will celebrate and catch up on everything here and there.I love you my baby,have a wonderful birthday at the bridge and take care of zara.I love you both.ooxxs♡ 🥳1/4/2018 Happy New years Bud.I can't believe tomorrow will be six months since we said goodbye.I miss you beyond words,facing the world without you has been a challenge everyday.Christmas has came and went and your first birthday without me has passed.I won't take up to much space and close with I love you with all my heart.Give Zara my love sweetie.ooxxs.🌹1/28/2018 Hello love,thinking of you,missing you like crazy.Today mom came on to remove your birthday items to replace with valentine's day decor,I love u so much,see u someday soon love.ooxxs. 😗2/21/2018 Hello love,thinking of you today.I walked in the sun,spring weather,my first spring walk without my shadow by my side but always in my heart.I thank god every day for allowing me to have you with me all those years,all our rough roads were walked as one,you as my little sidekick.How I miss you midnight.our last six months together will forever be a memory of I wish I would haves.I know now that you are still with me,lighting my way,getting me thru but not letting me stall,taking me where I needed to go.I wish bud u were here to see that day,that day when I'm finally okay.You were supposed to be here.please buddy know I am forever great full and our path will cross again.I can't wait to see you again sweetie,hug you,kiss your head and have u follow me everywhere I go,never to part again.Our days will be endless buddy.I love you forever..give mom's love to zara..mmom♡ 🥳12/18/2018 Happy Birthday sweetheart.You've been gone for over a year now and it feels like forever.Not one day passes without you in my thoughts.Yesterday was your birthday,I missed sharing your special day together.The girls are getting so big midnight and we talk about u alot,we miss u so much.I think of getting a pet now and then,I miss the love but I know I can't replace your love.You mean the world to me sweetie yesterday,today and tomorrow u will always be in my heart..All my love to you,ooxxs💙12/31/2018 hello my sweetboy,it's new years eve,one hour left until we begin 2019.You are in my thoughts,I miss you more than anything in this world,I'm so lonely midnight.The pain still remains like it was yesterday.I hope and prey I will be with you again some day.Thank u buddy for everything you gave to me,I'm forever grateful my friend.love you so much.ooxxs to u and zara. 💝 1/16/2019 Good morning love,missing you terribly,it's a new year hard to believe your gone but never will I forget you.I came on to remove your Christmas items and put Valentines decorations on.I had subway for the first time without you the other day,couldn't help but think of you,how u loved subway lol.I put a sub on your sight just letting u know I was thinking of all the times we shared.I hope your in peace midnight and I hope to that someday I will see you again,I'm in so much pain without you,but I'm happy that I'm not dragging you around anymore in my difficult life.I told u never to worry about me,leave me to carry it all.I just wanted u in peace,I love u so much for all the years you got me thru.There will never be another dog or friend that could ever replace you.I will close with this for now.Sending kisses to the rainbow,I love u 💚1/27/19 thinking of you buddy,wishing I had you next to me.I hope u are happy but boy u are so missed by your mamma.Hope the sun is shining down upon you,warming u like u always liked,I hope u are chasing butterflies and playing with all the kitty's at the bridge.I know your in a better,in a place with no judgment or pain,a place that's beautiful just like u.See u in my dreams,ooxxs.to u and zara.💕2/17/2019 Hello sweetheart,just letting u know your on my mind and in my heart everyday.Your so missed by mom.Hope your flying high buddy.💔7/30/2019 sad day today sweetheart,one of those day when u need your bestfriend so I thought I'd come on and try to feel your love.so much is gone,everything gone but you missed the most.Im not at times I can do this all alone.i need guidance love,if at all possible.I think of u every day,pain is still there like it was yesterday.Need to find away to get moms other new fur baby "home".I'm so sorry it didnt happen for us,but we still had good times.No drive-Inn movie will ever be the same without u.Much love sweetheart,ooxxs.💗9/24/19 Happy Fall sweetheart.Thinking of you this morning,changed your scenery to fall,we are coming into the cooler weather,summer of 2019 going out.Wish u could be here.I heard our song on my birthday and I knew it was a sign for you.Im finally home sweetheart but your not here and that hurts so much.Im still working on getting Arielella home,she's also missed and I cant ever replace you but I feel she entered my life to help heal my heart that was shattered when I lost you,god willing it wont be long before she comes home,its hard to be alone.If you have any will,help mom get thru.I love you so much,we all miss you,the girls miss you,there are getting so big midnight and we will keep you in our hearts forever.Sending my love buddy to u and zara..love mom.😢11/15/2019 Hey buddie,its after midnight and lay awake like many other nights.Your on my mind buddy,I'd give anything to send another day with u.Moms very sentimental and this pain will never leave my heart.Its nice honey to have a apartment after many struggling times.Im so sorry your not here with me,I'm sorry I didnt get a place in time for u to have a home with me.Its really hard midnight without your support.I see things here on earth that I often wonder if your sending me a sign your okay and u still love me and miss me,like the fether I found the other day,it was white,came home and researched the meaning behind a white fether and it's a sighn that Angel's are watching over u..I only know one angel that it could be and that's u sweetheart.Still fighting for Arielella to come home,nobody will give me a chance,I really need her midnight I'm sure u know.I have to renew your memorial in couple weeks but I will never leave this sight,its my grieving and the love we shared.Forever touched by your love,if only people gave the love that only a dog does the world would be much nicer,I love u and sweet dreams love,take care of Zara and let her know my love is forever.ooxxs🙋‍♀️ 11/16/2019 Hello baby,hurting so much,so its here,sitting in my new home,the home we waited so long for,u were supposed to see this.I miss u so much.I feel the loss all over again with Arielella,I'm still waiting to bring her home,I'm hurting so much,I feel like I'm never gonna be ok.U leaving my life has been the hardest thing I've ever been thru.I dont see the girls anymore,its been 7 months by myself.Nothing ever changes,pain follows.I need strength midnight,I feel sick.🤗6/25/2020 Well hello my friend,have missed u dearly,I had to renew our memorial so I'm sorry for not coming on sooner,it still hurts so bad without.I think of u everyday.I never knew how strong I was until u left me,what a beautiful relationship we had,I miss it midnight.Ive moved sweetheart,no longer there,the pain is still there,I feel like I've lost everyone and its lonely everyday.I cant believe it's been almost 3 yrs.youve been gone,I'm so sorry midnight,I just wish it wasn't under those circumstances,it pains me so much.I hope and prey we will meet again,forever together sum day.I miss your smile.I will never heal.Goodnight for now bud.I wish I could dream about you (hint)if possible.i love u and zara.take care of each other loves,goodnight.🐕8/30/2020 Good morning my angel,today is moms birthday and I'm thinking of u like I do everyday.I miss u beyond words.Ive had the fight of my life since uve been gone,everything is hard,my stomach turns as soon as I open my eyes each day.Ive lost everything I love.Im trying to adjust to this new life of mine but I miss everyone,and you,I ask god for strength,ask him to help with the pain,each and everyday.Im so sorry u didnt make it a little longer,I have a house but not a home,u should be here!I'm leaving a cake with you because mom wants you to be here in my heart for this birthday of mine.I hope midnight u are okay,god knows your missed every second of everyday.I will always be grateful for the years we shared and I dont know if this pain will ever leave.i miss u buddy~please give my love to zara,until were together again,love mom.🌹9/3/2020 Its 11pm.here I sit thinking of you.You made my life better buddy,I have many nights I cant sleep,I remember u always getting up with me.Thank u midnight for the special gift today.i heard you,it crossed my mind no matter how many times I've moved,you find your way.In the morning I must face yet another battle and how I wish I had your support,I believe today's visit was because u still know and send your love.Its a struggle love!Hope u are loving rainbow bridge until we reunite,all my love.ooxxs♥️9/6/2020 God,I miss u,no matter how many years,months,days,seconds I miss u more everyday,time dosent always heal,I cry everyday thinking of u.Every morning I get up knowing I'm going thru this new life without u,Its very hard,thank u for your visit when I needed u the most.You never loose your way home,no matter where I go.Please baby give mommy strength.i love u forever!🎁12/19/2020 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY,I wish u were here to celebrate! I miss u everyday!Another winter is here,we got alot of snow a couple days ago,remember the first snowfall of every year u would be excited to go out until u seen that u feet would get wet.The girls and I miss u and talk about u alot.Sophia really misses u so much,like mom.We layed in bed together talking about u the other night,she was very emotional.No matter how many days,months,years u will forever be missed.It breaks my heart I was so close to home,I promised u a home of our own and I didn't know how close we were.I know will be together again.I hope your birthday was wonderful at the bride sweetheart,playing and friends,u deserve it.I love u bestfriend🐾🐕 2/21/2021 Hi baby,just thinking of you,u will always be missed and loved.See u when I see you.love mom. ♡♡7/5/2021 good morning luv,u are very much in my thoughts today,4 years ago today we said goodbye,definitely one of the hardest times of my life.It was a challenge to live without you,I take peace knowing u never will feel pain and I know someday I will see your little sweet face again.RIP angel. 7/28/2023 Hello love,I want you to know how much I love u and miss you everyday.The anniversary of your passing just went by.Its been 5 years I still think of you and truly miss u.I hope there is a heaven,if so I know your there and I want to come someday.Alot has changed midnight,somethings never change.I miss my family but know I don't mean anything to them.Its hard midnight.There has been such a mess.I have a new dog who keeps me going from one day to the next.The girls really grown and Sophia talks about you alot.We all miss u midnight,u always will remain in my heart and soul until we are together again.I heard bad news about Tara,things that finally add up,if shes with u please let her know I'm so sorry,damn it I'm so sorry.Tell Zara I'm sorry to,I hope I'm forgived.I never wanted any of u hurt.It hurts alot.Take care of each other.All my love bestie.Love always..mom 8/20/23 hello my baby,another sleepless night and I'm thinking of you.Midnight please forgive for the way we departed,you didn't deserve it and I feel guilty of it.Im so sorry.I will never ever forget the love and joy u gave me.Biggest heartbreak of having a good dog is knowing you have to say goodbye.You were amazing and mom love you and always will.Im out of that cycle yet they continue to destroy me.God I miss you.Mom know has another baby,her name is Roxie Joy,because she is the joy of my life (chris Stapleton song) I wish u were here.I will always be guilty,I now know what was going on with,it took a year to realize you were warning me of the hell we walked into.They are so destructive midnight.Im a shell,I can't remember me before the pain.Trama changes you.I know I will never be the person they are..Sophia misses and talks about you alot.She has a good heart and it's a shame to deprive a child and destroy her childhood,I will do my best to protect her from any pain,I love her and Charlie so much if I have to walk away from it I will,because I love them enough to do that if it protects them from being brainwashed .whatever it takes.Its so sad they can't think past themselves,to understand they are depriving them of their childhood.I watched the damage it did to Breanna.I was left picking up the peices.,I have felt the pain of growing up missing out.Every child deserves a grandchild and to deprive a child of that is so abusive to that,they are messing up her head,we live in a very sick world,God gives us family for a reason,Pitting a child against their own daughter and granddaughter.Theres enough room in that childs heart to love everyone and she deserves that.What a shame midnight.Somethings never change.When she gets older maybe she will understand that her nana is protecting her from the pain.Its 2am.so I will try to sleep sweetheart,this keeps me up and so is so hurtful.please give mom the strength to continue to go on each day..i need that desperately..I'm finding it more and more difficult to go on..Gaslighting by a covert narcissist will stop at nothing to destroy you..I wished humans loved they way a dog loves you..I guess that's why God named dogs after him,because they are extremely loyal and love you unconditionally.I feel sorry for anyone who has never had a bond with a good dog is completely missing out.You are a very good dog midnight,thank you for loving me! It was love at first sight.Goodnight luv..mom. 11/7/23 Good morning my boy,thinking of you.Im so sorry midnight,my heart will never heal.life is not the same without you.Roxy and mom love u.sending our love.**2/7/24 Hello my baby, thinking of you,I'll never heal from your loss,I miss u beyond words.please forgive me midnight.im so sorry.Everything has changed but my love for u last forever. 2/16/24 good morning midnight.im thinking of you like always,six years have passed and thou with times it helps heal but my love for you is just as much as much as the.i miss you beyond words and live with tremendous guilt of loosing you.ive been no contact with them for 5 years and thou it's incredibly painful,it's something I had to do.i still feel incredibly lost..i love midnight.
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