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Memories of Midnight Son Mo II Love – Gabriel
Sweet Gabby you came home on Halloween twelve and a half years ago, a three and a half hour drive in the car from Upstate NY, and I knew then you were going to be the best baby ever, you slept in my lap the entire ride home, not a peep out of you. Right now there are no words that can come close to the pain your Daddy and I are going through with your loss. We loved you so much and it's so hard not to see your beautiful face smiling at us when we walk into a room. When you lost use of your back legs last year we didn't care, you were still happy and healthy, we got you walking again and we were so proud of you at how hard you worked with us, never complaining when we would make you get up and move. You were doing so well until this past January. Again, we didn't care that a lot of the time we were carrying you, you're our baby and that's what parents do, take care of their children. Your last two days with us took a turn so fast and you left us so quickly. We only hope we did all that we could to make sure you were comfortable, you still looked at us with that beautiful face as if to say thank you. I could write a book about your antics, you were one quirky Collie, I do believe you and Jake are the only two Collies I know that walk backwards, Jake more so then you. Jake's Mommy is so upset about your passing. Daddy and I have been trying to get through this by remembering some of the things you did that made us smile most. I remember when you were very young it didn't take you long to figure out Mommy put on shoes when you needed to go out, soon after you started to bring me one to let me know that's what you wanted, smart boy. Daddy always loved the way you would try to heard him in the backyard when he came back from running. Or when you wanted to come up on the couch to sit with us and Mommy may have been seated over a little too far, you would stand there and look and down where you wanted to sit till I moved. Such a loving sweet boy, full of kisses and hugs, always loved when that paw would wrap around one of our legs as if to hug us. And giving Daddy the high five before he asked for it when it was cookie time. Right now our thoughts are spinning, I know once we settle some I can really get going here. Gabby, sweet angel, please know you are loved, you will always be loved, you will never be forgotten, you are forever in our hearts, and we never ever let you go. By now you have found your big brother sweet Morgan and his buddy Max, stay close by them. Max is Jake's big brother. We LOVE YOU Angel Baby. We have been truly blessed to have had such wonderful boys in our lives. Hi Gabby, Mommy just needed to stop and say hello, today is a very sad day, it marks 13 years that Morgan left us, and 6 mos for you, funny how both my boys left us on the 16th day of the month. We miss you so much sweetheart, it's so hard not having you here. We are trying to get the word out on Canine ALS. I know you have found Andrew by now, he's a sweet boy, like you he passed from Canine ALS, his Mommy is your Mommy's doctor. Andrew makes the 5th precious Collie to pass from this disease that we know of personally. Knowing you are with Morgan is some comfort, but not much. I told Mo earlier to make new friends each and every day, have fun, please watch out for one another, we want you to do he same. Know you are loved, no one can ever make us stop loving the two of you. My sweet Little Nugget, our Angel Baby, you are forever in our hearts and that is where you will forever be, we will love you forever and a day...

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