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Memories of Midnight Son Mo II Love – Gabriel
Sweet Gabby, you came home on Halloween twelve and a half years ago, an almost four hour drive in the car from Upstate NY, and I knew then you were going to be the best baby ever, you slept in my lap the entire ride home, not a peep out of you. Right now there are no words that can come close to the pain your Daddy and I are going through with your loss. We loved you so much and it's so hard not to see your beautiful face smiling at us when we walk into a room. When you lost use of your back legs last year we didn't care, you were still happy and healthy, we got you walking again and we were so proud of you at how hard you worked with us, never complaining when we would make you get up and move. You were doing so well until this past January. Again, we didn't care that a lot of the time we were carrying you, you're our baby and that's what parents do, take care of their children. Your last two days with us took a turn so fast and you left us so quickly. We only hope we did all that we could to make sure you were comfortable, you still looked at us with that beautiful face as if to say thank you. I could write a book about your antics, you were one quirky Collie, I do believe you and Jake are the only two Collies I know that walk backwards, Jake more so then you. Jake's Mommy is so upset about your passing. Daddy and I have been trying to get through this by remembering some of the things you did that made us smile most. I remember when you were very young it didn't take you long to figure out Mommy put on shoes when you needed to go out, soon after you started to bring me one to let me know that's what you wanted, smart boy. Daddy always loved the way you would try to heard him in the backyard when he came back from running. Or when you wanted to come up on the couch to sit with us and Mommy may have been seated over a little too far, you would stand there and look and down where you wanted to sit till I moved. Such a loving sweet boy, full of kisses and hugs, always loved when that paw would wrap around one of our legs as if to hug us. And giving Daddy the high five before he asked for it when it was cookie time. Right now our thoughts are spinning, I know once we settle some I can really get going here. Gabby, sweet angel, please know you are loved, you will always be loved, you will never be forgotten, you are forever in our hearts, and we never ever let you go. By now you have found your big brother sweet Morgan and his buddy Max, stay close by them. Max is Jake's big brother. We LOVE YOU Angel Baby. We have been truly blessed to have had such wonderful boys in our lives. Hi Gabby, Mommy just needed to stop and say hello, today is a very sad day, it marks 13 years that Morgan left us, and 6 mos for you, funny how both my boys left us on the 16th day of the month. We miss you so much sweetheart, it's so hard not having you here. We are trying to get the word out on Canine ALS. I know you have found Andrew by now, he's a sweet boy, like you he passed from Canine ALS, his Mommy is your Mommy's doctor. Andrew makes the 5th precious Collie to pass from this disease that we know of personally. Knowing you are with Morgan is some comfort, but not much. I told Mo earlier to make new friends each and every day, have fun, please watch out for one another, we want you to do he same. Know you are loved, no one can ever make us stop loving the two of you. My sweet Little Nugget, our Angel Baby, you are forever in our hearts and that is where you will forever be, we will love you forever and a day...Hello Sweet Little Nugget, it's been one year since you left Daddy and I and the tears are still flowing, at times it's so overwhelming. The last year you were with us was so hands on then to not have you with us is just too much to take in. The bond the three of us have is something that no one will ever be able to take away, it goes beyond this universe. You and Mo have made us better humans, and even though you no longer walk by our sides physically, you are with us each and every day side by side in our hearts and there you will forever be. We have been so blessed to have had such wonderful boys in our lives. If we could go back in time and have a redo with you Gabby, and the end result was the same, we'd to it all over again in a heartbeat. I spoke with your breeder Judie at Clarion, your Daddy Smoke and Mirror's is also at the Bridge, it must be quite the reunion when all you puppies find your families. Your fence buddy Aries is now at the Bridge as well, you know he was the only Pit Bull Mommy wasn't afraid of, his Mommy, Carmen, is still really upset. Sweet Angel Baby, every memory we have of you and Mo creates a new memory, I'm so lost without you here, it's just not fair. I talk to you and Mo all the time, but this huge hole you boys left in my heart will never heal. Jake's Mommy tries to help me all the time, and she does, but her sweet Jake has his issues too, and in return I try to help her. We would go to the moon and back if we knew it would cure you. Know you are loved, that love is forever, we will never ever let you go, you are Forever and Always...Hello Little Nugget, today marks fourteen years that Mo came to the Bridge, I had to stop and see you too. Jake is now with you as well, he's a very sweet boy and I'm sure you and Mo will make sure he's watched over, he too had a rough time of it. His Mommy Lorraine is my dearest friend, she now has a new baby, Jackson. I miss you so much Gabby, Daddy too, as I told Mo, bonds will never be broken, they are forever and always, I will never let you go, You are Forever, You are Always, You are Loved, now and forever and a day...Hello our Little Nugget of Love, it's been 2 years now and it seems like only yesterday that we lost you, my magical Collie boys will always be a part of this family. My precious Gabby you are still with us, you live on in our hearts, you made a huge impact on our lives, we can only hope your life with us was just as special. Not a day goes by that a special memory doesn't pop into our heads and we talk about you, what an amazing kid. We will never ever let you go, no one, no how, no way can ever make us. Just over 5 months ago, the one person, other then your wonderful Daddy who said they would always be there for me no matter what, decided to toss me aside like the rest of the family did, so Mommy being so sad, Daddy started thinking, maybe Mommy needed another furry baby to take care of. We are only in talks right now, seems trying to find another Tri boy isn't so easy. I/we miss you so much, I talk to you and Mo all the time, crazy, maybe, to me, I'm just a Mom like any other speaking to her boys whom she misses and loves so very much. Never ever forget my beautiful sweet Angel, You are Forever, You are Always, You are Loved, You will Forever be Our Always. We Loved you yesterday, we Love you today, we will Love you tomorrow, through all the sorrow, there will be tomorrows, and our Love will be Forever and Always, Forever and a day. Good morning sweetheart, today marks 15 years since Mo left us, so I had to stop and say hello to you as well. We miss you something awful, the two of you were so magical, special. I speak to you all the time, you and Mo were my babies, I love all my boys, but the two of you are so special. We now have a new baby, his name is Noah, he's now 7 mos old and has had some pretty rough patches. I guess we are destined to have babies with needs, that's okay, brings us closer to our boys. Never ever forget how much you are Loved, Forever in our hearts, Forever and a day. We loved you yesterday, we Love you today, we will Love you tomorrow, through all the sorrow, there will be tomorrows, and our Love will be Forever and Always, Forever and a day. Good Morning Our Sweet Beautiful Nugget of Love, oh how we still miss you so much, 3 years have passed and it still seems like it was only yesterday you were in the backyard running and playing before that awful disease took you from us. Little Noah has grown into such a handsome boy, he's a combo of you and Mo, we have been blessed with yet another magical Collie, don't get me wrong, he's still quite the brat right now at one year, more then you or Mo ever were, but he's a sweetheart too. Oh sweet Gabby, I so hope you hear Mommy when she speaks to you, I know some would think I'm crazy, but there have been many times I can feel your presence, even Noah will stop and look up or stare at the wall where your photos are. It makes Mommy smile and feel happy. The tears are still flowing, my heart is still so broken, even with this new bundle of love we have. We have made it quite known Noah was not a replacement, he was an addition to our family, there is no way you or Mo could ever be replaced or should you be. Know you are forever loved, I will never ever let you go, you are forever in our hearts and that is where you will forever be. You may not be here with us physically, but you are always with us in spirit, side by side, day after day, forever and always, forever and a day. Miss you something awful our Little Nugget of Love, always will...Good Morning my precious Little Nugget of Love, I had to stop by and see you as well on Mo's 16th anniversary. Boy oh boy, these tears for the two of you will never stop, I miss you both something awful. As bratty as your new little brother Noah is, he's helping Mommy quite a bit. Know you are loved, the bonds we have will never ever be broken, we love you both beyond the stars, never ever let you go! Good Morning Beautiful Boy, Our Little Nugget of Love, oh how I miss you something awful. Will these tears ever stop? Little Noah may have given your Mama her life back, but the pain of loosing you, crushed your Daddy and I so much, that will take a life time to fade some. There must be something really special about Tri's, Noah got skunked the other night, he like you and Mo, did not provoke Mr Stinky, must be that white mane, I must admit, you may all look like huge skunks in the dark to Mr Stinky. Poor sweet Noah, scared him something awful. I so hope you can you hear me when I talk to you, I know you're still here with us, you and Mo will always be here with us, I love all my boys, but our sweet Collie boys had such a rough time of it, you really took a huge part of us with you. We are in still in a pandemic, more then a year later and still a mess, we now have vaccines in play, but it's still scary out there. How I wish you sweet beautiful creatures could live longer and cures could be found for such ugly diseases like yours, we humans need to have you by our sides, you give us such comfort, especially in times like we have now. Noah has been such a blessing, you would love him. My beautiful boy, don't ever forget how much you are loved, bonds will never be broken, forever in our hearts and there you will forever be, love you so much Sweet Gabby, our Little Nugget of Love, forever and always, till the end of time, till the end of days...Hello my beautiful sweet boy, had to stop by to say hello, it's been 17 years since Mo left my side, coming up on 5 for you, time is flying by so fast, Noah will be 3 soon. I miss you and Mo something awful, Noah has been a blessing, our love for you and Mo will never fade it will only continue to blossom and bloom. Mama's tears still flow, my beautiful boys touched our lives so deeply, only wish we had more time with you. Know you are loved, you will always be loved, till the end of time, till the end of days. Hello My Sweet Nugget of Love, will these tears ever stop, I miss you something awful, you and Mo took so much of Mama with you when you left us. How I wish you could live out your lives along side of us, grow old together, how wonderful that would be. Here we are now into year 3 of the pandemic, things are better with vaccines and boosters, but it's never going to go away, I fear it was engineered to keep breaking off and going on and on. Noah has gotten so big, he's HUGE, just like you and Mo. Mama can still hear you, I close my eyes and I see you, I can even smell your sweet beautiful silky hair, I know that sounds crazy, but I can, you're still here with me, you always will be, all my boys will always be with me, you're family, I'll never let you go. The warmth you fill our hearts with, that love will never fade, the bright light you fill our lives with every day, beautiful blessings they are, they will never dim, so deeply loved, so deeply missed. Know you are so loved, forever and always, till the end of time, till the end of days. Mama is sending you huge hugs, holding you tight just like she always did. I miss you sweet Gabby, Mama's heart is so broken, you never should of had to go through what you did with DM, we need a treatment. Forever and always, you will live on in my heart.Good Morning Our Precious Nugget of Love, Mommy just visited with Mo, so I had to come say hello to you, all my boys, beautiful gifts from God. I miss you something awful Gabby, as I do Mo, Jazzy and Barnee, but the two of you went through so much and took so much of Mommy with you. Know you are so loved, you and all my boys have given me purpose, a reason to be. Noah is so amazing, still a brat going on 4, nothing like you or Mo, who calmed down by this age, he's "special". Never, ever forget how much you are loved, I will never let you go, forever and always, till the end of time, till the end of days. Good Morning Our Sweet Baby, six years have flown by so fast, how can that be? I know you're still here, I can sense it, all my boys are, helping Noah, he's such an amazing boy, just like all of you. Your Mommy has a broken shoulder, it's bad, I just think about all you boys, what you went through, it makes this seem like nothing at all, you're my inspiration to keep moving forward. Your powerhouse, plane chasing little brother, crashed into Mommy and flipped her on her back, the snap was so loud, Noah was so upset. But, Mommy is strong and determined, all will be good again. I so hope you know how much you are loved and can hear me talking to you, my boys are my everything, beautiful gifts from God, so full of kindness and goodness, all of you and your Daddy are what keep Mommy going. The world has gotten so turned upside down, all of you, keep everything right side up. I miss you Sweet Nugget, miss you something awful, the tears still flow, that empty feeling is still there. You will always have a place in Mommy's heart. You are loved forever and always, till the end of time, till the end of days. Good Morning Little Nugget, Mama just visited Mo, so I had to stop by to see you too. I told Mo, our boys have given us a lifetime of love and beautiful moments in time that most will never have. They are etched in our hearts, our minds and our souls, so beautiful. We are so blessed to have all of you. Mamas arm is good, almost completely back to normal. Noah is still chasing planes, hawks and everything else up in the sky. Hasn't gotten the memo yet to slow down at almost 5. Know you are loved Sweet Angel Baby, till the end of time, till the end of days. Good morning our Sweet Nugget, how can it be, 7 years ago you left our side, our world changed, but not before you made an impact so deep on our lives, you made us better humans. Mama still sheds tears for you, my sweet boys have left such beautiful memories that continue to grow that it's so hard not to cry when I think of all the wonderful moments you filled this home with, the pitter patter of four feet truly does make a house a home, there is no greater love then that of a canine. My sweet Gabby you were so gentle and loving, a true Collie through and through, you trusted us so much, the love we shared overflowed our hearts, a feeling many people will never know. Noah has grown into a stunning boy, just like you and Mo, not quite as huge, almost, another treasure, a gem that sparkles and shines like his big brothers. Truly gifts from God, each and every one of you. Never ever forget how much you are loved, our love for you continues to grow each and everyday, this Mama will never let go, Daddy loves you to, but Mama's, we love differently, we never let go. Forever and always till the end of time, till the end of days, we will love you.

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