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Memories of Mickey "Mick"
When I saw Mickey's picture, I just knew he was "my dog." We applied, set everything up and got him from rescue in August 2003. He was so unique looking & had such pretty brown and black coloring,& a splash of white. Dr. Watson said,"You tried to be a dapple, didn't you?"
The journey was tough at first Mick because you were a dump dog with anxiety issues. I'll never forget coming home from work & you had dragged a 25 lb pound bag of Basmati rice into the living room and ripped the bag to shreds and there was rice on the ceiling fan, leather sofa, and more. I found rice for months! . You tore up a lot of things, but Jason, Ryan and I loved you through it.
Mickey, you were the sweetest, funniest, most gentle soul. I will forever miss you "pecking" my leg when you wanted my attention, and your little bouncy front foot jump when it was time to eat. I also loved how you would pick your bowl up and bring it to wherever I might be if I had to step away from you while you were eating.I will also miss you sleeping beside me, and they way your little doggy snoring would lull me to sleep, and how mornings would find you in the bathroom with me while I got ready to start my day. I especially will miss seeing you in the closet, walking around with my clothes hanging across your face and back. You always brightened my days.
When you were diagnosed with congestive heart failure earlier this month, and tried medicine,I was hoping and praying that you would respond favorably and we could have more time together, as I just simply couldn't see my life without you in it. We had loved each other for so many years, and I'm incredibly thankful to you for that. We were forced to give you back to God in an emergency vet visit Monday night. I'm troubled by the fact I may have caused you to suffer, because I wanted Jason to be here when I had to let you go. I know you were trying to be brave for us, and when I told you it was ok if you needed to leave, Jason, Ryan and I still had each other, and that we didn't want to suffer...you began to whine and bark. That will forever haunt my heart. I know letting you go was the right thing to do, but please know it was by far one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. I am so glad Jason and I held you, petted you and talked to you right up until the end. It took a lot of courage for us to do that, but there was no way we were going to let you leave this life without us being there for you. It was the last great act of love we could give you, and the least we could do after all of the love, joy and happiness you have given us for so many years.
I am so thankful we had you for almost 15 of his 17 years, and from that point on, all you knew from the time you were with us until you left us was love. I'm also happy you were with Asa for almost 13 years. You were a wonderful big brother dog to him since we brought him home as a tiny puppy after losing Rusty.
I will be forever grateful for the love you gave us, and for your existence. Because of you my life is fuller, and my heart knew joy. You taught me so much, and you were such a good boy.
My soul is crying and my heart is heavy.
The vet told me you were picked up today, and you will come back to us on Monday. I'm hoping once we pick you up I will start to heal and have closure. Once we lose those we love, we are never quite what we once were.
I'm really glad we have Asa and Maya, although I can see they are grieving. We are helping each other get through this. I never dreamed I would feel this incredibly sad and empty without you, my sweet boy.I knew it would be difficult, but there is no way to prepare for this kind of loss. When I feel like crying, I try to remind myself of all the happiness your brought us, and reflect on our many memories and all the fun we had. The comfort your presence brought me, and that helps me feel better. I know I gave you the best life I was capable of giving. Friends and family members joked that you had a better health care plan than most humans. You were loved, and will forever be in my heart.
I'm praying you & Rusty have found each other, and you both are running and playing. I think you saw Rusty when I told you it's ok if you leave because of your bark.
May God keep you both until I can see you again.
I love you both and miss you greatly.
Thank you for loving us like you did.
Your love is the epitome of unconditional love and I am forever grateful for you.

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