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Memories of Mickey
When we saw your car pull into our drive way, you ran right up our stairs and started to roll around on our carpet. We knew you would make an excellent edition to the family. The cats might not have, but we sure did. Even if you snored, you still were adorable. You had your pillow under the side table. You had your toys there, pick one up and chew on it. You were so cute, and everyone loved you.

You were loved at the office, and the vet techs loved you all. The groomers loved you, even if you were a pain sometimes. When you boarded, I made sure they all gave you daily cuddles. You were so easy to give medicine, even if you got smarter and we had to hide the pills in food. You were a father to our young cats, even if they did not like you too much, but I would see you snuggling with them when I got home from school.

 However, time takes it's toll on everything, and sadly, we had to pass you on.

I feel like it was better then watching you suffer swallow any more pills that you struggled to take.  Our poofy fur child, we will miss you, deeply, I don't know if this scar will ever heal. It was sad watching it happen.

We had to end you, I'm sorry. If love could have saved you, you would have out lasted us. However, you were in pain every day. I wanted to see you go off peacefully. You were becoming blind and deft. You had thyroid problems, heart murmurs and difficulty breathing. We knew it was better then watching you suffer. You were 14, and we adopted you when you were thinking no one else would adopt you. Then you were happy to finally have a forever home, 10 years into your life.

 We hope that you have fun up their on the bridge. Find your pillow and blanket with some older friends you once knew and sit under the trees, sleeping, or playing, or whatever you like to do. Enjoy all the tasty food you couldn't have down here. Enjoy all the sunshine you could ever want. Say hello to Nala, Jingle, Lily, and Rasha for us, and we will be waiting for you, so we may never be separated agian.

With all our hearts, your family. We love you

9/3/18 - Well bud, I go back to school tommarow. Can't say I'm happy about it, especially now because I won't be able to see you cuddling with the cats. *Sigh* it's been a lot quieter without your snoreing. Dad may not have liked it, but I didn't mind. Sometimes I feel like I still see you snuggling under the end table. I've left your pillows there. I made a small place in my room for when your ashes come in. I saved your favorite kong and toy. I have a small vile of hair from when you got your last haircut. I have your collar snapped around my purse, and the tag with your toys. The rest of your toys I donated, i thought the other dogs who don't have homes would like them, hope you don't mind. I still miss you a lot, and every time I hear the song that plays here, it makes me cry. Someone once said "my little dog, a heartbeat at my feet" and now that heart beats no more. I prey that you will enjoy life up there, and rember to come down once and a while to say hello. I miss you a lot. Until next time, bud.

Hey baby, we're having a really bad thunderstorm right now. I rember that we both would be scared, and I would always feel comfortable hugging you, and you were scared also. Now I can't hug you anymore and I'm sad. I still miss you so much. I got a pillow with a picture of you on it, from last Christmas. I cry still for you. I'm still waiting for your ashes to come it. Hopefully they come in soon. How is it up there? Sunny and plesent I hope. Hopefully you have met your friends you have wanted. I really miss you and want to see you once more. Alas, I cannot. I still love you, and always will. Until next time, my furry baby.

Hey my fur baby. I got your ashes. Alli wanted them, so I let her have them in her room. I got a picture though. I have your collar, your favorite toy, your favorite kong, and your name tag. I also have a candle lit for you right now, in hopes you see it from up above, and it sends my preyers and messages to you. I still love you, and I want you to never forget that, my special baby. It rains now, but I know that the candle will send my thoughts to you. I love you my baby, and I hope you have fun. Until next time, my special fur baby.

Hey buddy. I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you in October, it's just whenever I come here, I instantly get the feels. I still love you and miss you. I don't think we told you, but we got an new kitty, a senior black cat who was thrown out for being too old. Poor thing! But everything down here is going ok... mostly. I'm still struggling with school and all, but I wish you could be here so I could snuggle with you when I get home. Oh, the new kitty's name is Jessie, but she doesn't ever want to come out of the basement. But I'm sure slowly and surely she'll warm up. Don't forget buddy, I'm still here. If you want cuddles, you can cuddle with me in my dreams. I'll always love you. Have fun up there, in the fall leaves.
Until next time, my special fur baby.

It's almost Christmas time bud. I sigh, if I knew last Christmas would be your last, I would have given you so much love. I don't think I told you, but we got a new kitty. The new kitty though may have to go. She doesn't like anyone else and is even being mean to me. I think she would do best in a home where she s the only pet. You would always love anyone though. I still wish I could hug you even to this day. I miss you a lot, and I told myself I'll become the best dog groomer there ever was, even if just for you. It may be cold and that cold will chill the hearts of many, but I hope my warmth will keep you warm up there. I love you bud, and I want you back. I'm struggling in school and all, and I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to pass, but I can try. Sigh, some days are days where I can't help but feel sad, no matter what. I really want you agian bud, I want to hug you, one last time. Please Mick, if you can see this, let me hug you one last time. But I need to go now, I have work tommarow morning.. I love you
Until next time, my special fur baby.

Happy New Year Bud. You won't belive what I did for Christmas, I used all my money I got from family to buy stuff for the animal shelter. Over $100 was used. I thought it would be a nice present for those unlucky enough to not have a home. How is it up there? I hope it's nice and plesent, and that the snow doesn't burry you up to your feet like it did down here. Mick, I'm also sad to say Jessie is going to meet you up there soon. She sent mom back to the emergency room and me with severe cat bites. Even the vet didn't think she would ever find a home. But we hope, still with us until perhaps we find a home, but I dought it, she's become more aggressive every day. I think the winter winds have chiller her heart to the point it won't thaw out. I'm sorry to do it to her. So Mickey once she's up there, tell her I'm sorry for me. Anyway I still love you and miss you forever. I want to see you once more, please visit me sometime. I want to feel your warmth on your cold nose. I love you.
Until next time, my special fur baby.

Hey Mickey. So jessie is gone sadly. We thought it would be better to let her find a new home rather then stress her anymore. We don't know if she will find a new home but if she doesn't, tell her I'm sorry that I couldn't keep her. Anyway a huge show storm just passed us. I remember how you would always struggle to get through the tall snow and I would dig out a little spot in the grass for you. Sigh. I miss you buddy. Also mom and dad are going away for their 25th anniversary. I'm happy for them but I get really bad separation anxiety from mom being gone. Yes yes, a teenager having separation anxiety from their mom? Unherd of I know. But now I can no longer hug you for safety. Also mom said we might get another dog in the spring, but no dog will ever live up to your sweet and goofy nature. I love you buddy, I miss you a lot and want to hug you again. Mabey someday we will meet agian. We will both be up there with all the dogs and animals I want to save. One day Mickey, one day.
Until next time, my special fur baby

Hey buddy. Well jessie is up there with you now. She was too aggressive. I think its better for her now, now that she is no longer pained and stressed. Anyway, were getting another dog. I won't forget you and you're still my special fur baby, but I promise I'll take the best care as I can for this one. They won't ever be as good as you, but I'll love them as much as you. Anyway school is still awful, but I think of you to cheer me up.
Until next time my special fur baby

Mickey boy, were getting a new dog tommarow. Her name is Peaches and she's a small Chihuahua mix from the same shelter as you. She's 1 year old but has epilepsy, just like you did so she found the right family for her. Mickey, I don't know if I'll graduate this year. School is really pushing my limits and I'm ready to just give in and drop out. It's too much for me, and I can't stand all the teachers yelling at me. I really wish you were here with me, to hug me but your not so I write this crying. Mickey, always stay with me and have the fun you always wanted.
Until next time my special fur baby

Hiya Mickey, how are you doing? Spring has started down here, but I'm sure where you are it's always spring. Peaches is doing fine, but she's just so hyper and has difficulty paying attention, just like me. I think she chose me, like how you chose me. She wants to be with me and me alone (except when someone has the heating blanket) Mickey... I really am trying to get though school, but its taking my toll on me. Honestly, I don't know what keeps me going and not just dropping out. I feel like I'm wasting more time there then anything. I still miss you a lot, nothing will change that goofy smile and rolls you did. I'm gonna head out for now. Until next time my special fur baby

Hi Mickey, what's up? Peaches is doing good, but I still miss you. You were easy to take care of, and though I love Peaches, I love you more. I have 1 month till I'm out of school. I'm eagerly waiting until then, when my future can finally begin. My future In dogs, like you. I miss you bud, and I want you back, but I think that you being up there rather then down here in pain is better, even if I can't see you. I know your there, I just know it. I love you bud.
Until Next time my special fur baby

It's been a while Mickey, but a lot has happened. I finally graduate tommarow. I'll be done with the shackles that hold me down and keep my creativity and dreams at bay. But its hard to believe. It feels like only yesterday I was still a young child. I don't even feel like I've grown up much, but like it or not we all have to grow and age, you know that better then anyone. I miss you. Peaches is nice and all, but you were calm, easy and always sweet. I'm sure if you saw me now, you would be proud of everything. All the hard work and extra hours I went through to make it here. I love you bud, and I want you back. I cry every time I come here, because I cannot forget the memory of when you left this world. Part of me wants to forget, because it makes me sad, but if I do, I would forget you. Oh, someone's at the door! I love you.
Until next time, my special fur baby

Hi Mickey, it's been a while. I've been busy, as I have now left my job. I was tired of everyone harassing me and making up stories to get me in trouble. So I left, finally away from their hate. I'm about to leave on vacation, but this time, the boarding place will not see you. Of course they have Peaches but you always smiled and were easy. I still miss you, and I'm coming up on your 1 year without us mark. I still cry for you. I miss you too much. I really wish you were still here, I know what I did was right, as I didn't want to see you in pain anymore. Mickey, I love you and always will. I want you to be waiting for me at the bridge for me when my time is up. I love you
Until next time, my special fur baby

1 year ago today you passed across the rainbow bridge. I still love you even now. I got back from vacation with a freezer full of fish. I know you loved fish, but I can't cook any for you sadly. I love you Mickey. Never forget
Until next time my special fur baby

Far too long has time been buddy. 2020 was one of the worst years ever, but without you made it harder. I miss you Mick... I still love you. You still inspire me to be a dog groomer and I will never forget that. Thank you buddy. I love you.

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