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Memories of Mickey
I said goodbye and put to rest my sweet senior pal, Mickey. He was surrounded with love and kisses as he made his transition, peacefully. Mickey was my constant companion for almost 18 years. I like to think he's even closer to me now in spirit. While I'm feeling deeply sad, I am relieved he's no longer in any pain.

I found The Mickster on a drizzly spring afternoon in 2000 on in Nashville, TN. I was driving home after working a busy Friday. I was exhausted and missed my usual turn onto the interstate and decided to take the long way home. As I approach almost the top of a hill, there Mickey was, hobbling across in front of my car. I scooped up his soggy self and took him home. When I discovered the extent of his condition, I rushed him over to an animal hospital.

Mickey had severe injuries from abuse and neglect, and was a complete mess. His scrotum had a small hole and he had straight-edged burns on his underside. The vet told me he thought Mickey was around 2 years and recommended waiting 5 days to do any surgery as didn't think Mickey would survive it. I was instructed to give him warm baths, twice a day, to clean the open wounds. He didn't urinate or defecate for 3 days. Talk about trauma! Whoosh. It was a long recovery but Mickey eventually blossomed into the animated, protective and feisty fur friend I came to appreciate and adore.

As Divine order would have it, Mickey and I rescued each other. I instantly wanted to care for and about him. I needed to nurse Mickey back to health. Our bond developed from having shared a similar history of being poorly treated in the beginning years of life.

I came to love and learn about Mickey's determined, 10 lbs of bossy terrier personality. He trusted children but NOT other dogs, unless with proper and slow introduction of course. He was an avid snuggle bug. (How the hell does someone so small dominate all the space on a bed?!) He was obsessed with fetching and returning a tennis ball. When he escaped out of the yard, the best way to get him to return was to start my Ford Explorer and yell, "M-i-c-k-e-y, wanna go for a ride?!!" and there he'd come, charging home and jump right up into the front seat.

I'm so glad I always told him "You are the best dog ever! You're my babydog." because it helps to think he still knows it. I feel honored and grateful that Mickey and I found each other, and shared so many years of life, together. My handsome boy was a forgiver, a defender, a lover. A special, "Thank you!" to all of Mickey's former housemates, caregivers, friends and family members who looked in on, asked about, and helped raise him. I'm grateful for the kindness and attention you gave, especially during his golden years.

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