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Memories of Mickey Lerma
You used to shuffle your hind legs then lift up your front legs like a pony when you wanted to play. You loved ice cream...and when you were done, you would rub your face against the blanket or comforter from the sugar rush. You loved your dad. He was the only one you would do the "pony" for. You were always excited to see grandpa, loved when he picked you up and sat you on his lap or next to him. You loved your mom. You loved when she gave you treats or made you a sandwich. You allowed her to cradle you in her arms and stroke your chest all the way down to your tummy. You would get so relaxed and fall asleep in her arms. We both loved your bark and playfulness. We loved that when we pet you, you would lick our hand. We loved that little whimper you gave us when you wanted attention or for us to pick you up and that little growl when one of the other pets accidently stepped on or got too close to you when you were sleeping.

You were found rummaging for food at a McDonald's (hence your name Mickey). You were the most gentle, happy, loving and sweetest pet we've ever had. Maybe you thought we saved you, but adding you to our family was the best thing that happened to us.

Your mom and dad are heartbroken. When you left us, you took a part of our heart that can never be replaced.

8/23/17- Thank you to all those who have visited Mickey's memorial residency and signed her guest book. Your kind words during this time means more than Cindy and I can express.

8/24/17- It's been two weeks since we lost you. We hope you are happy and running with new friends you've met along the way and doing the "pony" for them...well, until you can do it for dad when you see each other again. Just know that mom and dad miss you SO SO much. There hasn't been a day where we haven't thought about you or hoped, by some miracle, you could come back to us. We'd give anything to hold, kiss and love on you.

8/31/17- It's now been 3 weeks since we lost you. 504 total hours. It seems SO much longer. Some days are good, while others are difficult as we try to adjust to life without you. We think of you often and there are times when we think we hear or see you. Sometimes we call out your name. Sometimes we look for 3 dogs only to realize that you're no longer here. We have kept your blankets in the same spot they were in the last time you laid/ sat on them. Up until yesterday, none of the pets disturbed this spot. Perhaps you sent a message to Wally that it was finally OK cause he was laying on them.

Our sweet baby girl. We pray that you are happy, running, meeting new friends and making others happy just like you did us. We miss you so so much, we love you and wish you could be here with us, but God needed you in heaven more than he did on earth. XOXOXO

9/7/17- 4 LONG weeks since you left us. It seems so much longer than that.

Mom and dad are slowing doing better, but we still miss not having you with us. Dad still wrestles with the decision we had to make that awful day and is tortured by it. Still, we loved you far too much to allow you to suffer so we held and kissed you and said good-bye as you slowly passed from this existence and crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Most times, we now reflect on the happy memories of your life, especially when you would peer around the corner in the kitchen to see what we were doing (probably hoping you would get a snack or doggie treat) or when you would climb the "doggie" stairs to get on the bed and ottoman. There are so many happy times that we reflect on; but at night when it's quiet, we know you're no longer here with us and it weighs heavily on our hearts.

Mom and dad want you to have fun and continue meeting and making new friends while you wait for us. Just never forget that we love you with all our hearts and miss you so so much.

9/14/17- Hi sweet little Mickey. Five long weeks and while the pain isn't as intense as it was in the beginning, it still there as well as the longing for you to be with us. Sometimes we think we hear you...that little snort of yours you used to make when you walked into the room. When that happens, we get sad because we know we it's in our minds and know we won't see you. Today, we saw a video of a little chihuahua who was playing with their owner. His actions were so similar to yours that my eyes watered, again, because of how much we want you here with us. Mom and dad miss you and hope you are at peace now. Just know we look forward to the day when we get to see you again. Missing you always! XOXOXO

9/21/17- Hello sweet baby girl. It's been six weeks now and we still haven't gotten used to it...especially when we look at your photos on this memorial as well as others we have in our library. Many times, we feel as though you're in the other room or will be climbing the doggie stairs to join us in bed or on the sofa. Sadly reality hits and we realize it won't happen. :(

You may be physically gone but you continue to live on in both mom and dad's heart and soul. We sometimes find ourselves calling out your name when we're feeding both Shorty and Speedy. We've come to the point where we can talk about you and smile about the many happy memories you gave us. We do tear up, but our focus is on the many happy times we had with you rather than those last days. Your life and spirit left such an indelible impression with so many of our family and friends. Even the tech's and Dr. Darden at the clinic reflect on you and speak of how sweet and wonderful you were.

WERE (sigh).

We hope you're running and playing with your friends and that you're making them all as happy as you did us while we had you. Good night our sweet angel. We love and miss you terribly. Until we meet again. XOXOXO

10/3/17- Hello our sweet angel. We are sorry we didn't visit you the prior week, but sadly, we were attending to your sister Speedy, who transitioned from her life on 10/1/17 and has joined you at Rainbow's Bridge. Please greet her and show her around. Just as you, she is no longer suffering. Where you are now able to run and breathe without any pain, Speedy too is cured from her ailments that she experienced in this world and can now see, hear, walk/ run and bark to her heart's content. Just know that losing you, and now Speedy, has broken our hearts but we are so grateful to God that He sent you both and allowed us to love you for 14 and Speedy for 15 years.

Please help Speedy meet new friends, run & play with each other and look down lovingly on your mom and dad who so long to see, love and hold you both.

10/5/17- Eight weeks that you've been gone. Our sweet angel. We think about you often and how you always made us happy. Our wound from losing you was slowly starting to heal, but then we lost Speedy and now the wound of losing you both has made it so much deeper & wider and will take a long, long time to close. We continually look at your photos and smile. You were such a beautiful girl whose heart was the size of the Grand Canyon. Early in your life, you weren't shown much love. When we got you, your mom and dad were only too happy to give you all our love...and you returned yours unconditionally. We so love and miss you. Please take care of yourself (and of your sister). We wait for the day when we can hold and love on you endlessly.


10/23/17- Hello, our sweet angel. It's been several weeks since we've visited you. We've been taking care of your brother, helping him recover from his injury; but know, we think of you often and miss you terribly. Yesterday, your mom and I were out looking at decorations for Christmas and seeing them reminded us that you will not be here with us. We both teared up because, for the first time in a very long time, it will be our first Christmas without you. You were a blessing from heaven and we haven't gone a day without thanking God for sending you our way. Our selfishness wants you here with us, but we loved you so much we no longer would allow you to suffer; although, our pain seems never ending. We love you, we miss you and long for the day when we see you again. Please keep safe watch over Speedy. XOXOXO

12/28/17- Hello and Merry Christmas sweet angel. It's been over two months that we've visited you. I'm sorry it has been so long, but there are so many things going on with our lives. Just know that you were definitely not far from our hearts and mind. It's still adjustment for us without you. Even though you live everyday in our hearts, we wanted a remembrance of you so we ordered an ornament and attached your dog tag to it so that even though you are no longer with us, you will continue to be part of our Christmas celebration. It does get a little easier and our thoughts are now of the times when you were healthy and happy. Please know that we'll never forget you and we look forward to the day when we get to see you run, jump and do the "pony" for us like you did so many times. Please continue to watch over Speedy. Until we see you again....XOXOXO

10/1/20- Hello my sweet angel. It's been more than 3 years since you left you mom and dad. To this day, we think of you, we miss you and love you. Life does go on, and though it can be painful, your mom and have so many happy memories of you. You were such a blessing in our lives. I hope you and Speedy are playing. You didn't get a chance to meet him, but your brother, Domo, is now there with you. Please be nice with him. Show him around and especially, show him love. Before he came to us, this was something he really never got. I know you're now visiting with Grandpa and Martha who both left in 2018. You used to love your Grandpa and were always anxious to sit on his lap when he visited. Our sweet angel, we promise to visit more often. Just know we love, miss and think of you often!

11/23/20- Hello our angel in heaven. Momma and daddy still then of you often and miss you terribly. I hope you continue making new friends while running and playing at Rainbow's Bridge. I have a favor to ask. Your brother Tom crossed over to Rainbow's Bridge today. Please help him along the way and introduce him to your friends. Just as you, he is now cured for the ailments that afflicted him here on earth. Since you've been gone, days have become more manageable and we are comforted in knowing that one day we all will be together. Until that day, mom and dad send you our love.

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