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Memories of Mickey
Our Mickey was a loving,protective,funny,mischevious and affectionate puppy. He came into our life in April of 2010. He had brought so much joy into our household at a time of sad changes in our life. Our dog, Mindy after 15 years had to be put down and then my husband, Charlie started to decline. Charlie would love to hold Mickey in his lap on the front porch waiting for me to come home, attend training classes with us and go to the beach. It was a fun time to see this little furball play, jump around and be inquisitive. Whenever I would hug Mickey, he would do this funny little dog sigh and then lick me. After Charlie passed Mickey became my constant companion listening to me cry, sometimes licking the tears off my face and then run around to make me laugh or bring me one of his toys. He was my traveling buddy and he loved to sit up in the SUV looking out the window. When we would reach our destination, he wanted out and to explore. He was my guard dog letting me know when someone was coming or if there was something not quite right. He loved our walks on the beach or anywhere. He just loved to explore. He loved people and always wanted to be the center of attention. When I was gardening he would take off with one of my gloves, toss it up in the air and run around. Crazy puppy! Or he would dig along side of me when gardening. He so enjoyed being brushed and going to the groomers. Mickey probably was one dog that I had the closest relantionship with in my life. Then in June of 2016, he was diagnosed with Canine lymphoma. I was angry and shocked about this happening to my Mickey who was only six years old. He was such an important part of our family and this should not be happening to this wonderful dog. I placed Mickey on Pallative care since I was advised by his Vet that Chemo would only put it in remission for a short time. I did not want my Mickey to suffer and placed him on steroids. He did well and was able to travel with us to our Beach trips to Waldport and Gold Beach. I could see that he no longer was interested in playing or walking to much. His breathing became more difficult and then he had gotten worse. I took to the Vet on Sept. 7, hoping in my heart that there was something he could do, but it was time. This is the first time that I personally had to make the decision alone. The only thing I can say is that I was so glad that I could be with him up until the very end when he drew his final breath. It was one of the most difficult things I had ever done. It is so painful because I miss him so much that wonderful dog!!!!

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