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Memories of Mickey
July 2, 2011
Hello, my Mickey Moo. We miss you sooo very, very much, just can't explain it. You leaving us was so sudden and unexpected and such a shock, can't beleive it, it seems like a bad, bad dream we we will wake up from soon. We do know that you are now with your beloved companion Hollie and she will take good care of you just like she did here. You guys can hunt all the squirrels you want to there.
I miss you so much, it's just lonely without you cause you were everywhere I was. Just remember that we love you and will see you soon. I think you don't have to look for me anymore, surely you can see me all the time now fron Rainbow Bridge. Got to go and try and collect some thoughts.

Your loving family
July 20, 2011
Hey my Sweet Boy. We hope you are having a good time with Hollie and Bandit. We miss you more than we can tell you, everytime I come home I expect to see your face thru the glass at the back door. You were always there to greet me. Beanie is really trying to fill the emptiness and having her here does help but it's still lonely for me without you. I do feel you are here with me, I just can't hold or touch you and that's hard to deal with. In the mornings when I wake up I expect you to be ther beside me and rub your nose on the bed and do your rolling and all that. It's just lonely for me.
We are thankful for being able to spend that last Saturday with you, we had a good time eating Cheetos and Pork Skins, Dad fed you the pork skins, and I the cheetos. We took you in to Home Depot and you went flower shopping with me, you were soo good.
I'm sorry they had to work on your eye that day but we were just trying to make it so it wouldn't get worse and hurt you. Only the best for my Mickey Moo, Dad said.
I could go on and on about our memories but I'll save some for another time.
We love you very, very much and miss you that much also. Looking forward to seeing you. Tell Miss Hollie hello and give her kisses for us.
Mom, Dad, Beanie & Sugar
August 14,2011
Ginny placed your picture on your stone and it is beautiful! I showed it to Dad and he cried along with me,we just miss you soo much. We know you are an angel like Hollie and Bandit and all the other babies who are waiting for their humans to arrive. Beanie did a funny thing today. She brought the empty bird nest and torn it apart on Dad's bed, but I didn't fuss at her cause I've learned that we don't know how long our beloved babies will be here with us. I really did miss you this week cause Dad was in the hospital for two nites and I wished you were her with me. Some people may think that writing this is strange but it helps me to cope with losing you and somehow I feel conected to you still. I know you are right here in my heart always. Give Hollie and Bandit a kiss from us. Know that we will forever love you.
Mom And Dad

December 25, 2011
Our Dearest Mickey Moo,
Well our first xmas without you has come and gone. Thought of you thru it all. Missed you terribly!! I joked to Dad that I could put the presents under the tree early but I would gladly give that up if you could just be her with us again. I know you are watching over us and keeping us safe. I hope you and Hollie had a nice xmas, we'll all be together again and will be whole. I feel like a huge part of me is gone, I miss you so much!!!! But I know that you can see me now all the time and you don't have to look for me all the time. I can almost feel your presence sometimes.I love you sooo much!!
Love You,
Mom and Dad

Dec 26,2012
Merry Xmas our precious Mickey Moo,
Miss you something fierce!! Another Xmas without you, but we take comfort that you are happy and well at Rainbow Bridge and with your beloved friend Hollie. Hope you guys are finding a lot of squirrels to chase and bark at. I can still picture yall running out the doggie door and jumping and barking under the trees. Every morning when I see the sunrise I think of you, and miss you terribly!! I miss you coming to find me and looking into those big doxie eyes. I wish I would have had the chance to say goodbye to you but I suppose it wasn't meant to be. We want to thank you for all the memories you gave us while you were here. Miss you sooo much. Give Hollie and big lick for us, we miss her also.
Love Ya,
Your Family

Jan 11,2014
Good Morning My Sweet Boy,
Sorry I haven't written to you lately but you are always on my mind. Every morning I stand at the window and watch the sunrise and tell you good morning. It's just something about the sunrise that tells me you are safe at Rainbow Bridge and waiting for me. Miss you more than you know. I can still hear and see you running down the hall to find me. Dad said you ran EVERYWHERE and you did. Once you found me you were good. I wish I would have had the chance to tell you goodbye and how much I love you but I suppose it was not meant to be. Beanie misses you chasing squirrels with her, she hunts some but not a lot. We have all the wonderful memories of you and I guess that will just have to do until we see you again. I am looking forward to that wonderful moment when I see you again!!!
Love You Soooo Much
Your Family

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