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Memories of Mickey Clark Myers
Mickey loved everyone and, if you had bare feet all the better. He was Nicole's Heart for 10 Years from when he was 5 weeks old and entered Ron's in September 2007. He loved to play with his squeaky toys. He gave kisses freely and was never a dog to harm anyone. Mickey became suddenly ill on March 18th and by 1pm the next day we knew with our hearts breaking that we had to let him go to where all the loved pets go to be free and play together.
Mickey we will miss you always and Mommy will hold you in her heart and will see you again one day.

Mickey is now home with us and has his place on the mantle beside his baby picture.
Mickey was born Jan 3rd-1999 and passed away yesterday at 2pm, March 19-2009.
He was my baby, my constant, the 1 being in my life who never hurt me, lied to me or wished me harm. 2 years ago he was Diagnosed with Cushings which turned into Addisons Crisis in January but was under control. He took Lysodren for this. He had a heart murmur and took pills for that. He had arthritis in his left rear but would play like a puppy. He had many surgeries in his life and came out of them kissing my nose as though to say "Mom it isn't your fault" when I was blaming myself.
About 3 weeks ago he started walking into walls and furniture. Wednesday night he was walking into corners and just standing there crying. He walked beside a chair 2 times and just stood there crying, as though he had no idea how to find his way from them. That morning he had a seizure for the first time in his life. When I got home from work my boyfriend was on the floor beside him as he had another one. At 7pm the evening he had a 3rd and terrible one. We rushed him to the animal hospital. He spent the night hooked up to IV's while they took x-rays trying to determine if the Cushings, Addison or his heart was causing the problem. His blood sugars were low and never came up. I spoke to the Dr at 9:30am March 19th and said I would be there at lunch. By 11am I could take no more. I explained to my bosses what was happening and told them if the worse came to be they would not see me until Monday. Ron showed up just before lunch. We sat with Mickey. He "vocalized" a lot. We cried a lot. We knew then that Mickey was not going to get better. The vet had let us know that he had had a total of 11 seizures from the time we brought him in until 7am when they gave him phenobarbital. This meant an existence of seizures and injections of Valium but, what would we do while at work. I met Ron in September of 2007 and he loved Mickey as much as me. We had made a promise to us and to Mickey that he would never be allowed to suffer. But knowing that and doing it are so hard.
We had almost an hour with Mickey when he started to become distraught. Ron tapped on the door for the Dr and she came in. We told her that as much as it broke our hearts we could not watch Mickey suffer. She fully understood and told us not to ever feel badly about our choice. She came back in and as we held Mickey and stroked him..I hummed to him in his ear and told him I loved him. He made a small noise and the the Dr listened for a heartbeat and said "He is gone". I cried harder. We were left alone with him and 30 minutes later swaddled him in the soft towel they had given us and knocked on the door again.
I asked for some of his curls which were put into a small bag. They now sit in the china cabinet.

Mickey Arthur Clark Myers was a tiny little Shiatzu who grew to be 28 pounds of fluffy love. My heart is broken. I sleep with 1 of his stuffed toys, and I will love him forever and one day he Ron and I will play together in the Summer sun just like we planned to this Summer.


I called the funeral home last night out of the blue. The hospital had told us it would take up to a week to get Mickeys ashes and urn. The man called me back this morning and told me he was just about to place Mickey in the (cannot bring myself to type it). I called back 2 hours later and he said that we could pick Mickey up in an hour. I was so happy yet so scared and so sad. I had not gone out since Mickey died. We went to the car , me holding Mickey's Pooh Bear blankie and we drove to Loving Pets Funeral Home. Mickey is now home with us and we don't have to wait the extra days. Ron and I stood in the house holding the small urn both crying so hard. My little chubby piggie weighs less then a pound now and that hit me hard. March is hard. the 8th would have been my brother's 51st b-day....the 14th was the 5th anniversary of my beloved step-dad's passing and the 19th Mickey went to the rainbow. My happy spot is the 24th...my daughter's 34th b-day.
Mickey is gone and I have a hole in me that the tears do not fill fast enough. Who will be there when I come home from work. Who will need to be lifted up and down the stairs because his arthritis makes it too difficult. Who will snuggle up next to me only wanting his tummy rubbed and his ears scratched? I feel so lonely.

Tomorrow is April 19th and will be 1 month since I held my baby as he left us. I stood outside last night in the warm breeze on the deck and wept. All we had wanted was for Mickey to get through the Summer...the 1st one out of the condo and into a new home with a yard for him to play in and run around or lay in the sun. I cried for the fact that he will never be able to do that now. I cried because my heart is still so broken over the loss of him. I still remember how his paws felt when I would rub them. I have every touch memorized. I miss you baby boy.

It is September 19-2009 @12:13am and I am sitting here thinking about how it has been 6 months since today that my best friend, my constant companion and the 1 beating heart in the world who loved me no matter what, passed on in my arms.
Since that time I have lost my Father (June 3rd-2009) as well and have had no chance for a grieving process due to not even knowing if he is buried or not. My family has fallen apart..my family I grew up with.
On July 1st my ex husband's brother....my Children's Uncle was murdered downtown after the Canada Day celebrations. My kids went through a terrible amount of heartache in less then a month. 6 months...3 deaths. I miss my Dad. I miss Mickey and his joy at seeing me. I just miss him so much.


9 months and 2 days and I still weep over my sweet fur baby. We have 2 little Yorkies in the house and once in awhile they will do something Mickey used to do. Maybe only once but they do it. Maybe never again but once in awhile. An action, an expression. One day Tigger suddenly did something he had never done before but that Mickey did all the time. He is here in spirit and I know that. He watches the puppies and I know that too. I was worried at first when we got them. It took me quite sometime to warm up to them but at 3.5 and 5 pounds they are simply too small to not love. There is no dog in the world who could or will ever replace Mickey and I will forever ache over him. Tigger and Bailey give it their best with lots of kisses and piddle spots on the floor. That is something Mickey did not do....lol. Hopefully he will soon tell them enough is enough...time to pee outside.
Mickey, you are and always will be my heart and I can still close my eyes and feel your paws, your face and how you used to fall asleep against my neck and snore. I love you.

March 19-2010
1 Year ago today shortly after 1pm the best fur baby I ever had in my life left my world. I think of him every single day. This is going to be a very difficult day in what has been a very difficult last 4 weeks. I still have his 2 favorite elephant toys on the mantle next to his urn. Also his 3 other favorite toys in the slats of our headboard. What is funny is that Tigger and Bailey never try to take those toys when they so easily could. They are on the bed each night and cuddle up to us to sleep. They sniff them once in awhile but never touch them. Almost like they know that those 3 toys are very special.
1 whole year but it feels like yesterday. I know I will cry because I loved and love him so. His picture is on my desk next to the pups and will remain there.

Mickey, you were without a doubt, the sweetest, most loving pet. You were more than a dog. You were my furry rock. You always knew when I was down and would nuzzle me and play till I felt better. I am just so endlessly sorry that you were so ill at the end and I did not know it.

One day you, Ron, myself, Tigger, Bailey SAJe and Newfie will all be together again and we will never be apart....ever.

2 years ago today I made the hardest choice I had to at that point make about my Mickey. I let him go. I let him have peace and no more pain. I chose for him to be running free while my heart broke. I sit here still in tears. 2 years and my hurt has still not stopped. I will love you forever my sweet boy. You were the one that was with me through everything. You helped me when I was hurting and I knew I had to help you be free of your hurt. I miss you.
4 years have now passed and I still ache over the loss of you. You would like Tigger, Bailry and Holly but none of them will ever replace how special as you were. You sister Abby is there with you now and, I hope you have found each other. I still keep you on my nightstand. I will never stop loving or missing you. Mickey, you were the exactly what a fur baby should be. You were and are still perfect. I miss you so much my Baby. Ilove you. Mommy.

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