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Memories of Michelle Lagamorph
You stole my heart the day, May 7, 2000, we met. I rreceived a call from the MO STL HRS shelter, a rabbit was at the local humane society. They wanted to put her down because of "frozen hip". I said, I want her! I called the humane society to make sure, it wasn't going to happen. Finally, the chapter manager met me there. Michelle (named in the care of the Arch Angel Michael) and under his care, came home to me. Then came the initial vet visit with Dr. Chris Moritz of Creve Coure Animal Hospital. "No, the hip wasn't frozen." Most likely bruised spine. *sigh of relief* Then came the discovery of a small mass in abdomen, possibly she was pregnent. "No! My heart screamed." She needs the energy and no additional weight. I prayed it be reassimulated. My prayer was granted.

Michelle came home with me. I immediately put her in a (what I thought) quiet secure place. And blocked it from any disturbance with a door lying on it's side. She jumped over it and followed me around. *sigh* That 1st night, she slept in a large dog crate at the end of my bed so she was able to see me.

Michelle loved her greens, especially basil, oregonano, etc. Yes, parsley and lettuce.

Michelle was the pampered one. After the first night, she never spent another day in any type of crate, only enclosure was a pen. She was the cleanest bun. She never . . . peed outside her litter box.

On Dec. 30, 2011, she was peeing all over. But it wasn't pee, there was no color to it. I knew then Dr. Chris Moritz diagnosis was coming. Her kidneys were failing. Jan. 1, 2012, I came in from outside into the apartment. I smelled an odor. I looked in her pen. "water spots" The night of Jan. 1, I laid her on my chest, she was a limp body, like a rag doll. I prayed then I would be able to find a vet open on the Monday, Jan 2, 2012 "New Years" holiday.

It was at around 11:30 AM, in a beautiful room at 4 Paws Veterinary Hospital, she was sent here to the bridge.

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