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Memories of Michael
Michael aka Mikey, talker, smoocher, pest, pushy, big mouth, pukey boy and red kitty boy joined the household with Padraig at just six weeks of age. They came home to Diarmid (Wesite, then 10) and Alexander (Westie, then 2) and immediately he took to Alexander and Padraig to Diarmid.

He was born on March 12, 2001 and when he and his siblings were about 10 days old someone dropped them off off at the A.P.L. (that's Animal Protective League). Since they were so little they were sent home with a volunteer to be fostered until were old enough to be brought back. He came back to the A.P.L. on April 27th and the morning of April 28th was neutered and a couple of hours later was placed in the cage for adoption. A woman I knew had rescued a pregnant cat and I was going to take two boys. When she finally had the kittens there was only one boy, Padraig,in the litter of six, so when he was six weeks old picked him up and off we went to the APL to get him a brother. Michael was sleepy an quiet and seemed perfect for Padraig so I signed the papers and took them both home.

When I got home I placed the carrier on the floor and Diarmid and Alexander stared for awhile. When I opened the door Diarmid gave them one big "gruff" and from them on they were all the best of friends. I had a 4-1/2' tall cat pen with shelves, slides and litter box for when they were first home for during the day. Michael lead the way and Padraig followed always getting into all kinds of kitty trouble. Michael was 5 days older than Padraig so the ring leader.

That quiet boy I saw in the kennel at the APL was gone within 2 days. He was very talkative and VERY loud. Could always tell which cat was talking by the sound. Michael always sounded like he was saying MOOOOOM!!! My little Tux loved laps, attention, laying on my head at night and had a motorboat purr.

Michael was forever eating the dogs food. Some days I swear he didn't realize he was a cat. Like Padraig he loved to lay under the Christmas tree and stare up at the lights. Was lucky that he never touched any ornaments or tried to climb.

The animals were well matched. The two Westies and the two cats were he same height and length and actually the lightest of them was Alexander who was small for a male Westie. That was Michael's buddy and he followed him everywhere. At night he would lay half on my pillow and half on my hand and one of his paws always had to be touching Alexander.

Michael would crawl up in your lap and sit for hours on end and don't ever even think about trying to get up until he was ready. He was a people cat and believe every person who walked in the door was there to pay attention solely to him - just ask!

When he was 15 he was diagnosed with a mild kidney disease which never got any worse the rest of his days. Other than than that he was always healthy. About 4 months before he passed he started loosing weight and was tired a lot. Had him checked and no labs were different, he was just getting older.

He was active and two days before he passed he suddenly decided he would not eat or drink and in 2 days he dropped over a pound of weight. For most of his life he was about 14#. By age 15 he had dropped to 11#. Four months prior to his death he had dropped to 9# and once he didn't want to eat weight dropped fast. He spent his last two days wrapped in a blanket on my desk while I worked (was working from home at the time) or in my arm or lap. I talked to my vet and I didn't want to drive him there as he hated car rides so she suggested "A Gentle Farewell". I contacted them and this wonderful vet who specializes in hospice and palliative care came to the home that day as I said I didn't think he would last much longer. While wrapped in the blanket in my arms she gave him the relaxation medication which immediately took him to barely a heart beat so took only a small shot for him to be gone. She gently wrapped him in a plaid blanket with his head out and placed him in a lovely basket. Then she set the basket on the floor so that Hamish & Dugall (his current Westie brothers) could see him. They each gave him a kiss on his head and then she took him for cremation. It was sad but such a great experience to do this at home with his family and brothers around him.

I haven't opened the box that was delivered with his ashes and paw print, haven't had the heart yet. In the spring will busy his ashes with Padraig's (he passed Memorial weekend in 2017) with the newly planted trees in the backyard so they will live on together.

For over 18-1/2 years he was by my side and I do miss him so. He is my last cat as my asthma has worsened and while animals don't bother it, the dust from cat litter does. I've tried clay, walnut, etc. and all the same response. I was lucky with him as he hated litter boxes and used a pee pad in a holding tray to do all his business. Made for easy clean-up these last few years and I know the chances of having a cat like that again is low so he was my 5th and final kitty in the past 41 years. He lived 2nd longest, behind Pooh who was 20.

I know he is flying high at the Rainbow Bridge with all my previous babies that he never knew and those he did - MacGregor, Angus, Ti, Pooh, Maxie, Diarmid, Alexander Padraig and MacTavish. Miss him always.....

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