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Memories of Micah ( pronounced Meeka)
Micah baby, Micah doggers, precious girl, princess, pooch naya, Micahnatia, Little girls and so many more names I call you I miss you so much already. Why did you have to leave me? I am so sorry the heart disease got to you and I would have traded it and gave you my heart in a milisecond. Cody misses you like no one ever. He keeps looking for you and smelling for you. I have some of your hair to help remind me how you feel since you are not with me in body every night. I miss you growling and giving me your little bark when I fall asleep on the couch and you want my attention or for me wake up. I miss seeing your little face when I tell you we are going for a walk and how you tilt your head from side to side becuz you know exactly what I mean or when I ask if you want to go outside or see grandma or the puppies and babys. You knew EXACTLY what I was saying. I am so very grateful you let me be your owner and you picked me out that day I came to get a new puppy. I remember the day your little paw got stung by a bee and then the emergency clinic forgot about us in the room. Then when you bit Andy and Dannin the first week they moved in as if to say "hey this is my house, who are you". You showed them whose boss and boy were you. I miss you terribly. I wish I would have known that last night when I took you to emergency was going to be the last time I ever saw you as I would have not left your side. I thougth you were coming home. I feel horrible that nobody you knew was there with you. Can you ever forgive me. I did look in on you but I didnt want you to see me cuz I didnt want you to be upset I had to leave you there. You looked so freightened and I can only imagine how much you were. I left my jacket there for you so you would know I was there for you. I really thought you were coming home. The call I got at 1:32 am saying you had arrested was a dagger in my heart. I woke up at 1:15 am and I think that was you telling me you were moving on but I dont know for sure. Then within 20 min the call came saying you didnt make it. I knew I should have stayed and not left your side. I thought I was helping you and wouldnt lose you like that. Looking back I am so mad at myself I didnt get you the help earlier in the week but I thought you were doing well until the fight Andy and I had and I cannot help but feel that Saturday night or early sunday morning is what put your little heart over the edge. I am so sorry Micah if I could take it all back I would. I love you so very much and I wish I could make it all go in reverse.
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