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Memories of Mia
Our baby girl came to us as a kitten in October of 2013. She brought more joy to me than life itself. Mia was a purebred Maine Coon and a show breeder happen to have her because she had an 'imperfection'. She was perfect to us. Her comedic ways, her beautiful look, her big loving heart, and her personality were truly amazing. She was with me wherever I went. And when I traveled for work, I would sit in the hotel room just looking at her pictures and video's to make me smile. I couldn't wait to get home to see her. She was the first thing I'd see when I woke and the last thing before going to bed. This is the worst heartbreak I have endured.

We live in a remote area and she loved being outside. Her and our other female cat 5 years older than Mia, Sydney, would pal around together and wait for the birds. They both had their fair share of getting one here and there. Sydney is lost without her little sister. She would clean her ears when she was a baby and they would lay together on the couch. Mia was only 9 when she was taken from us. Started with what we thought was an ear infection and when the MRI results came back stating it was a brain tumor, I sank to the floor and wept. How can my baby girl, the most precious thing to me in my entire life, be taken away from me so soon?

Back to the good memories......
I work from home when I wasn't traveling and she would sit on my laptop, put her face in front of it, jump in front of the camera on zoom calls, take my chair when I got up and was a great co-worker! She always put a smile on my face no matter what was going on with work. I have a cat tree in the office with a bird feeder outside for the 2 kitties to watch.

Mia used to get me up at 3:00 a.m. to eat. I just got used to getting up, feeding them both, and then going back to bed. It drove my husband crazy when I was traveling. Ha! Ha!

My family members all loved her like she was my child - she was my child. I never had any kids and she was my world, taken away too soon. Mia loved sleeping in the sinks on warm days and was always laying in front of the fireplace when it got chilly. My husband loved her too. He would take her out into the garage and she'd pal around with him like a dog. She'd sleep with me every night. She'd lay right on my chest for a bit or get under the covers where I created a tent for her to lay and those are my happiest memories. Sometimes I couldn't wait to go to bed to be with her. I said more than once that I wanted to pass away before she did. I never thought I could bare losing her but I have to move on and live with all of the joy that she gave to me in the past. The memories of my baby girl whom I'd give anything to get her back, one more hug, one more night in bed or watching her do silly things.

When I worked out, she would sit and wait for me to do the floor exercises and lick the salt off of my face. It kind of hurt but I didn't mind because she was next to me. I'll work out again soon I hope. Everything, every where reminds me of her. She ate on the side kitchen counter because I had to feed my 2 girls separately, she used to sleep in the hamper or lay on the small table in the bathroom from time to time, she was always in the office, workout room (where their kitty litter is), my bedroom, the upstairs bathroom where she sat relentlessly watching the tile guy work on the shower. Our landscapers all loved her. She was truly a beautiful cat. She could have been a show cat but she was better off with us, where she could enjoy her life with us and Sydney.

Her favorite toys were a fuzzy cat toy hedgehog where she carried it everywhere. She loved various balls and really enjoyed playing in bags (we had to get big ones) and Chewy boxes. She was so good with kids and had a gentle soul.

I know it will take time to heal and I'll get another kitty one day but right now, every day I wake up and take a huge sigh and know I have to get on with my life. She will forever be in my heart. I'll love you forever baby girl.

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