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Memories of Mia
My baby Mia, I miss you so. Tonight when I got home It was so quiet. I hate coming home from work. There is so much upheaval happening now in my life and I wish you were here because you always calmed me. I hope you are having fun with your Rainboow Bridge friends. When I go to bed it's also a bad time. Remember when you would hae to lie across me? I always let you and when you would lie next to me then, I would read or talk to you. It was so peaceful. Good memories.

8/23/19 - Last night when I made fish for dinner, I thought, this is when you would keep trying to grab the fish from my plate. I would have to scold you. No matter how many times I said, "stop Mia, stop" stop, a word you understood, no.... you could't stand the smell of the fish without having any. LOL. You would keep putting your paw in my dish. I always gave you some fish, the best most expensive fish, but you still wanted mine. My baby, you always made me laugh.

8/28/19 - I'm home. When I come home, it's the worst time. I'll be off work next week, the first time I'll be off work since May, when we spent a month together. Little did I know, you would leave this plane in July. I'll be so lonely without you. I'm so grateful you came to me to be your mommy and to take care of you, and love you for 18 years. It's been a bit over a month, almost two months. Just last night was the first time I had the courage to open the card from Regency Forest, where you were cremated. I can't open your ashes yet. I want to see you, play with you, and have you next to me when we go to sleep.

9/9/19 - I guess I won't be able to ever come home and NOT miss you. I know you are with Hannah but I want you both with me. I did not put up a memorial for Hannah because at the time I had to focus on you and other things in life that were pulling me. I will put up a virtual memorial for her. I read that it helps if you send your furry loves good thoughts and propel love from your heart, that it helps you on the other side. I hope my big love radiation is helping you because I am sending love all the time. But I'm still lonely and sad without you. You saved my life so many times. I guess I'll never be able to open a can of tuna either again without crying. I did the other night because you were not here for me to give you the delicious pieces to lick in the can. And it was the only way I could get you to take your medicine. Tonight is the candle service. I'm crying now so I'll stop writing.

My baby Mia, this is around Thanksgiving and it snowed, 2 Dec. This is the week I'm off from work and this is when we would be snuggling. We would be snuggling on blankets, you with your favorite blanket. I keep holding your blanket and sniffing it. I knew it would be hard living without you but damn, I am in so much pain. I know hhe animal communicator Karen anderson says in her book that our animals want us to be happy. I'm trying. I got your signs. I'm not sure about your jumping on the bed but I think you are. And wow I heard you purring! It woke me up! Thank you for your signs. I love you forever.

8 December - I came home and the apartment is so empty. I just can't get used to coming home and you're not here to greet me and meow your big meow.

Christmas 2019 - my first without you. I purposely didn't write here because I was having a good Christmas with my friends but quietly I kept crying. Into February now and today I looked at so many photos of you on my chest, you hugging my face. I'm in so much pain now. I talk to you all the time. I know you can hear me and I know you are jumping on the bed with me! I'm lying perfectly still and I feel you jump near me, I feel the bed movement like when you were here with me. Photos of you and Hannah together are just making me long for you. I love you and can't wait until I see you again. I'm home alone tonight on a Saturday night. I wish you were here.

You made me laugh so many times. Remember when you jumped into the refrigerator? hahahaha

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