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March 23, 2019

My heart is terribly broken, my body is still numb, momma's grief is deep, and I still cannot believe that you have been gone 8 weeks this week on May 23rd. I am only finding the strength to make your Rainbow Bridge memorial now. Your furry sister, Belle is always sad and depressed too and missed seeing you in the house. Belle sits at your favorite couch looking outside and seem to be waiting for you. She may be thinking that you are just in the hospital and will be coming home home soon. Momma's calling your name is not helping her as much as I try not too. My eyes starts welling with tears which I try to hide each time I hear that instrumental music, Song for Sienna being played, your favorite lullaby when I let you sleep in my arms. I am terribly hurting and badly broken since we said good bye to you on that beautiful, sunny and cool Spring day on that grassy area near the creek behind your hospital. We chose to say good bye to you outdoors rather than a small room inside the hospital.

I am determined to tell your beautiful story but struggling to get started and or even get it completed. You and your sister, Belle came into our lives in a matter of months after losing our first furry baby, Duchess to acute leukemia. Despite chemo and five blood transfusions, we lost her within 5 weeks on March 28, 2006. Our rescue Duchess was just 4 years old. The pain of losing her was intense and I swore not to have another pet in the house ever again. My one and only child, Laura who was in grade school at the time did not allow that. She found and fell in love with 6-month old Tzu we named her Dora Belle. Without realizing that on the day we picked her up, 07/02/06 was actually Duchess' 5th birthday, just 4 months after losing her. In fact I said to her .. that your momma is still grieving the loss of Duchess and it was too soon to have another one. My Laura fell in love with Belle who is a beautiful girl with golden fur and black mask. Belle turned 13 years early this year, on Jan 28th. I also told my daughter that if and when I decide to have another furry baby.. it has to be white and gold just like our Duchess. Three months later, our little white and gold 10 week-old Shih Tzu puppy, who is Belle's half sister joined our family in October '06. My daughter named her Melody for her love of music. Our house was once again alive and filled with many happy moments .. many puppy kisses for over a decade. Our babies birthdays are always a big celebration.

Then in mid October 2017, our little girl Melody now 11 years old had not been playing with her sister and has been sleeping a lot. A trip to her Vet found a deep ulcer on her right eye. We drove out of town for over an hour early the next day to get her to the first eye specialist who had the first available opening. Melody's both eyes were diagnosed with glaucoma. Her right eye ulcer had nicely healed. Applying 7-8 prescription eye drops to both eyes was a challenge. Melody saw her opthalmologist every two weeks where her ocular pressure was monitored. It was during one this visits, that her eye specialist indicated that Melody had a very high fever of 104 not connected to her eyes at the same time she did not have her usual appetite. We were instructed to go to her primary Vet with no delay. Melody's abdominal X-ray laboratory results were not normal. She was immediately transferred and admitted to a VCA Specialty Hospital for more diagnostic tests. I agreed to the emergency surgery where her necrotizing spleen and blood clots were removed. She was admitted to intensive care for a week - on oxygen and tube feeding. She was discharged after a week, her appetite was back and her incision with 19 staples healed well. Melody was diagnosed with chronic (slower cancer growth) lymphocytic leukemia. Her blood lab work was weekly. She was home with a number of medications that her momma kept a chart so I don't miss a dose both for her eyes and system. Her white blood count (WBC) was not high enough to start the chemotherapy. Meanwhile her glaucoma on the right eye worsened, and my little fighter had eye surgery just before Thanksgiving 2017. I did not allow her eye specialist to remove her eye ball as she was still recovering from the abdominal surgery .. her optic nerve was killed instead (almost like a root canal for the eye). Though still having her right eye, that side was now completely blind but my little girl adjusted so well even with just one sight.

We were able to celebrate our Thanksgiving and Christmas 2017, and her sister Belle's birthday on Jan 23rd. Melody's WBC abruptly elevated so she started her first chemotherapy in March 2018. Her oncologist advised that if she responds to chemotherapy, we can still enjoy her for the rest of her life span. Her specialist simply said to us ... enjoy each day that we have with this precious little one. We celebrated her 12th birthday last Aug 18th, 2018. Our little fighter responded to her first chemo drug Chlorambucil so well for almost a year up until the last week of October last year. A new chemo drug was given to her but the drug made her sick. My little Melody was again admitted for a week at VCA hospital exactly one year from her last hospitalization; she did not respond too well on her second chemo drug - giving her fever and no appetite. She was treated with strong antibiotics along with many other drugs. My baby was determined to be well again and was discharged a week later. She spent the most beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018 with her family. And again celebrated her sister Belle's 13th birthday last January. Melody was doing so well! Her oncologist would only say.. enjoy each moment with her; she will let us know when she has enough and giving up. A week after her sister's birthday this past January 2019. She was doing so well with good appetite, making her home cooked meal, her favorite boiled brocolli and chicken breast. She slept a lot. We spent most of the day just cuddling and listening to soft instrumental piano music. Melody was back and admitted to VCA for the third time since she was diagnosed with CLL. She was eating at home, but with low energy..her liver is enlarged due to Prednisone. Everyday with my little girl is a great blessing! I thank God each time she ate her meal.

Melody had her routine eye check up on March 20th to monitor her eye pressure. Little did I know that it was going to be her last. She stopped eating the following day, and slowly giving up. My eyes welling with tears. My baby is giving up her 17 months fight. Leukemia has claimed the life of both of my babies. I am devastated. It is not fair. Why, God? I'm still not over this grief. Belle is always sad and clingy. She always want to be with her Momma. She's missing her sister, I know. Until I see you again little one. I kiss your urn few times a day and talk to you. I'll never have another one like you. I miss you so much it hurts.

I miss feeling you by my feet when during breakfast and dinner times. You'll just sit not begging but in hope that Momma will share with you that chicken or eggs, your favorite. Whenever I was in the kitchen making dinner, you'd be awaken in your sleep for smelling that chicken dish. How do you even know that I was making chicken when you're sleeping? Then you'll start walking slowly toward me almost creeping so as not to wake your sister Belle up. You'll just sit pretty for the longest time. Oh how I miss all this my sweet girl. My Melly, Girl, Peach, Peat, Peating, Scruff, Tinky, Scruffy, Baby... oh your many nicknames but you knew them all. I miss braiding your beautiful and soft long hair.. fixing your top knot with your many beautiful bows.

The day I let you go and set you free was the most painful day. I watched you struggle breathing and that was the sign you gave Momma .. that you're giving up. We listened to our favorite piano instrumental music all night long. I kept crying as I watched you sleep while I held your paw.Tears and more tears.Your one and only human sister, Laura spent the night at our house with her own two rescues, your buddies Scottie and Sophie. I thanked the Good Lord you made it through the night. The following day, your final morning - you had a good helping of your favorite pancake and banana for breakfast. I still gave your morning medicines and eye drops. I didn't want you to have that glaucoma headache. I

I was on the phone with your Vet all morning trying to get someone to come to our house, so that we could say good bye to you, at our house - your home for over 12 years since you came to us as a 10 week old puppy .. for at home euthanasia. I could not find a Vet no one was available that Saturday. I contacted your VCA Hospital and learned that Dr Cullen was working. She was the specialist who first admitted you in November 2017 when you were too sick. Dr Cullen loved you just as much as we did. I requested that she performed an outdoor euthanasia instead of inside the hospital room. Behind the hospital was a beautiful grassy area near the creek. Dr Cullen was so nice to allow us to spend as much time with you. We spread your big blanket on the grass, with your human family - Daddy, big sister Laura, and your furry sister Belle, your furry friends Scottie and Sophie. Momma had your favorite Cake but you didn't care for it anymore. It was a beautiful sunny, and cool Spring day. Daddy took you in his arms and walked along the creek. We took many photos and videos. I hate to let you go.. my heart ached and tears won't stop rolling down my cheeks. This was the most painful act but filled with love for you, my little one. I can't bear to see you suffer any longer. I talked to you one last time and whispered .. "Give Momma a sign when you have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge."
As I carried your lifeless body and Daddy drove away from the hospital to drop-off your big sister Laura, and our other furry babies to our house - we saw the most beautiful prism in the western sky as the sun was setting!That was a sign I asked from you before we said good bye. It was not a rainbow, but may colors of the prism nevertheless! You made it home, Scruff! You crossed the Rainbow Bridge where you will be waiting for Momma when the time comes. I captured this with my camera on my phone, so did your big sister Laura with her phone.

Momma loved you way too much. Thank you for the best 12 1/2 years you gave us. I write this, my eyes welling with tears, as always. Until I see you again, Peach.. and when that happens, we will never part again, I promise you, Little Girl. I feel you in my heart. Play with Duchess and your furry parents, Justice and Cassie.. your furry grandma, Molly. I miss your wet kisses on my face so bad. I find comfort in the thought that you're a happy, healthy and young puppy again! I love and miss you so bad, Scruff 🐾💔😭😢 Momma

June 23, 2019

My Little One: It's hard believe and difficult to accept that we said good bye to you and set you free from your pain and suffering 3 months ago. I am still having a terrible time,so does your sister Belle. She has been clingy to me. She barks and goes upstairs I think looking for you. Belle would spend most of her time on top of the couch over looking the street. She seem to be waiting for you to come home. That was how she was when you were in the hospital, you'd always come home and Belle would be there to welcome you home. Not this time, I told her that you are in heaven, happy and not sick anymore. Of course I don't know if she understood that.

Thank you you visiting Momma in my dreams twice now since you crossed over the Bridge. I talk to you inside that beautiful oak urn. I continue to look up the blue sky on a nice day looking for your face in the clouds. I spotted you once, Sweet Baby. Thank you! I can't help it but cry. I miss you so much. I haven't wash the pillow case you last slept on my bed on your final night. I saw you kissed and licked that pillow on you last night with Momma. So I still have that pillow with me at night. I am still very much broken, and I don't know for how long. I will just take my time however long it takes, my Peach.

Watch over your sister, Belle most of all because she cannot speak to me. I started a routine with her in the morning after her breakfast, I take her for a walk around our culdesac while I push the stroller. And she rides the stroller back to the house. You know she has arthritis. She expects this everyday now after breakfast she knows that she'll be taking a walk outside and ride the stroller after.

It is summer now. In the past, you would be with Momma and your sister, Belle in the patio enjoying the afternoon breeze. We all would be in the backyard watching our trees bear fruits. Late in the summer, we will be all out there to pick our first harvest of peaches, pears, then apples. It's just Belle and Momma sitting in the patio most of the time now. We both miss you so much. Play with all your new friends and family at the Bridge. I will continue to hug you in my heart.

03/23/2019 - 3 months now still 💔😭🐾🐶

When golden eyes no longer glow,
and we both know it's time to go,

Don't look at me with eyes so sad,
but think of better times we had,

When sunlight did upon us shine,
and happy days were yours and mine,

And through the grass we both did run,
and on our backs we felt the sun,

Think not of this dark final hour,
think not of when our lives turned sour,

Think not of hopelessness and pain,
but think of joy and laugh again,

For in that final act of love,
you released me to heaven above,

Where finally from pain I'm free,
where one day you will join with me,

Where together again we will rejoice,
and you and I as with one voice,

Will in perfect harmony sing,
of the joy and pain that love can bring,

And remember me just as I will,
always think of you until,

At last again I see your face,
grieve not, I am in a better place.


My dear Little One,

It's hard to believe that 6 months have passed since we set you free on that cool, sunny and breezy afternoon on the grounds near a creek of the hospital that cared for you for 17 months.
Oh my Peach, Momma is just looking back on how you fought that cruel cancer fiercel; you refused to give up on the over 12 years of beautiful life you shared with us. We miss you so much. I still kiss your urn but try to remember only the happy times. Momma still hangs on the many medicines that i gave you everyday. They are still sitting on our kitchen counter top.. it will be there until I am ready to get rid of them.My Melly, we miss you way too much, girl. You would've been 13 years old last month. We rescued 2 year old Shih Tzu that your Ate named Mia from the shelter. I believe that it was you who sent her into our home. Your big sister Belle has been so sad and always sleeping since we lost you. Mia, somehow filled that big void you left. Our house is happy once again. I still look up on the clouds searching for your face. Please come visit me in my dreams baby, my sweet Piting <3

March 23, 2020

A year had passed just like that. One year ago today about 5 pm on the grassy grounds near the creek behind the hospital that cared for you for 17 months, as the sun was setting on that early sunny and cool day in Spring, we set you free, my baby Melody. Surrounded by your loving and grieving family - Dad, your human sister - Ate Laura, your furry sister, Belle and your furry friends, Scottie and Sophie. Your loving Dr Jennie Cullen who was expecting her first baby the end of March was there holding you your paw lovingly and gently. The mood was somber. I tried to be the strong one holding you in my arms, but can't hold back tears, I let it flow on my cheeks. My emotions were mixed - mourning your loss and happy that your suffering was over. I gave you back to God who created you, who entrusted me to give you a loving home and care for you. I miss you so much, my little Peach.

Your sister Belle also grieved your passing. She's been looking out the window on top of your favorite couch in the living room where the two of you would be sitting crazily barking at the squirrel or bunny when you spot them, or barked at our neighbors and kids playing when you see them. But Belle has been quiet on that couch. I just know that she misses you too. When she saw a neighbor walking their dog, Belle would get up and get all excited. I've been taking her our for a walk or in the stroller because of her arthritis. I've stayed home to be with her as I know she's depressed too.

Your Ate Laura made the most beautiful memorial card that we mailed to our pet-loving friends. They loved it! It helped me with my grief. The following after we lost you, I returned to the hospital to give our baby gift to your vet, Dr Cullen. It was her last day of work, her healthy baby boy was born the following week. We received many sympathy cards from good friends after we lost you. They felt my pain and grief.

On June 29th three months after you've crossed over the rainbow 🌈 Bridge, we rescued a 2-year old Shih Tzu from a shelter. I cannot bear to your sister, Belle always so sad. We learned that she came from a bad situation. Your Ate Laura named her Mia. Getting Mia to keep Belle company was the best decision ever. Although I've said to the family that I won't be getting another one. I gave in. Belle showed Mia around the house and they were buddies in no time. They'd sleep together in your bed. Mia would be sniffing your bed and blanky. They got along so well. They had a great summer together. Mia somehow ease the pain of losing you, my little one.

Then 5 months after Mia's arrival, without warning - Belle became suddenly sick.

My Sweet Girl, Melody - Momma couldn't find the strength to continue what I was writing last year, on March 23, 2020 - on your first anniversary of crossing over 🌈🐾🐶 because I was still in shock, my body still numbed, and in deep grief. On your first anniversary last year, has only been 3 months since our family lost your sister, Belle. It seemed to have happened too fast. You both came into our lives as puppies 3 months apart from the same breeder, when we lost Duchess in 2006. Losing you both only few months apart on the same year 2019 was too much to take😢

I was still grieving the loss your loss that Spring, March 23, 2019 then before the end of the year, 3 days after Christmas, December 2019 - our family found ourselves grieving again for the loss of your sister, Belle. She left us quickly unlike yours, when I had you for 17 months after you were diagnosed with cancer.

I just didn't have the strength to even start on Belle's own memorial. It was a tough year😢 I was mourning for my two babies, Melody and Belle😢 i will need to create Belle's memorial here soon.

March 23, 2021

To my Sweet Peach,

What a year it has been. With the pandemic and losing both you and Belle just a year before that. Belle was only 3 weeks away from her 14th birthday. I find it hard to believe that you left momma two years ago today. My memories of that day are so vivid. I sure hope that you and your sister, Belle together with our first furry baby, Duchess are keeping yourselves company in heaven. I'm sure that you've made many friends too. Momma miss you both so much. I was losing my mind. It doesn't look real that this is your second anniversary at 🌈🐾Bridge🐶 I feel comforted that your sister Belle with Duchess and you are happy and healthy puppies once again! Belle only spent six months with Mia. Just like Belle when you went to heaven, little Mia was always sad, and always waiting for her to come home. Remember she only joined us that summer, before the 4th of July. You sent Mia to us 3 months after you crossed over. Belle was. still showing Mia around the house, and around the neighborhood. You sent Mia to be with Belle. In reality, Mia is Belle's replica - her gold and black mask colors are Belle's when she was a puppy.

Did you know that God was about to call your sister, Belle home? Was sending Mia to me who is Belle's twin a sign you gave to prepare me for was about to come?

So poor little Mia who was with us only 6 months would just sit on top of the couch waiting for Belle to show up at the front door.

Last year on February 7, 2020 - Momma rescued one year old Mindy to keep Mia company. Poor girl had been sad since Belle's passing, after Christmas.

Mindy had just turned one year old on January 17, 2020 when I saw her up for adoption. I couldn't bear to hear this puppy's sad story. I still thank God that her previous owner surrendered her to the shelter rather than abandoning her. Little Mindy was malnourished and neglected. Her foster mom just had her for a month when I found her. Her previous owner I was told was a backyard breeder who didn't like her colors, a white black and brown. To me, she was perfect! Though my heart was still heavily broken with grief, I believe that you girls sent her to me. Momma has so much love to give. I may have rescued her, but Mindy rescued me from depression. You saw momma's tears, I cry just looking at your oak urns. Our family room now has Duchess, you and Belle's memorials. Can you believe that her previous owner surrendered her at the shelter when she was only a puppy? Mindy was only 4 lbs you can feel her bones in her tiny body. Her first birthday here with us was last January 17th, we celebrate your birthdays with cake as you girls know - so yes we did it for Mindy. She's now 2 years old 🎂 and beautiful. Dr Benson was amazed on how much she's grown at 11 lbs now. I want to thank you girls for sending me these babies for me to care for and keep me company. They are additions to our family, never to replace you especially that dad and momma are now both retired.

Last Spring 2020, we planted another weeping cherry tree, that's yours and Belle's tree in the front lawn near Duchess' tree. We should see some pink flowers soon. I miss you my babies so much. Please visit me in my dreams sometime soon. Play endlessly at the beautiful Bridge. I promise you - we will see each other again, never to part again 🐶🌈🐾🐶


March 23, 2022

My Sweet Peach.. it's hard to believe that it's been 3 years since you crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Today, I couldn't help but reminisce on the good times from the time you joined our family when you were just the cutest 12 week old puppy until you bravely fought that cancer that took you away from us. I thank God for giving us twelve and a half years with you. Today, as I drove on my way home from the shelter that I volunteer to, a big beautiful rainbow appeared on the west extending to the east out of nowhere. I became teary as I stared intently and hope to capture an image of the rainbow from my camera phone. I got your message, my dear Little Melody my sweet Piting. You were telling me.. "Momma, I'm happy here in doggie heaven with my sister, Belle and Duchess. I see you, Momma each time you kiss my oak urn. I see you when you're sad. Thank you for rescuing Mia and Mindy. You have a big heart and have so much love to give. I know how much you miss me and Belle. Mia and Mindy are super lucky to have found you because you give so much of your love and heart. Duchess, Belle and I keep keep watch over you until we are reunited when your time comes. Our paw prints are in your heart, and that's until eternity. We miss you, momma as much as you miss us." I keep your memory alive in my heart, my Melly. Play and run over the green meadows just as you used to. It's now Spring! And this is the season that I will always remind me of you. I miss and love you so much, my Peach.

I Miss you and Love you forever ♥️ 🌈🐾🐶

23 March 2023

My Dear Sweet Peach,

It's crazy how this is already 4 years since you left us? No, this can't be! Your presence at our house remains forever strong. I will always remember the day, four years ago today - when momma set you free of your pain and suffering from that cruel cancer. Oh how you fought hard and tried to beat that disease in your small body until the end. You hung on for 17 months since your oncologist diagnosed you. You completely surprised your vets and specialists. It was a chilly first day of Spring in 2019,. late in the afternoon on the grass near the creek behind your hospital. Today is gloomy and cold. I'm hoping to see a rainbow, a sign that you are happy at Rainbow Bridge. You were such a trooper! I miss you to this day, my love. Our little rescue, Shih Tzu Mindy certainly has your habits and mannerisms. I'd like to think that you're inside her small body. I have no doubt that you're happy there with your sister, Belle and Duchess. You and Belle joined our family as young puppies in 2006, Belle (you share a daddy, Justice) was only 6 months and you were 3 months. Then we lost you both also that same year in 2019. That was a super sad year for your grief stricken momma. I'll try to create Belle's memorial here soon. Please tell Belle and Duchess that momma miss them so much too. Duchess' 17th anniversary is also coming next week, on the 29th. Please come visit momma in my dreams. Show me your face amongst the clouds, my Melly. I'll be waiting for the rainbow to appear anytime soon! I miss those sloppy kisses. I miss you my love, my sweet baby. I find comfort when I listen to the soft piano music by Yiruma that you and I listened to almost everyday when you were very sick. I'll see you in my dreams soon, baby xoxoxoxo Momma

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