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Memories of McTigger Smith
Oh Tigger, Still missing you my boy. Life is so weird right now with the COVID virus sweeping the country. Life has completely changed and we hope it goes back to some sort of normal soon. I have not seen Linda, Buffy or Spike for 4 months and no idea when we will see them. It makes me miss you even more. I love you so much. Mama 7-7-2020

Suddenly it is 2019, and the world continues to change. I still have Magellan and Lily, who are Lynx point Siberian kittens, so while not Siamese I see you every time i look at them. I still miss everyone and wish I could cry on you as I did so many times. You, Mom, Dad, Ray and Sassy - it still hurts. Not so sharp but the grief is still there. I love you baby boy.
Mama 1-2-19

Oh Tigger, How can it be so long since you have been gone? First you, then Sassy, then Daddy, Ray and finally Mom or Nana to you. I have pictures of you and everyone around me and that helps. At least no one is is pain anymore.
I love you my baby boy and think of you often. It is a new day but you and all of you are always in my heart. Love Mama 3-1-18

Tigger - Another new year and another year without you and everyone else. Life is different now, and while it can't go back to the way it was before, I still will always hold you in my heart and mind. I think of all the wonderful cats and dogs we had and I think of Mom and Dad being around you all in some way. It helps when I grieve. I love you - you were the best boy I could have had. I loved all of you and always will. Love Mama 1-22-17

Tigger, you now have been gone 4 years and yet it is as though it was just a few months ago. We lost Bumpy and Nana last year as well and so now so much of the joy in life has changed. I hope Mom and Dad are with you and Nestle and Scamps and Sassy and PB and all the other fur babies we loved so much and lost for different reasons. I am gratedul you are all out of pain and not suffering but it's hard to not have you all around. Life is different now - it's a less interesting life without everyone, but new additions and loves make it easier. I love you very much baby boy. Love Mama 7-19-16

My Tigger, Another year has passed and I still miss you very much. It helps that I have 2 lynx point Siberian kittens who look just like you - only fuzzy. I think they would annoy you, but you would keep them in line. No one can replace you and I miss you sleeping on top of my head. I will always love you and miss you very much.
Love Mama

My Tigger, Today Sassy joined you in the Rainbow bridge. She is very old now, almost 19 people years, and though she was frail, she was in good shape. Her body just gave out while she was sleeping and now she is with you and Nestle and Scamps again. Be nice to her. She will need to remember to be a kitten again like when you all played together. She has forgotten those times. Let her remember and then you can play. Losing her makes me miss all of you so much- the memories and love for you, nestle, scamps and sassy. I love you all my fur babies.
Love Mama

Oh Tigger. It is so hard to believe that you have been gone a year. My heart still aches with missing you and wishing you were here. I am finally able to cry about missing you. It hurt so much when you died so suddenly that I could not process and grieve. It is easier now - you made your own choice that it was time to go and I accept that. You are my boy. You were with me for 12 years, and you gave me so much happiness. From the moment we saw each other at Petsmart, and you stomped over your brothers and sister to get to me, we were bonded. The years I laughed with you, at your antics, and when you let me cry on you - all those memories are precious to me.
I love you and I will always miss you.
Love MaMa

Mctigger was a Lynx Siamese, who was lost way to soon due to cancer. He truly was a wonderful cat (except to Sassy). He loved his Mama so much that he slept on top of her head every night. (A good hat.) Tiglet (my nickname for him) was so special. You held him and hugged him and he just made you feel better. He was a God to Buffy. Poor Buffy misses her Tigger (He is MY TIGGER!!!) She still looks around for him. And Spike - poor Spike - he is now the Alpha Male. Ok you would laugh at that if you saw Spike! Ok Sassy is sad (what-ever).

Tigger was so smart. Nana and Tigger had a game when Nana came to visit. How to get out of the screen porch. Nana would plug every hole with towels and chairs (after Hurricane Willma screen cover over pool had tons of holes)and Tigger would push and burrow just to get through. Nana would go after him and say Oh No You do not!!! But he would slip out!! Of course, he would just stand there on the other side with his tongue sticking out at Nana, waiting for her to come around and pick him up and bring him back inside the screen!! He was Nana's nemesis!! He bested her!!!

But it was Mama that Tigger lived for. He not only slept on her head at night, but he was always near her. He was her Boy.

McTigger, now you are with Nestle and Scamps. They have missed you!!! So while they are not happy you left us - they are happy you are with them!!!

We will miss you forever!! Love Auntie Linda, Nana, Buffy, Spikey, Sassy and of course Your Mama.


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