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Memories of McCartney
McCartney was a wonderful pet and cat, and there are so many things that I loved about him, and still do. And will forever. I love how he was always happy to see me no matter what. Whether I was coming home from work, a day at the store, a long vacation, or just walking into the room. I love how when he saw me walk in and heard me talking nice, he would plop on the floor and rub all over the rug and stretch out and claw it. It was a true sign of happiness that made me very happy in return.

And I always loved how he was mischievous, and that he knew he was! I got annoyed at times, but deep down I liked it and thought it was so funny. He always had a good sense of humor. And I loved how he would eat anything! Ice cream was his favorite. I will deeply miss him sitting on the chair next to me at the kitchen table helping me eat, and doing all of his smart tricks, like slapping five, shaking hands, and "walking the bridge". "Walking the Bridge", as I call it, works like this: I'd sit in this tall chair we have at home, and stretch my legs out so that my feet reached the corner of the hutch McCartney always used to sit on in the kitchen to be around us. And I'd pat my lap and call him. Didn't take much tempting. He'd have a cute look on his face and would carefully walk across my stretched legs like a bridge, wobbling, but careful to never claw me. Then he'd get to me and curl up in my lap, purring hard. He never fell once. And other times he liked jumping on my back when I bent over and put a treat on it. He was always careful though that he wouldn't claw me. And he was always careful with his love bites and when pawing around with my hands. And I loved when he bit my head and hair and shook it out of love! As funny as that sounds.

He was always so tolerant too, and liked everybody, family or stranger. He would sit in the kitchen in his spot and listen to all of us talk, obviously loving the sound of our voices, to the point of sometimes softly closing his eyes. He always loved the sound of his name too, it always made him perk up.

Him trying to open the microwave and bathroom doors were also a favorite. And an absolute favorite was him pawing at the front door with both paws super fast on his hind legs. He'd go "left, right, left, right, left right" with his paws. He wanted to go outside so bad! But was an indoor cat. But sometimes I carried him around outside, and he would get so excited. But always acted good for me while doing it. I will truly miss feeling that excitement in him, and seeing his face through the front door whenever I was outside on the porch.

What I really, really loved was the fact that McCartney truly loved me, and he loved that I truly loved him in return. I was always so happy and comforted to see his strong purring and a face of pure contentment. I will never forget it, and how he laid so close to me at night and even let me use him as a pillow. I knew he loved it too, unlike most cats would. He was always so unique, I knew that when I first got him. He was the right one for me to pick, and I knew it then and now. That strong purr lasted until the end, too. He did it because he was so happy we were together, no matter what any of the circumstances were. And whenever we went to bed at night, he always stuck around, even if I may have bumped him in the night.

Please always know McCartney that I wish I could have been with you at the end, it breaks my heart that it was not possible. I was far away at work when I heard about the sudden serious state you were in. Your grandma was with you at the vet, but I wish it could have been me with you, because we were special to each other and I was your mom and you were my little boyfriend. It is hard to believe that you were only on Earth for six years, and passed so abruptly because of an enlarged heart. But the amount of love we had with each other in those six years was enough to last a lifetime. I want to thank you for sharing a happy life together with me. I am so grateful I chose you for a best friend. And I always knew how blessed I was to have you. Every day I knew that. Many people say you don't know what you have until it's gone. That is a true saying. But with you, it wasn't. Because when I had you, I ALWAYS knew I had someone special. I'm thankful I have no regrets about our relationship, such as ignoring you, and never took it for granted. You are so special and I will love you eternally, and hope to see you in Heaven.


7/18/2014 - Hi McCartney boy, I'm thinking of you constantly. It's been exactly one week. I am so glad the weekend has finally come, because it's been hard to keep it together at work. But I'm trying to focus on your life and our good times, and on your adorable personality and face. I have gotten a couple sympathy cards, and a prayer candle from your grandma. The vet office also gave me the Rainbow Bridge poem and a little stamp of your cute little paw print. I am going to make a charm bracelet for you, and wear it often. It will have your name on it, and little kitty-themed charms.

Your kitty friend Wosie seems to miss you too. She is sitting on the bed with me as I type this. It just isn't the same around here without you.

I have been talking to other people who have lost their pets and it is helping a little. People are supporting me. I also want to get some books. One is called "Paw Prints in the Stars." It is written in a pet's voice with spots for pictures and writing in memories.

I miss seeing you paw at the front door! And carrying you on your back like a baby. And sleeping next to you at night. But every day, and when I lay in bed at night, your spirit is still around me. I light the candle for you on my bedside table every night. And I talk to God about you, and I hope somehow you know I'm talking to you, too. I do every day. I love you so much my little McCartney boy! Forever!


8/12/2014 - Hi McCartney boy, I can't believe you've been gone for over a month. I'm doing better, trying to think of our happy times, but I still get sad. On July 25, we found a gray and white one-month old kitten in the road and saved him! I was not quite ready for a kitten yet, but perhaps God intervened and dropped him into my life, knowing that I was sad. Perhaps you intervened too and sent him to me? I'm happy to save someone in the same exact way you were saved. It's unbelievable that it happened this way, and so soon. I'm sure you would approve of the kitten. His name is Desmond, and he's now a little over one and a half months old. I named him that because the name is out of a Beatles song Paul McCartney wrote. So I thought it'd be a nice little tribute to you. He's been keeping me busy, but I'm still thinking of you every day and how I wish you could be here. I still light the candle next to my bed every night. I'll have to get a new one soon! It's gonna be all used up before I know it.

I got in the mail two books. I got "Paw Prints in the Stars", the one I mentioned before, and will make a scrapbook out of it, with pictures of you and little memories written in. I also got the book "Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates." It's very interesting, and helps to give me more faith that I will be with you again some day in Heaven. I also started putting together the charm bracelet. So far I have the letters to spell your name and a couple cat charms. I will buy beads for it soon, and I'm doing a theme of warm and earth tone colors, like browns and golds and oranges.

This past Sunday, we started to build a little memorial garden around your and all the other pets' graves. It looks good so far! I can't wait until it's really pretty. I also got a special statue for your grave. It's a cat lying down peacefully with angel wings. I thought it was perfect.

I miss you McCartney! I wish I could feel you sleeping next to me at night still. And I get lonesome packing my lunch at night alone. You always used to help with that. And I miss you begging for ice cream! I pray every night about you, I hope somehow you know that. Love you McCartney boy, forever!


1/2/2015 - Hi McCartney boy, I can't believe you've been gone for almost six months. It still breaks my heart every day, and it has been especially rough for me lately. Little Desmond is doing well, he's six months old already and he helps cheer me up. I think you would really like him. He hangs around with me in the kitchen at night, and loves ice cream like you did. He is also very talkative, and always following me around and meowing. He is obsessed with these new toys I got him. They're leopard print balls that make a rattle sound! He carries them around in his mouth too. He also likes to wrestle with stuffed animals, and I am even kind of teaching him how to fetch! It hasn't taken much teaching. He kind of just started doing it on his own and loves it. It makes me sad talking about all of this, because I wish you could be here to experience it with me.

The other day from the library I got a book called Dewey. Which is funny, cuz your kitty friend Dewey has the same name! It is a true story about an orange tabby cat that was dumped in a library book drop on a freezing night. The librarians found him in the morning and kept him, and he ends up living at the library! It's nice to read a positive book, and I will read the follow-up book called Dewey's Nine Lives. It has inspiring cat stories in it. I really want to read happy things, because I've been really sad and angered lately about the mistreatment of cats and other animals. As of yesterday, I really am starting to consider getting an animal-involved job or career. Such as animal rescuing, wildlife rehabilitation, and maybe even zoology. All of these will allow me to help animals. And of course, I want cats to be my specialty. Imagine if I became a zoologist and worked with big cats like lions and tigers! It is not as likely as working with normal cats and kittens, but is still cool to think about.

I recently bought some scrap book supplies to make a scrapbook about you. I'm going to make it cheerful and pretty, so that when I and other people look at it, we remember things fondly instead of only being sad about the end. It is hard not to be though. I struggle all the time.

Our pet garden is looking nice, although it is winter now. But there are now small lights in it, and I think this coming spring and summer it'll look beautiful.

I hope somehow you know I'm thinking about you and talking to you, and talking to God about you. I wonder all the time, and try to have faith we'll be together again and that we still exist after death. I would give up everything I own and every penny I've ever earned in order to have you back. I love you so much, McCartney! You were the cutest and most beautiful cat ever! Like a mini gray and black tiger roaming around our house. With no imperfections. Speaking of tigers, yesterday I signed up to make monthly donations to the World Wildlife Fund to help save tigers. I hope it makes a difference.

I love you my McCartney boy, for all eternity!


6/24/2015 - Hey McCartney boy! Missing you still. Can't believe it's been nearly a year since I've held you in my arms. I'm so sad to say that. I hope you're doing well, and with our other animals up there. Your Grandma and Grandpa's dog Destiny passed away a couple months ago :( Please keep her company.

Little Desmond's first birthday is tomorrow! He is doing great. He reminds me so much of you, and he brings me comfort. He is very devoted, and follows me all over the house. And the other day, he grabbed a whole piece of pizza off the counter and carried it down the hallway to start eating it! You two must be related somehow...

My sadness comes in waves these days. I do good, but then suddenly I get sad and it lasts about a week, then I calm down a bit. There is always a constant lingering sadness though. Missing you so much. Trying to remember every detail about our lives together. I don't want to forget as time goes on.

I finished my charm bracelet for you! It looks so beautiful and I'm so happy with it. Now I can take my memory of you with me wherever I go when I'm wearing it.

I still have your collar next to me at night, hanging from the bed post. I'm holding it as I type this. It makes me sad to hear the jingle. It's a sound so associated with you that when I hear it right now, I almost feel like I'm gonna see you on the bed when I look up. It's hard to get some of those habits out of your head.

Me and Jordan are still doing very well together. I hope we get married soon! And I'll bring Desmond and Wosie to our new house and maybe get a new kitten, and force Jordan to become a true cat lover! Haha. I wish you could be part of it all. I always thought that my kids would get to meet you someday. I'll be sure that they always hear stories about you though. And see all the pictures. You will be known as the special, majestic yet silly cat. And will live on in our hearts and stories. I pray that you really do live on, and that you're up there waiting for the day when we can be together again! Just know that I feel the same way about you.

I'm so glad that summer has finally arrived! It's so nice out and things seem more cheerful. Our pet garden looks great, but we need to add some flowers and stuff. I'll let you know how it's doing. A few times I stopped by your grave there. I'm going to walk down there and visit again soon. I hope when I'm there, you know that I'm communicating with you. I wish that I could see a rainbow or something appear!

I love you so much McCartney. Don't worry, the other cats and mainly Desmond are here to keep me comfort. He is faithful, loyal, and true. Just like you. And I tell him about you, and how I wish you two could've met and been friends. I wish he could fully understand. I tell him that you were the best cat that ever lived. You truly are! I love you so much.


7/21/2015 - Hi McCartney boy! I can't believe that July 11th was already the one-year anniversary of your passing. In some ways it feels like that long ago I suppose. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to post something on here on that day. I was away at a camping trip. At least now I'm finally able to write something.

All I can say is that I love and miss you, and that I'm so sorry I couldn't be there with you on that awful day. I just pray that you now understand why. It will always be a date I remember, even when I'm an old lady. And I will always be sure that my husband and children and grandchildren will know who you are and hear stories.

I hope all of you pets are up there, keeping each other company while waiting for us humans to be with you again someday. I'm sure you are sad like I am, because you can't be with me. I hope somehow you know you'll see me again. I hope you're not sad, thinking I'm just gone from you forever. I don't want you feeling like I abandoned you. I'm sure it's confusing, slipping away from the world and then suddenly being somewhere else, but not having me anywhere in sight.

One thing I will do my entire life is adopt new cats. It's nice to save lives in need of a home, and I think you will be happy knowing that I'm doing that. It'll be in memory of you!

Just know that I'm thinking of, missing, and loving you every day! My heart still breaks. The only hope I have is being with you again. I love you forever! You're truly my treasure.


6/15/2016 - Hi my little McCartney! Been thinking about you a lot today. I read all my previous notes about you and wanted to cry :( While listening to Can You Feel the Love Tonight. Speaking of Lion King, I just saw the Broadway musical the other day! It was wonderful. I have Lion King to thank for getting me to love cats of all sorts. In the car on the way to the musical, I was showing everyone the picture of you as a young cat in the bunny cage with Cottontail! Looking at pictures like this cheers me up.

I can't believe it's going to be two years soon. It's unimaginable that I've been away from you for about 700 days. Desmond is about to turn two. He has grown into a very nice cat and is quite big! But not fat. He is keeping me company on my bed right now as I write this and add more pictures of you to your memorial. He is too funny. He follows me a lot and is super talkative. I wish you two could meet each other. One day at the Rainbow Bridge though, it will happen. You will be able to keep each other company.

Dewey will be 17 soon. He hasn't been too well lately. He had a few seizures back in January. He is on medication now, but he acts kind of loopy and off-balance all the time. He is completely deaf now as well, I'm so sorry to say. But a lot of this is expected because of his age. Given the circumstances, he really isn't doing too bad I suppose. I get worried some days though. I feel like something random will happen one day, and he'll join you at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope he stays around longer though! Wosie is doing good. She mainly sleeps a lot. And hides from Desmond. Unfortunately he likes to pick on her and it makes me sad that she likes to keep to herself a lot of the time. I still give her affection whenever I can though.

Me and your grandma are gonna work on the pet garden soon. It needs some attention now that summer has started. I like to look out the window some nights and see the lights and think of you. It makes me sad too though. Sometimes I go down there in the dark and touch your statue and say how much I love you. I hope you know I'm there.

Jordan has a cat now! His name is Gary and he is a tabby like you and also very easygoing. I found him outside our church back in November, and he is probably a couple years old. I am so happy that I again saved another kitty's life. He is great company for Jordan too, because other than Gary he lives alone. Gary always welcomes me when I come over too!

I guess that's all the latest news for now. You are truly loved and missed every day. And you are the animal who will always hold the number one special spot in my heart. I love you McCartney, my treasure, and the most handsome cat in history.


9/2/2016 - Hey McCartney boy! Missing you so much. I can't believe that this past July, it's been two years :( My heart has really been broken lately. The last couple of nights, I got all the things together to make your scrapbook and even found a copy of the note I wrote to you and put in your grave with you. I will include the copy of it, poems, and other written things in the scrapbook. All I have left to do before I begin is print out all the pictures of you. I can't wait to use all the kitty stickers. They are so adorable.

Still loving you every day. Pretty soon I'm going to get another prayer candle to light for you one night a week when I get in bed. And I want to thank you and God for sending Desmond my way. He has been such comfort to me. I love you!!! You'll always be my treasure, and years from now we'll be together forever.


2/8/2017 - Hi McCartney! I'm sitting on the bed with Desmond as I type this. Everything is good down here on Earth, but I miss you very much. As you know, your kitty friend Dewey joined you and the others at the Rainbow Bridge recently :( We are so sad about Dewey, but he went peacefully in his sleep. I only wish I could've been there during his last moments. Please let him know we love and miss him and all the others!

Me and Jordan are going to be married in September! Which means Gary and Desmond having to meet and live together. Wosie will most likely stay home, as she is older and would probably have troubles with the other two. But I will come home to visit her when I can. Tonight I got a book about introducing cats to each other and solving problems between them (for Gary and Desmond). I really wish you could be here to move into Jordan's home with me :( I always imagined you being in my and my family's future. Well if not on Earth, then in Heaven. That is where we'll have our future together. I love you very much McCartney. Forever!


7/3/2018 - Hi McCartney! How have things been at the Bridge? I hope you're doing well and having fun with the other animals until I meet you there. The sad anniversary is coming up soon, and I always get emotional this time of year obviously. Last night I participated in the candle lighting ceremony. There were many other nice people in the chat room, and we all shared memories and prayed for our pets. Including you of course. I love you very much.

A lot has been going on down here on Earth! Me and Jordan had a great wedding, and are settled into our house. Although it still needs a lot of work. Gary and Desmond are living together happily enough. They fight daily, but are still in a happy home. Everyone is doing well. I love them very much, but wish you could be here with us all too :( Like I've said before though, they bring me a tremendous amount of comfort. And I believe the cycle will continue. Each new cat blessing that comes into my life will help my grief over the cats I have lost. And in return, I will continue to save more souls who do not have a home.

I mentioned your story on the forum the other day and got very emotional. It was the most I've cried over it in awhile. But other people on the forum continue to help. I have met so many kind people who have welcomed me and said they would light a candle for you on the 11th. I promise I will too, and I'll say a prayer that you're happy up there. All of these people truly understand what it's like. They have helped more than anyone else (other than Gary and Desmond of course). They all believe that their pets truly are their babies, and I couldn't agree more. You are my baby, McCartney. And I'll never stop loving you. Tell all the other animals I said hi and that I love them very much. I hope Dewey is doing ok. During his end days here on Earth, he suffered quite a bit. I'm happy that he is healthy now.

I've been thinking about a memory of you. How you used to purposely knock your ball behind the door, and then run around to the other side and peer at it through the crack. You were making a game out of it, like you were trying to hunt it down. You didn't just go behind the door and grab it. That was so smart and cute, and just one of the many things I'll miss.

I would give up all I own if it meant having you back. It would be wonderful if I could just wish and pray for it, and you'd be here again. I wish I had the power to do that. But God took you Home when He was supposed to. His ways will always be a mystery. Only He knows. I love you good boy, talk to you soon. I love you forever and ever!


7/11/2018 - Hey McCartney! Hope you're doing ok. Today, July 11, is always a tough day. Four years ago I lost you, my sweet boy. You were my baby. My shadow. My companion. My healer. My cuddler. My playmate. My friend. You are still all of these things, and now you're also my guardian angel. You were taken young and so abruptly, and that hole will forever be in my heart until I meet you again.

Today I am wearing the charm bracelet I made in memory of you. Tonight I'm going to light a candle for you, and I've been thinking about you all day. I wish you were here in my arms right now. That's where you belong. But for now, you can be in God's arms until I get there. I love you, boy!

Many moments I spend thinking of you,
Crying and smiling again and again.
Can't believe your passing is true,
Although our friendship still will never end.
Rewinding time is something I wish,
To hold you and watch you be so clever.
No longer can I give you a real kitty kiss,
Even so, you'll always be my treasure and
Years from now, we'll be together forever.

You certainly are my treasure. I love you, my best friend and guardian angel.


8/4/2019 - Hi McCartney! How are you doing at the Bridge? The five-year anniversary was last month and I always think of you this time of year, needless to say. Can't believe you've been gone almost as long as I had you here on Earth :(

I have good news - we rescued a little calico tabby kitten and named her Mango! We've had her for about a month and she is very adorable and doing great in our home. Gary and Desmond didn't like her at first but have warmed up to her. She has actually helped the dynamics in our house so much. The other cats don't fight with each other nearly as much and she keeps them busy and playing. We were very happy that her blood work came back as healthy. She started getting used to wearing a collar and has already accepted it after about a day! She is so playful and cute and her markings are beautiful. I'm so happy to have saved another life. I figured it would make you very happy to know that. I think she will be a very laid-back cat because she has tabby in her. Tabbies like you are always such wonderful cats!

For the past couple days, Desmond hasn't been feeling well :( We think he has something sore in his mouth, because he has trouble eating. He has been eating a small amount of soft chicken though, and does play with his favorite toy ball a little. So that's always a good sign. He's going to the vet tomorrow and I pray so hard that he is ok. I love him very much; he holds a special place in my heart because he brought me so much comfort after you left Earth.

I guess that's all the news I have for now. Me and Jordan don't have any kids yet, but I think within the next couple years we will. I'll be sure to tell you about it! I wish you could be here to experience it, but I hope somehow you will know about it.

I left you some new flowers; hope you enjoy them! I have taken up so much room writing that one of these days I'm going to completely fill the max amount that's allowed to fit here! But that's how much I love you. I can just type on and on.

Some new people on the forum saw pictures of you and read about you. They thought you were so beautiful. I pray for them and the pain they're going through with losing their pets.

We all had a campfire the other night, and were talking about how you used to steal cat food packets and run down the hall with them and under my bed! Then when I'd clean under my bed, I'd find like four empty packets under there! We were also talking about how I'd put a treat on my back and you'd jump onto it to get the treat. Our cats don't do many tricks like that. But that's ok. It's something that helped make you special.

I love you, boy. You were so great. I miss you very much. Tell all our other pets at the Bridge that I said hi and that I miss them all. Love you forever!

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