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Memories of Maxx
I have included everything about Maxx at my other Memorial page for Moly. They were always together until I had to start taking Moly to the vet once a month in 2014. They are now forever together...I miss him so badly...
1-12-2016-Hi buddy, hope your having fun! It's been five weeks since you left for the Bridge. I still can't believe you are gone. It makes me so sad to come home to an empty house, without you waiting for me with your Kong, not knowing if you should go out to pee, or give me a hug. lol I still have your stuff on my bed, I touch it every night. You weren't supposed to go so soon after Moly. But I guess she needed you with her. I really miss you and Moly. I hope your having a wonderful time with all the other fur-angels. I went to the Candlelight prayer meeting last night, and you got a lot of emails today. You are loved.
Love you and miss you, your daddy. Sweet dreams, will see you soon.
1-19-2015-Hi buddy, I hope your doing ok. I missed the candlelight meeting last night. I am so sorry. I love you and miss you. Well, tonight is six weeks since you went to the Bridge. I miss you...You are such a good and happy boy, so handsome. Unfortunately, you have a lot more company, but fortunately, you have a lot more company. I always think about you and Moly, you're always in my heart. I still have all your toys and chewed up plates laying around the house. I can't remove them yet. I don't want to. You were such a good boy, I hope I helped you have a good life. I want you to be nice to all the new pets that are there with you, okay? I know you will.
I love you and miss you, your daddy. Sleep with the Angels my two pals, goodnight.
1-28-2015- Hi Maxx and Moly...I see you two everyday...I miss you both so much. The quiet is deafening around here. I hope to get permission from the landlord to get 2 new puppies soon. They won't replace you guy's, you can never be replaced. But I have to try and give them a forever home. There are SO many dogs out there that need a place to live, and I like to think I can give them a good home. I hope I did so for you two.
I miss you and love you both. Goodnight, love, your daddy.
2-11-2015- lets try this again...I just wanted to say how much I love you and miss you two. Unfortunately, you have a lot of new friends at the Bridge. I met one of them on Facebook, his name is Benny Pointer. He's a great writer. He told all of us about his person, and Doctor pants lady. He misses his people a really lot. He made me cry and write a long story about you, Maxx. I wanted to let you both know that just because I haven't written to you two lately that doesn't mean I don't think about you EVERYDAY, because I do...all the time.
I love you and miss you both...sleep with the angels, love, your daddy.
3-8-2015- Hello my handsome, little boy. Well, it's been three months since you went to the bridge. I really miss you. You were so funny. I miss that goofiness. You are such a beautiful dog. I still have all of your stuff around the house. I'm gonna give it to my next little buddy. I know you won't mind.I just wish you didn't have to leave so soon. But at least I know your with Moly, Max, Ziggy, and I guess even Bootsie and Chubby. I hope your having fun at that Bridge. You have a lot of new buddies, play nice with them all.
I really miss you, and I love you, Maxx. Good night, sleep with the Angel's my little boy.
4-8-2016-Hey little boy, it's been 4 months since you went to the Bridge to be with Moly. I'm so sad that you had to go. I miss you so much everyday. I think about you two all the time. I wish somehow I could visit you, and all the other pets at the Bridge. I hope one day we all will be reunited. I'm having a hard time getting a new puppy to give a home to, but I have to...they need all our help. I miss you.
I love you Maxx, and I miss you. Be good, buddy.
5-8-2016- Hey Buddy! It's been 5 months since you went to the Bridge, and I still think about you every day. I miss you. I have a new puppy that has come to live with me. His name is Nemo. I will post a picture of him. I think you would like him. I sometime call him your name. He reminds me of you. He's a good boy, he likes all of your toys. I hope you don't mind I gave them to him. Well Buddy, I really miss you. It really sucks how you left, so sudden. At least I was with you. God bless you, pal.
I miss you and I love you always, Daddy.
6-8-2016-Hey Buddy! It's June 8...6 months since you left for the Bridge. I am missing you so much lately. I'm crying now. Nemo is here with me. You would love him. He's kinda like you...a little goofy, but a great little guy. I never forget you little boy. I think about you all the time. The people at the group really help me with you and Moly. Oh, please take Moly to meet Bretange, a hero dog from 9-11. Give her a hug for me, and tell her I said thank you. God bless you, buddy!
I love you, and miss you, Daddy
9-8-16-Wow, I'm so sorry I haven't been around. I haven't forgotten you...I never will. It's just as time goes by, it's easier for me to understand your not here anymore. I think about you and see you all the time. Nemo is doing pretty good around here. Everybody loves him, and he loves everybody. He's just not as scary as you were. You would have liked him. You'll see him, eventually, then we'll all be together. I miss you buddy, goodnight.
I love you, and miss you, always, buddy.
12-8-2016- Hey buddy,hope your happy at the Bridge. Just about one year ago this minute, you went home. I feel so sad that you're not here anymore. I got Nemo here to keep me company. I hope you don't mind, but I let him help me decorate the tree this year. I'm gonna decorate the tree every year on this day, in memory of you. I think you would really like him. He's a happy guy, very playful, just like you. I'm so sorry that you had to leave so soon. I don't know why. Maybe you just missed Moly, and you needed to be with her. I wish you were here with me, but you're not. I miss you and love you buddy, My Handsome Little boy. Please say hi to all my friends pets, and give them a big hug for me.
I will ALWAYS love and miss you, bye for now. Sleep well my pal...
12-8-2017- Tear's are starting already...I know I cheated a little this year, it's the twelfth. I hope your happy buddy. I think about you and Moly ALL the time. I know you had to move on, I just don't know why...what happened that night. You were the biggest mush, but a stand up guy. I wish you all didn't have to go. I really miss you guy's, I'm sure you have a lot of new friends...unfortunately, fortunately. Please give Moly a big kiss for me Maxx. I love and miss you always.
I miss you my Handsome Little boy. Sleep well...I'll be there soon, night.
12-8-2018 Hey Big Guy, it's that time again. Three years since you left me. I know you had to go for some reason, maybe to be with Mush. I think about you ALWAYS. I bought our Christmas tree yesterday. Nemo and I are getting ready to decorate it. I still have your little elves sitting right where I put them after you KEPT TRYING TO EAT THEM!!! LOL I miss you my handsome little boy. I have another group of people to let them know about you. I'm gonna go let them know about you. I hope today you are gonna get a lot of well wishes...crying like a baby now. I miss you and Moly. Give Moly a BIG kiss and hug for me. Love you guys...sleep well.
12-8-2020 Hey little guy, it's that time again. was crying a little today at work because I always do when I think about you. I wish you could meet Nemo, I think you would like him. Miss you FOREVER. Please tell Mush I love and miss her as well as you. Give her a big, sloppy kiss for me. And you could tell her I'm sorry I missed her date, but I will be there next year, and ALWAYS. Love and miss you guys, sleep well...

12-16-22 Hey Little guy, been thinking about you a lot. I will always miss and think about you, till we meet again. Nemo has a little friend...it's a CAT!!! She's a feral, and I've been feeding her for about three years now. She's resting downstairs in the basement right now. Say hi to all of our friends for me. God bless you. I miss you and love you.

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