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Memories of Maxwell
Maxwell, my "Buddy," was literally my shadow. He followed me wherever I went. We called him "Buddy" because he was Everybody's Buddy. He was a happy dog," always smiling, always friendly to anyone who came near. So, we called him "Happy Dog." It was like another one of his names. I truly believe that out of all the dogs in my life, Maxwell was the very best one I ever had. Max was a special gift from my lovely daughter, Marilyn, who "picked" him out just for us, and then wound up raising him his entire first year. (Ha!) He was dearly loved by my late husband, Merlin, and Mark, our son, as well. "Very well done, Marilyn. I am still indebted to you for giving us all such a wonderful, wonderful treasure!"

Everyone loved Max and he loved everyone else. They especially loved him at the Andalusia Road Veterinary Clinic where he visited often, even stayed for extended periods. This became more and more frequent because of the diabetes that plagued him for the last four and a half years of his short but wonderful life. They miss him too. Dr. Julie, Manager Lori, and Tech Amy were especially loving toward him along with the entire staff. The picture I have placed here on his monument was taken there at the clinic and was given to me in frame and all by Lori at the time of his passing. You can easily see why we called him "Happy Dog." Just one look at that dear smiling face says it all! Each of his many receipts was imprinted with this lovely picture of my laughing Little Buddy. That somehow seemed to ease the financial burden that his illness so very often caused. But, do you know what? He was worth every penny of it!!!

It has been almost a full year since he left us, but the pain is still nearly unbearable. Max was with us almost 12 years; but like time in general, it went so very quickly. Most of all, I miss his loving ways and those soft and gentle big brown eyes. I miss my Special Buddy every day that I continue to exist. I can barely type this memory because of the many tears in my eyes that are streaming down my cheeks like an unending river. My very dear friend, Sandy, gave me the pin and poem and his first year's membership; but it has taken me all this time to bear coming here. "Thank you and God Bless you, Sandy! You and I and the family can all be glad I have finally managed to accomplish it."

Maxwell loved to go anywhere in the car with me, even if it was only to the vet's, bless his dear sweet heart. However, his favorite place of all to go was the fenced-in "Doggie Park" on Andalusia Road because there he could run, and explore, and play with the other dogs. He was free of leash and chain, and he thoroughly enjoyed that freedom. The last time we were able to go there was on a brisk winter day when I almost froze to death while Max romped and leisurely nosed around the entire area (we were the only foolhardy souls there); but when I looked back on it, I was so glad we went all the same. I know now that he is running and playing in freedom in his new "Meadowlands Doggie Park" of Rainbows Bridge. "Run to your heart's content, little buddy. God Bless you, Maxiebaby. You will always live deeply within my heart." Your Mommy Marlene

Thursday, February 5th, 2009
Hi Max, my sweet doggieboy, I truly hope you are happy and at rest there at Rainbows Bridge. It was one year ago today that I had to let you go. Please forgive me for that dreadful time. I certainly did not want to do that - in fact, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my entire life. But we could see you suffering when you could not even stay up on your little feet. Your eyes had already failed you for the most part, and now after your last and worst seizure, your poor legs simply would not hold you up. Although my mind kept thinking, "Give him more time," my heart said
"you cannot prolong this." I know that now you are free of all that and waiting to see me once again on some happy and glorious day.

I am wondering whether you and Daddy Merlin have met up with one another there in Rainbows Land. If you have, I know that it was a wonderful and happy reunion. You and he were great "buddies" here too, if you recall. Marilyn and Mark are sending you their love, especially today.

Max, I now have a new kitty named Marty. (Take note that we kept up the "M" tradition.) He really isn't a kitten anymore since he will be one year old on the 22nd of this month. He reminds me so much of you that I cannot help feeling that some of your spirit is in him now. (Max, did you by any chance send him to me? Don't worry, Little Buddy, I love him, but he will never replace you and my heartful of memories of you. LOL) He has become my constant companion and follows me everywhere like you always did. He greets me at the door and loves to be petted. When I would leave the house, you would "whimper" and lie by the door. I am told that Marty "meou's" after I close the door and then waits there patiently. He even crosses his feet like you. Now THAT is funny. Ha Ha. He is a very "Happy Cat" just like you were always happy, my "Happy Dog." If he keeps on growing as he is doing, he will even be as big as you. lol Big Ha! Just kidding, my angel. One thing, though, Max. You, with your little stump of a tail, could never compete with Marty's big, fluffy appendage!!!
Marty and Molly are both telling me to say a huge "HI" to you. Molly is even trying to help me type this (not an easy task)! Ha again. Molly seems to miss you less now that she has this Marty-Pest around trying to take up her space. She still insists on being "Queen of the Roost," however. You know how cats are, don't you!!!

Stay happy little Buddy. Please don't miss me as much as I miss you. That is no fun at all. Play and run and feel free as I am comforted to know you are doing. I'll be back again to visit very soon. I'm sure that you know "I love you with all my heart." Until then, know that I will always be Your Mommy Marlene

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