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Memories of Maxwell
Maxwell this is the hardest thing I ever had to do.I am heartbroken like never before. You was my friend, my buddy, and my sunshine. Like the song went you made me happy when skies were gray When Jason called me and asked me if I wanted a cat I almost said no.I am forever grateful that I said yes.You brought sunshine,smiles and kitty kisses for 3 of the most wonderful years.You was the most wonderful kitty.You had the oddest purr.It did not take much to get your motor running. You especially loved to have your butt scratched.You would practically stand on your head while I did that. You also liked to come up on the keyboard and head butt. We had to do that about 10 times before you was satisfied.I loved to pick you up and you would put your paws on my shoulder and I would give you kitty hugs and kisses!!You loved that!Max,even Vanity and Tinkerbell miss you.They know something is wrong.Vanity looks for you when it is time for breakfast.I always had to feed you first then Tinkerbell then Vanity,cause Vanity would hurry up and eat hers and then try to eat yours,and you being the gentleman you was, you would let her!It must have been hard being the only male!I also remember the time I was deathly sick and was on the couch and a bat flew down the chimney and you caught it and brought it to me like you was saying "here is a present for you,I hope you feel better!"Even though I was so sick I laughed so hard when you meowed it got away and you was chasing it all around the house.I almost rolled off the couch. You was so scared when the ambulance came for me I remember you meowing like you was saying I'll wait for you and, when I came home from the hospital you was right at the door waiting for me!!You did not leave my side for a long time.It was like you was saying "you are not going to leave me again!" I know you will be waiting for me and when I see you again you will have that tail straight in the air and you will do your wiggly worm and I will have kitty treats for you!That was the cutest move I ever saw.You would flop over on your side and wiggle like a worm and I would have to rub your belly,you would do that a few times and then I gave you kitty treats.How you loved those.It's no wonder you was so big.You was my big boy! Everyone liked you.They marveled at how big you was.You was lovey in your own way!I will never forget you.I have your picture as my background,and I also have my favorite in a frame.I know you will be waiting for me, have fun playing with all the other kitties,I know there is a laser pointer there somewhere just waiting for you.That was your favorite toy.How you loved to chase that.Your eyes would get real bright and you was ready to pounce the second I tuned it on.Maxwell you was my buddy, my friend, and especially my boo-ba-la!I will miss you but never forget you.Kitty hugs and Kitty Kisses for you.
2/14/06 Happy Valentines day,I sure do miss you! You was my "tunatine"!
04/04/06 Bubby it has been 6 months.I miss you just as much now as I did then.I will never forget my bubby! Kitty hugs and kisses to you.
5/24/06 I got my Maxwell garden planted for you today bubby,I even put your pinwheels in there."You watch em"You was the funniest attack cat.I sure do miss you This was your favorite time of year!
6/21/06 It's summer Bubby you loved this time until it got too hot and you would want in the air conditioning!
6/25/06 You know who is coming!I still laugh like an idiot whenever I think of what you did.Remember?Jump up,sit down!(Repeat)LOL!!
7/10/06 She had to go back early.She missed you too Max.She said it is not the same even though Tink and Vanity are here.Your garden is doing wonderful.All the flowers sure are pretty!Your pinwheels are still there.I used to laugh at you cause every time they would spin,you would attack and they would get chewed up! Kitty hugs and kisses to you!
10/04/06 It's been a year Maxwell I miss you just as much now as I did last year. Kitty hugs and kisses for you
3/22/07 It's spring Bubby.You loved this time as much as summer.06/27/07 It's summer now bubby it is way to hot.You always hated the heat. Today I came across one of your old toys downstairs.You really beat that poor thing to pieces!!! You are still missed very much!!
10/04/07 It has been 2 years bubby. I still miss my bud!!! Kitty hugs and kisses to you!! You will always be in my heart!
5/22/08 It has been a while bubby I have not forgotten especially since your nemesis Big Guy has joined you at the rainbow bridge.I can only hope the two of you will meet me when I cross over. You both have so much meaning to me. Both of you helped me keep my sanity when I needed it the most.Play nice and meet me when the time comes. Love you both! Hugs and kisses for both of you even though Big Guy was a stray and never let me pet him now he gets hugs and kisses!!
5/24/08 This is a very very sad day forme bubby. If you are anywhere near to me you know why. I just hope that those poor creatures did not suffer in his hands. Take care of the baby kitties.
09/26/08 Well bubby another baby has joined you and big guy. He was a scrawny little stray that did not have enough fight left in him. Take care of him and all the others.He was just a little stray that I tried to take care of, just like big guy. His name was bigger than him it was Tweetie Pie.Always remember when my time comes I know you will be leading the pack of many to meet me.Until then I miss my bubby and all the others.
04/08 Wow bubby it has been 3 years.It seems like yesterday.You was my bud through thick and thin.I miss you and think of you.Kitty hugs and kisses to you.Until we meet again.
02/14 you are still my "tunatine"Kitty hugs and kisses to you.
09/22 Bubby it has been a bad year.So many things have happened.I still think of my bubby.You stll are in my heart.Many kitty hugs and kisses for you
04/09 My stars bubby it has been 4 years.There has been so much heartache for me. Kitty hugs and kisses for you,until we meet again. My"tunatine"07/28 It has been awful bubby.When he passed was you there to greet him? I have had so much heartache in the past couple months, I can only hope I will get over it.I really do miss my bubby.10/04 Wow bubby it has been 5 years, that is hard to believe. I miss my bubby. Kitty hugs and kisses. 01/16 Its been a while bubby I have not forgotten you. I have had to travel a long and very hard road. I have never forgotten.Still miss you as always kitty hugs and kisses
to you. April 5 2016. Tinkerbell crossed the bridge last night. I know you and vanity was there to greet her. Take care of my little girl. Again buddy joined you at the meadow you Tink,Vanity and now Alvin. He is a wonderful little boy. Take care of him and Tink Kitty hugs and kisses for all of you!!

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