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Memories of Max Jackson
My name is Max because Tessa says I have a big heart. She found me many years ago outside a cafe in the bitter cold of January. If I were alive today I would be about 30 years old. As it was I lived out my full pigeon years until I was in my 20th year. I knew Robbie first then Whitey. I was there when they passed beyond into their new life. They are happy now because Tessa freed them from the danger of being taken away from her to an uncertain fate.

I was only a young bird but had an eye disease which was incurable. And I was weak from cold and hunger. The infection had spread to my mouth which meant I could eat only soft food though I could manage liquids - which saved my life. The medicine Tessa gave me helped my mouth to heal but the Vet. said there was no hope for my left eye. I will never forget how she rode home on her bike from the tube station with me wrapped in a scarf inside her jacket. I never took my good eye off her and that first night we formed a bond which has lasted beyond death. She still talks to me and now I have two good eyes to help her find missing items - her mobile phone, glasses or remote controls.

Tessa knew I could not be released as I needed two good eyes to survive as a wild bird. And there was another complication that had arisen. (PG MAY BE NEEDED HERE!)
I had fallen in love with her. I brought her twigs and behaved towards her as I would if she were a hen pigeon: dancing and displayiing in front of her - and when I reached maturity choosing to mate with her hand. Normal behaviour for a male pigeon deprived of a pigeon mate! I did try to mate with birds who were only hospitalised temporarily but with very little success. They either left to return to the wild or, sadly, died.

The years rolled on and we shared each other`s lives completely: going on holiday together, house-sitting, going into work with her - I in my basket on the back of her bike - through the streets and parks of London, UK. Tessa had to wear a hat in bed at night as I used to sleep on her head. And in the mornings I would be allowed to sip her coffee. We moved during my last year of life. Then the authorities were kind enough to turn a blind eye to my existence and the rescue work we both did for sick and injured feral pigeons. I would talk to them, reassuring them - helping their recovery. Later, when I became too old, Robbie and Whitey took over my job. Tessa said she needed us to help her with her healing work. It will be hard for her to carry on without us - especially with the pressure she is under to keep any bird she helps secret and safe until it can be released back into the wild - or into the next life with us.

In the meantime we fly between the worlds - set free from our bodies. There is a love that goes beyond the boundaries of time and eternity. Those of us who are blessed enough to experience it will find our lives changed for ever. My human and I found this love. She also found it with Robbie and Whitey (whose stories will appear at Rainbow Bridge): a dimension of pure, unconditional love - rare and precious - far outweighing the terrible pain that inevitably must pay the price: the cost of such a very special love.


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