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Memories of Maxie
My Beautiful baby girl, I just want to thank you for all the wonderful years, you have given me,. You were a fighter, you over came so may things, in the end I knew that it was time to let you go.

Rest now Sweetheart,

Mommy misses you

Hi Maxie moo moo, I can't believe a week has gone by already. I miss you so much baby girl. I take comfort in the fact that you are pain free now and playing and running with all your friends. We will see each other some day. I love you

Baby Girl, Auntie's, Jean, Robyn, Donna, and Jean C. all miss you and send their love You were a big part of their lives, if fact Auntie Jean says you were her dog as well. Donna S misses you to as well as your brother Rocky. We all know sweet heart that you did all you could, we understand and we love you so very very much.

3/7/2010 Hi Mommy's girly, Aunties Jean, Robyn & Jean C came over for dinner tonight, everyone miss you baby girl. We all miss you under the table looking for food. Please don't feel bad honey, I just wanted to let you know that we thought about you. We know you did all you could, so rest now my baby mommy loves you. Say hi to everyone for me, I know your Grandma is looking out for you


Hi Mommy's girly pearly. I got your painting finished today, it looks beautiful, just like you. Its framed and ready for hanging. You are my beautiful angel and I love you so very very much.Have fun and we will see each other one day, I promise.
Love you Sweetie

3/12/10. Hi Maxie Moo Moo, well I am home and I hung your painting, you are beautiful, honey.I miss you so very very much. I love you baby girl

3/16/10 Hi Baby Girl, Mommy picked you up yesterday, 3/15/10(your ashes). It was hard, but I have to say I am so happy you are back with me. When I put you in your urn, that Auntie Robyn, Auntie Jean C., Uncle Ron, & Uncle Ronnie, got for you, Rocky came over and smelled you, he misses you Maxie, as do I, but please know we both understand. You were such a strong girl, we love you very much.Please know, I understand and you did all you could. Mommy loves you

Hi baby, mommy is having a hard night, I miss you girly, love you so very much.please do not feel bad honey, I know you did all you could, and I know you have no pain now and for that I am grateful. Love you always. Mommy

3/26/10 Hi Baby,mommy misses you, your brother is not well, please call him to you sweetheart, I know he needs to be with you tell him mommy will be ok, she loves you both so very very much and I just want you both to be at peace. God sweetie I miss you, but I know that you had to go, and I am ok, with that, but please call your brother Camroc. I love you so very much honey

4/6/10 Hi Baby, I am happy that you are Rocky are together again, run and play with each other honey, tell him I love you both so very much. Love Mommy. Hi Rocky have fun

5/3/10 Hi Baby girl, mommy apoted little girl, named Skyler, she had a hard start baby, please understand, she is not my Maxie, but I know you would you want me to love again, honey, no one could replace you or Rocky, it is just mommy misses you so very much, I need someone, girly pearly. I LOVE YOU, i think about you and Rocky every day, night, every hour. I miss and love you both


Mommy misses you baby, I love you so very much. You were my life, my baby, god it hurts, but please do not worry, honey, mommy will be ok


Hi baby, Just wanted to let you know, mommy misses you and Rocky very much, Skyler helps a great deal, she is you little one, I know you are talking to her,telling her what to do, baby thank you to you and Rocky, for sending me Skyler. She will never replace you both, but she is special in her own way. I love and miss you both


Hi Girly Pearly, I just wanted to say, I miss you and Rocky so very much, Auntie Jean misses you as well. Sklyer is doing great baby, momma girl , you were my life, my heart and soul, no one will ever take your or Rocky's place, but Sky is helping me, sweety I know you and Rocky both would want me to love again. Tell Rocky that I miss him so much, and I love you both. Have fun baby, I love you and Rock and we will see each other one day, than we will never be a part.

Hi All, Nancy here, I just wanted to say, that I lost Rocky 42 days after my Maxie, thank god they are together now. I miss them so much, this page is for both, love you babies


Hi Babies, well mom is going to England on Sunday, Maxie, I am sure Auntie Jean will miss having you and Rocky, Donna will miss you too.I love you both so much.

7/22/10 Hi Maxie moo moo, sorry mommy has not wrote much lately, I miss you baby so very much, your brother Rocky too. I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl, you would have been 11 years old today. Mommy loves you so very much, god I miss you, and Rocky so very much.



Hi Baby, Momma is so sorry she has not wrote sooner, Happy Thanksgiving MOO MOO, god I miss you and the boy too.Maxie, you were and are my life, I love you

Hi Babies, Well the holidays are coming up, my first without you both, I am sure you know by now about Shiloh, my new baby boy, he is a sweet baby, . I miss you both so very much. Sklyer's middle name is Maxie, after you baby girl, and Shiloh's is Rocky after you baby boy. I love and miss you both so very very much.

Hi Babies, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year to u both, my god what a year can bring, this time last year you were both here with me,I never though u would be gone. I miss you both so very much, You are always with me, there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I love you always


Hi Baby Girl, I can not believe a year has gone by, god it feels like yesterday.I miss you so very much, a day does not go by without me thinking of you. I will always love you and you will always be right here in my heart, as well as Rocky (I miss you too baby boy)


Hi Maxie & Rocky, Thinking of you both, miss and love you always, my sweet babies.


Hi babies, Sorry I have not written in a few months, I miss you both each and every day, I will never forget either 1 of you. I think about you both every day. I love you always.


Hi Baby girl, wow, 2 years ago today I let you go, I love you sweet heart and I never forget you. Its a sad day for me baby, but I know you are happy and free of pain, thats all I ever wanted for you baby, so run and play, chase lizards, enjoy your time with Rocky, and know you are always here with me, you hold my heart. I love you so so much, and god I miss you do not feel bad , mommy knows it was your time. I love you forever


My Beautiful Baby Girl, Its 4 years ago today, that we said goodbye, how I miss your silly faces, your very demanding ways, but most of all the love we shared, I am sorry if i have not posted here for a while, just know baby girl, mommy loves you always

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