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Memories of Max Collins
Leaving us yesterday was so painful and unexpected. Our only comfort is knowing you and your Beagle brother Jake are together again. It is so hard to believe we lost the both of you in only 10 weeks.

You were such a good little guy, and after Jake passed you were so very sad that I feel it was more important to you to be a true Border Collie and Big Brother that you had to do your job and be with Jake at Rainbows Bridge until Mom and Dad could be with you again.

We love you for all the joy you brought to our lives. Adopting you completed our family - even if you didn't care much for Jake when you first came home :-). But watching the two of you become inseparable was heart-warming.

I will so miss our time together on the front porch every evening waiting for daddy to come home. And all the times I almost tripped over you because you were at my heals and I would quickly change direction.

You loved all of us so much and protected our home and "your yard", especially from birds and squirrels :-)! And anyone who met you instantly fell in love. You showed us all how easy it was to want you around. Grandma and Grandpa love you. You were Grandpa's "little buddy" and Grandma's "cute guy".

Rest in peace our sweet boy. Momma will be back here soon to share more wonderful stories. Now the pain is to new.

We love and miss you so very much.
Mom & Dad

Hello my Sweet Boy,
It has been just a few days and I still cannot believe you are not here with us. I call out for you and our home is empty without you and Jake.
I am sure your brother met you "howling" and tail wagging because he missed you and knows that you where there to take care of him like you did when you were both here at home. I have heard from so many wonderful people who have seen your sweet picture and sent their sympathy. Please look after the babies of these angels here on earth like you did for us and your brother.
Love and Hugs Sweet Boy
Mom & Dad

Hello My Max,
Looking down on us you can see that dad and I have adopted two puppies. We know you are happy because that is how you came into our lives. We look at them and remember the day you came home. The difference is that you were such a good boy and needed very little training - only lots of attention and that was easy because you were so sweet and smart. Your sisters are Mollie and Sami. We think they are female versions of you and your brother Jake. They will never replace you in our hearts, but we know you sent us a message to say it is okay to share the love we all have.
Until we are all together again....
We love you and miss you so very much
Mom & Dad

Hello my sweet littel boy. Happy New Year. Christmas without you was so very hard, but the first New Years Eve without you was even harder. I missed so much having you in the middle of everyone with your party hat on. My last thoughts as I fell asleep last night were of you and Jake and how much I miss you both so very much.
Your sisters are doing great, but still too young to be involved in our celebrations like you were.
Love You My Sweet Little Guy!

Hi Sweet Boy,
You need to give your brother Jake some special attention today - it has been a year since he had to leave you, me and dad. You were so close and I know you hurt when Jake left us just as we did. When you joined Jake in Rainbow's Bridge it gave me comfort that the two of you were together again but I am still so lonely for the both of you.
Be especially good to each other today.
I love and miss you so very much. You will always be my "Sweet Boy"
Love, kisses and hugs

Hello Sweet Little Guy,
Mom hopes you are happy and taking good care of your brother. But Momma needs you to now take care of Katy girl who came to join you last night. She is still just a ltlle girl and needs a sweet boy like you to watch over her and make sure she is not afraid. Grandma and Grandpa are so very sad without her, but they will be ale to have comfort to know you and Jake will be there with her to love and protect and play.
I miss you every day my sweet. Momma loves you so very much.

Hello My Max,
It is so hard to believe you left us a year ago. The 4th of July will never be the same without you. I know you would have gone swimming with us and laid out on the deck with Grandma and Grandpa. We put you beautiful picture on the table with your patriotic plant that momma planted for you last year.
Are you taking good care of Jake and Katie. Katie needs your protection, I am sure she misses Grandma and Grandpa very much. But you are such a sweet little guy that I am sure you are being "big brother" to everyone who needs you.
I miss you as much today as every and love you and your brother more and more.
Be happy sweetheart until we are all together again.
Love Mom

Hello my sweet boy,
You are on my mind and in my heart every day. I miss you so very much. I am sure you are taking good care of your brother. I hope you are happy and playing like when you were young. Your sister Mollie is so much like you, just like Sami reminds me of Jake. She is sweet and busy and loving just like you. I think you and jake sent the girls to us as additional reminders of all the pleasure and love you gave us.
I love you very much my boy - Momma

Hey Baby Boy,
Cannot believe you left us 3 years ago - I miss you every day and this morning before anything else I kissed your picture and remembered how wonderful you are. We talked about you to friends yesterday and told them what a good boy you are. I love and miss you so very much. Be good to Jake which I know you are - and momma will see you in heaven.
Love you

Hello my sweet boy. Time has not healed the hurt when I think of you. On this July 4th Holiday, you are always missed so much. We keep your picture among the decorations so you are with us on this sad anniversary. I give your sister Mollie extra hugs and kisses on this day because she is sweet like you.
I love you my boy - Momma

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