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Memories of Max "buddy boy"
I remember the night God brought you in my life. I had to drive half way across the metroplex at a moment's notice, and hand-picked you from a large group of Boston puppies. Your name was Harley, but you were telling me Max, so I changed your name as soon as you were mine.

You were with me through everything. I know your life in the beginning was hard, and I will never forgive myself for not getting you out of that sooner. I tried the best I could, and I want you to know your safety and happiness was truly always my priority.

I'm sorry we couldn't find out what was wrong with you sooner. I'm sorry you had to suffer while we tried to figure it out.

Your strength and loyalty was always unwavering, and you always followed every rule. You saved my life, and I'm so sorry I couldn't save yours.

I'm so glad we met Jenna. You formed an immediate bond with her, and I'm so happy you got to experience so much love from another human being.

I hope you're enjoying unlimited chicken nuggets, peanut butter and treats. Lap up all the water you can without worrying about getting sick. There are no more restrictions, buddy boy. No more physical limits, no cats constantly messing with you, and no more diapers. Be at peace and rest.

Millie, Annie and Katie wonder where you are, and we will make sure they never forget you. You will never be replaced, and our family is broken without you.

Remember all the adventures we've had? You were by my side through everything. Thank you for always being "up for the challenge", and going with the flow with the constant changes there for a while.

You were always up for a good ol' bye-byes, even it meant just driving around the corner and back.

I wear a locket of your fur, and it helps to have you with me all the time. I will always keep your collar and leash so I can smell you and remember our happy memories going on walks, and to your favorite- the park.

We love you eternally, and we know we will see you again. Thank you for everything.

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