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Memories of Max
Max, our best 'lil buddy. You brought us joy and so much happiness. The way you pranced and did your little poopy dance. You never did really walk or ran, you hopped like a bunny. You loved to chase lizards and bask in the sunshine. You had a one of a kind personality. You were the perfect little puppy. Your little tail was always wagging. You were such a happy little boy. We called you by many names, Waggy Tail, Maxie, Maxie Doodle, Maximus. You had so many names. Daddy called you his Best 'Lil Buddy.

To Brandy, you were her best friend and you were hers. When you had your back surgery, she wouldn't leave your side. She would always lay right next to your crate and even got in the same bed with you at times. When she found her eternal peace, I think a piece of you went with her. I know when you found your eternal peace, a piece of me went with you.

You brought us 16 years of love, company, smiles and lots of sugars. We love you so much and there is definitely a void in my heart. You have your wings now baby. You can play and run around again. You can walk the infinite walls of heaven looking for lizards and bask in the sunshine again.

I now carry your blanket around with me, it brings me a little comfort. I'm never washing it, I don't want to ever lose your smell. I got your signs that you made it across the bridge. I had two butterflies that came to see us. One yellow and one orange. That was you and Brandy playing. We love you and will forever miss you but will see you in our next life. Until then, remember that Mommy will always love you.

Love, Mommy, Daddy and Grandma

10.07.2022 - Max, it's been a week since you left us. Tears are still rolling down my cheeks. We all miss you but I especially miss you. You were my angel for 16 years. Life is just not the same without you in it. The house is empty without you in it. The little pitter patters of your feet, your Maxie noises and sugars are just a few things I miss. I still cuddle up with your blanket on the sofa and snuggle with it at night, I breathe in deeply to smell you, your scent is still there. We've had a candle burning every day since you left. I hope you are doing ok, I'm sure you are. I know you found Brandy immediately and by now you have found Rudie and all of Daddy's fur babies. Max, I miss you like crazy and remember, Mommy loves you so much baby.

P.S., I got a tattoo of a little doxie, heart and paw print after you left us. Crazy, I know!! I've also been looking at shadow boxes to put your little paw print in, a picture or two and the little bow tie you used to wear on your harness. I don't have your remains yet but am planning the perfect memorial site for you at home. I also visit your memorial every day here on the rainbow bridge.

Love, Mommy

10.14.2022 My dearest Maxie, it's been two weeks since you had to leave us. It's been the roughest two weeks of my life. You came back home yesterday, where you belong. The people who took care of you in the afterlife did a good job. They took your paw print on clay and engraved it. They also put your paw print on the urn and clipped some of your fur and put it in a little vial with a pretty ribbon around it. They also included your paw print in ink and engraved that as well. Mommy's just glad to have you back home!! I still snuggle with your blanket at night. I miss you like crazy. I'm sure you hear me talking to you. I watch your videos all the time. One of my favorites was when you had your back surgery and you were scooting around. Daddy just came home from work and you scooted across the floor to him for your treat. The song "Personality" was playing in the background and you were scooting around to the beat. That's your song baby. You had the best personality EVER!!

Mommy's been thinking about getting a rescue. Is that alright with you? Nobody and I mean NOBODY could ever take your place but it's lonely and the rescues need homes. I am meeting 1 tomorrow. His name is Sebastian. He's a mixed Min Pin and Chihuahua. Daddy agrees that he needs a loving home. If we adopt him, he WILL NOT be using your blanket. We have other blankets he can use and he also comes with one. He also comes with a bed so he won't be using yours. I crawl into your bed sometimes and just take a deep breath in to smell you!! I will for sure let you know how it goes with him.

In the meantime, take care my little angel. Come say hi to Mommy. And remember, Mommy loves you SO MUCH!!!

With all my heart, Love Mommy

10.21.2022 My Dearest Max: It's been 3 weeks since you had to leave us. I know you're doing just fine, playing, eating, running around with the zoomies and just having a blast without a care in the world! Last I talked to you, I told you that Mommy and Daddy were going to meet a doggie and possibly adopt him. I wanted to let you know that we met him AND he went home with us. His name is Harley. He's got some of your traits. I have to HAND FEED HIM!!! I'm hoping he gets over this phase and will just eat. I told Daddy it's like deja vu all over again. You always had to be hand fed since Brandy passed. Anyway, Harley is like an Angel, that's how I know you sent him to us. He's almost just as sweet as you. He's 2 years old and spent his life in a cage. His owner finally gave him up and took him to a rescue where he lived with his foster parents for a month. THANK YOU for sending him to us, Max! Nobody can fill the void you left but there are so many dogs in which their owners gave up on them or just didn't want them anymore. I can't even imagine. Just seeing all the dogs out there up for adoption and their stories just breaks my heart. Max, I love you more than you'll ever know. Give Brandy and Rudy sugars for me.

With all my heart, Love Mommy

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