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Memories of Max
Max was given to us in the fall of 2008, he was a blessing for us and for our Cinders ( our sweet Black Lab) who had lost her companion Blaze, a Golden Retriever, to cancer and was so lonely until Max showed up . What a energetic little guy he was and Cinders went from a sad pup to a happy one, Max could make everyone smile a little 13lb Shih Tzu that ruled the house and our 90lb Lab Cinders was ok with it. Max was the hunter and would sniff out anything on the ground but most of all loved to chase the squirrels and chipmunks , never caught one that I know of but loved the sport.

Every warm summer afternoon when mommy got home from work they would set together on the deck/porch, eat cheese and drink beer. Max's favorite human food was cheese. After I retired Max, Cinders and I would go for walks and our short little legged Max would out walk Cinders and I and never seem to get tired, as we walked the hills of Baragon Road.

The last few weeks of Max life we spent most of the day holding him, he was so sick and when we found out he was in Kidney failure we knew that it was time to let go it broke our hearts, The little guy as sick as he was he would still look at me with those big brown eyes and wag his tail.

Dearest Max we will all meet again by the Rainbow Bridge, and we will carry you and Cinders across the Rainbow Bridge, never ever leaving you again. No worries my little friend Mommy and I will never forget you, we will forever hold you in our hearts we love you so ... Till we meet again little guy XOXO
Mommy Brenda & Daddy Gary
Max, sweet heart, Its been two weeks since you left and our hearts ache for you, You were such a blessing for us and also for Cinders who is now with you. Someday Mommy and Daddy will walk down the road that leads to the field by Rainbow Bridge,we will see one another along with other friends and never be apart again as we walk over the Bridge.
Tell all the other Fur Babies and feathered friends that there moms and dads will soon be with them too. Goodnight my little boy we love you so much.

2/7/ 2018
Hi our sweet Max, We got your ashes the other day, so your home again and although we can't see you we can feel you in our hearts and will never forget you. No worries our baby boy Mommy and Daddy will put your ashes in those places you loved to be. I would do anything to hold you right now but I know that I can not ... Daddy loves you and Miss you so much , Mommy has a broken heart but she is getting stronger each day. We know that you are safe and with Cinders and those thoughts get us through I will visit with you Tomorrow.. XOXOXO
I was writing to Cinders and I heard a noise in the kitchen I noticed a mouse the other day so it probably was the one you chased a few weeks ago,It made me think of you,as so many things I come across during the day do. It makes me happy in away but also so sad when I realize you are gone. Mommy and I will be going away for a couple days Cinders can tell you where, I will write on Sunday until then my little guy be safe and nuzzle Cinders XOXOXO
Hi Our little big hearted warrior... sweet Max we will be at the Monday candle light memorial in a little while please look down on us and give us a little bark like you use to when you wanted a piece of cheese, we will be able hear you if not with our ears with our hearts. I know your best friend and sister Cinders is with you watching over you and ready to find you when someone thinks your lost, you remember when Daddy and Mommy use to worry when you had gone off into the woods alone and we'd send our big girl Cinders after you and she would lead us to you every time. We love you so very much and you have lots of fun there in the fields of flowers by Rainbows Bridge... soon to talk again. Mom and dad
HI sweet Max My little boy, Daddy misses you so much . I miss you cuddling me at night as you lay by my side and our sweet girl cinders Laying next to us also. We were such good buddies. I wonder why my Babies had to leave I can only pray that all is alright with your souls I know God would never let anymore harm ever come to you. Happy Valentines my little sweet guy. I will keep a light on for you so that you can see down from Heaven and know that someday we will be together again with Mommy and our Cindybens. I love you Little Max and I will ask the lord to keep you and Cinders safe from all harm. Rest peacefully Daddy and Mommy
Hi My little guy , I miss you and love you with all my heart. Yesterday was Valentines day and I thought about you and our sweet Cinders most of the day . We are having logs taken from our wood lot today and you would have love to be barking at the big work horses that they used to skid the logs , they take very good care of them , they also have a big golden Lab he is a very nice pup he is very young and a little clumsy, you'd love him. I Pray to God that you are in a safe place and are happy. I want to hold you so much at night time like I used to. Mommy misses you very much, she doesn't show it like I do but she misses you just as much and Loves you too . Make sure that you and Cinders watch out for one another and nuzzle her for me sweet heart I will talk to you again very soon. Love You My little guy Daddy and Mommy ... I Put a pretty blue blanket by your Marker use it when you need to sweet baby.
HI my little sweet Max We have been missing you, its been over three weeks since Daddy held you when you went to sleep ,finally no Pain,,, When you awoke you were and are now in a peaceful place never to be in any kind of pain again. I will leave you a toy , and I will come back again tomorrow, we love you so much. I was with Cinders for awhile tonight make sure you take care of her my little guy Good Night hugs and kisses Dad and Mommy
Hi my sweet Max .... I miss you so much its not any easier when I cam home and you didn't come meet me it broke my heart I don't think I will ever get over loosing you and your sister Cinders and I don't ever want to but I do want get by some of the ache in my heart and I know that's what you would want if you were able to talk to me we will bet getting a new pup soon and I will tell you about it , No worried my little buddy He or she will never take your place in my heart there is a special place that just is for you and sweet Cinders . I will visit tomorrow at the Candle light service , it make me feel close to you and the cinderbens , until then little sweet heart, I Miss you and love you so much and Mommy does too. Daddy
Hi Max my beautiful sweet boy, mom and daddy love you and miss you and Your Sister so very much. We will always be thinking of you and praying that God grants us the ability to have you by our side again someday in His Kingdom. We will be visiting the Monday Night Candlelight service tomorrow and light a candle for you and your sweet sister. Honey I know that you will forever be in my and Mommy's heart and just a breath away and when that day comes upon that beautiful bridge we will be raised up and cross over and be with our Lord and savior and never weep or hurt or be hungry or cold, never sick and always with joy and love in our hearts, we will all be together. Good night my little guy with a big heart and proud spirit. Love you, Mommy and Daddy XOXO
2/23/18 Hi my Max-er We miss you and love you so very much . We found a place that has a Shih Tzu that looks like you and Mommy and I are going to go get him next week He will never will take your place in our hearts but will find a place of his own. We haven't picked a name yet wondering what you and Cinders would like , We will try to find another Black Lab like Cinders this spring. We Loved you both so very much we are looking to match your make, I mean breed ,, I will let you know once we name him . Look for Blaze Jake Levi (all Golden Retrievers ) and Max the cat. Good night my sweet boy talk to you again soon , love you Mommy and Daddy.
2/25/18 Hi little guy Mommy and I miss you so much, I still have trouble understanding why you had to get so sick and had to leave us , and then Cinders the same way 10 days later I'm so sorry for not catching you sickness in time I cry sometimes when I go to bed and your not there by my side nuzzling me and rubbing your head against me like you used t do. I know you are ok now but still wish you could be here with me and mommy ..I will be visiting your memorial along with Cinders tomorrow ... Good night my sweet pup .... \
Hi my sweet Max its been awhile since I talked to you and Cinders, I Know that your doing ok and have plenty of pals and you have each other. If there are people with you now, I have Grandfathers and Grandmothers aunts and uncles and Mother and Father .. I pray that they are with you from time to time and comforting you , someday sooner then you know we will be there with you . We have a new pup its a little guy like you his name is Chewy .Sometime later we will be getting a bigger pup like Cinders , we loved you both so much and you both had such great manners, especially you Cinders and Max you were too. I will visit you at the Monday memorial tonight Love you and Miss you so much Mommy and Daddy

March 31 2018
Hi my loving Max me and Mommy miss you so much , we have a little puppy looks a lot like you and he loves cheese just like you did and he's a Shih Tzu too just like you, he is only 12 weeks old and his teeth are coming in so he bites a lot but we can put up with it, Oh max I miss you how you would sniggle me at night and always be near me . Tomorrow is Easter and I have given you some red Roses to mark the Blood our dear Lord and Savior shed for us so that some day we will all be together where you and Cinders and all the other fur babies me and Mommy had. I know that Cinders watches out for you but do me a favor my sweet pup make sure you stay close to her and snuggle her at night and she will snuggle you and the warmth of her will be the warmth I still hold in my heart for you and her.. I will be with your spirit Monday as I will be with you and Cinders as well as other fur babies . Good Night my little guy I will never ever forget you and always love you. God Bless your spirit
Hi my little guy my heart still hurts when I picture you laying on my lap as I tried to get you to eat something. You where so tired and so sick yet you still would look up and smile at us and want us to hold you I miss you so much and although we now have little Chewy and he is so loveable but we will never forget you and someday we will all be together again and that day will be most wonderful... good night sweet Max XXXOOO
HI my little guy Today I'm missing you so much .. I miss you setting on my lap and sleeping next to me at night . I miss your little face next to mine and the little kiss that you'd give me . You would love to hunt the chipmunks and since you have been gone there are so many now . Our little Chewy not only looks a lot like you but also loves to chase the Chipmunk's . The first day f summer is soon coming so I can imagine how much fun your having with all the fur babies that now you play together with Cinders. Today I'm missing you and Cindy so much and my heart aches for you . I have changed the flowers and added a swimming pool for you and the same for your great friend Cindy. I will visit you and cinders tonight at the candle light service . I pray that God will bring us all together soon and we will then be together for ever and once again be happy.
XXXXXXOOOOOO Love you and miss you little guy Mommy and Daddy

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