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Memories of Max

Max (Macky);

I love you SO VERY much.
You were the BEST doggie EVER.
You were the CUTEST doggie EVER.
You were the most fun loving dog.
You were a people dog. You loved people. People loved you.
The groomer loved you. She called you "curly top" as you hair was partially curly instead of straight(Full AKC Shih TZU). You were groomed so perfect! Occasionally when I took you there as soon as we entered through the door you would turn around and head back out the door. You never had problems getting groomed. The groomers daughter once wanted to trade her dog for you.
You were so cute sleeping in your beds with your chin resting on the edge of bed.
One time you jumped into your toy bag and used it as your bed. God forbid if anyone ever tried to get your precious toys. You would be very protective of your toys. Your favorite was the big long skunk that my brother Paul gave to you. You would get a toy in your mouth and shake it soooo hard that it went flying across the room. We would find some behind the TV cabinet.You liked to get a new toy as you played with the newer ones as soon as you received it.
You loved running through the grass.
You loved pushing your nose through the snow.
When Cathy came downstairs in the morning you would come slowly out to the kitchen (half asleep) and she would call you her "little sunshine".
You love to eat! When you were very young you would leave one or two crunchies in your bowl. Later you would clean out the bowl. If you were ever out of water you would jump up with your back feet at your water bowl letting us know you were out of water
You loved riding in the car, sitting on my arms while I drive and looking out the windshield and side window, day and night, occasionally hitting the turn signal and window opener buttons. A police officer pulled along side of us and asked jokingly "What is that, a Pit Bull"?
You loved going with me to pick up Cathy from work, and getting to see her friends.
You loved to be carried and held in our arms. You always rested your head on Cathy's shoulder.
You would absolutely go crazy whenever I came back from being in CT for two months. You would not let me out of your sight for a few days hoping that I would not leave you again. You would sleep in bed with me, right near my pillow.
You loved sleeping on a blanket on my lap on the recliner. You would sometimes snuggle in between the left chair arm and my left leg with your right front paw on my left leg. You would patiently stand up whenever you wanted to get water or go to your own bed.
You would like to follow me upstairs, downstairs, or outside. You just did not want us to leave. You would make crying sounds whenever Cathy or I would leave. You would grab a slipper or shoe of ours and drag it out onto open floor letting us know you were not happy for us leaving him.
You would patiently sit under the kitchen table while we were eating lunch or dinner (hoping something would drop off the table on the floor) because you new you received a treat after we finished our meal. You would go to your designated spot to receive your treat. You always dropped down to the floor and put your front paws out in front of you as if your were begging. If we forgot to give you your treat you would let us know. You were smart enough to know that you would not get a treat after breakfast, so you would not be under the table at breakfast time.
You loved to eat. You would always clean out your bowl at each meal.
You knew when it was meal time. Twice per day.
You gave us unconditional love. We reciprocated, and I wish I had done more.
You would roll over on your side and stretch out your paws whenever we asked you if you wanted to go for a "walkie", letting us know you were not in favor.. Once you got going you enjoyed your walks through the neighborhood.

When we visited you at the hospital I was afraid that you did not love us anymore after waiting too long to take you to the Veterinarian Emergency Hospital. Evidently you did still love us. You somehow found the energy to get up and walk over to us. You loved us. Cathy and I hugged and kissed you and I said to be a good doggie, like I always said to you. The veterinary staff loved you and one of the technicians came over to see you on her day off. The Veterinarian Doctors also got attached to you. Your primary Doctor was really heartbroken over your loss. I am sure they had given you the best care over your week stay, even providing Veterinary Technicians by your side 24 X 7.

Max, I made the biggest mistake of my life by not taking you to the Veterinarian Emergency Hospital when I first noticed something was wrong with you. You were trying to tell me you had something very seriously wrong with you and I thought it was from a different treat you got the night before. I don't know why I did not take action sooner. This may have made a difference in the outcome, I will NEVER know. This will bother me for the rest of my life. This is the absolute worse thing that ever has happened to me. I do not know why I did not rush you to the Veterinarian Emergency Hospital. Max, I am VERY, VERY sorry. I will NEVER forget you. You are in my heart FOREVER. I wanted to die before you, so that I would not have to go through this, but I wouldn't want you to be hurt by me going first, either. We will be back together when I pick you up at Rainbow Bridge. Max, your ashes are going to be buried with me. We will be back together when I pick you up at Rainbow Bridge, and cross that bridge together. I hope you are having lots of fun with the other doggies and animals at Rainbow Bridge.

Max, I have a memorial for you at Rainbow Bridge and in our yard next to your outside area. There are flowers, a cross and a picture of you. We have a collage of all the pictures of you on the wall in the back hallway above your favorite bed. I will be visiting them often.
We are totally heartbroken over your loss. I will never get over it and I do not want to get over it. I keep asking myself why? Why? You were only 9 years old (just turned nine). Max, I said all the prayers I could, but it did not work. I feel I am getting paid back for things I have done wrong. This is the ABSOLUTE WORSE thing that has ever happened to me.

I am going to do all the things I could so that you will be honored and remembered as the BEST DOGGIE EVER. I have photos of you all around the house, on my computer, in my truck, and even on t-shirts. I have your name embroidered on my hats.
I look at your picture that is on the ledge between our kitchen and family room and talk sweet things that we enjoyed, both morning day and night. You are the first one in my prayers every night.

I will love you forever, Macky. I want to be with you AGAIN.



We are getting a lot of responses since you have entered Rainbow Bridge, how a handsome guy you are, etc. Even have a bunch of new friends Pressy, Persesus, Finnbar, Rocky, Ginger Pedro now. Don't go eating all there food they leave in their dishes.
Thanks to so many people that have experienced the same love, attention, and heart break as we did and now have there pet's residing at Rainbow Bridge playing with other pets and waiting for the day that they will be picked up at Rainbow Bridge.

Hi Macky,
I love you and miss you so very much. You were a perfect little doggie. I talk to you every day and say a special good night to your picture every night. I hope you can forgive me for not realizing that you needed help. It was very stupid of me, and I will have to live with it the rest of my life.
I updated your memorial to a summer scene. You never did like hot and/or humid weather. It was hard for you to breathe. Remember when I took you for an ice cream to cool you down? You loved it.
I have built a memorial near your outside play area. I have just one more thing to do, and I will take a picture and post it at Rainbow Bridge.
We are getting another Shih Tzu.I did not want to get another dog, but Cathy wanted another Shih Tzu and I could not deny her. He will not be sharing any of your toys, beds, your outside area,
or anything else of yours. They are for you, forever.
I will let you know the new doggies name when we come up with a name. He is NOT going to be you.
You are number 1 in my heart and will ALWAYS be number 1. I am looking forward to the day when I can pick you up at Rainbow Bridge and be with you again. I love you Macky.


6/15/2016 Hi Macky; I love you SO MUCH, and MISS YOU. I hope you are OK. I think of you all the time.


10/21/2016 Hi Macky. You know I love you so very much. I miss you. And i am so sorry for what happened. Someday we will be back together.That will make it so happy for me.

I have your picture with me all the time and talk to it daily. I have to in order to keep you in my heart, forever.

I've updated your memorial to fall scenery and updated background music.

We have a new Shih Tzu puppy named Bailey. He is cute and fresh. He is not as cute as you and smart as you. You were one in a trillion. He does not use any or your belongings or toys. Those are yours forever. He does use the cage which you only used one day with the door open. You did not care for the cage.

Macky, I hope you are having fun at Rainbow Bridge. It was the only place I could put you and still communicate with you.

Your birthday is coming up next week. I will remember you and the day we took you home as a two and one-half pound baby. That was the beginning of a happy life for me to only last 9 years. It was all too soon.

Macky, I will talk to you next week. I love you doggie.


Macky, you are 10 years old today. Happy Birthday. I love you so very much.
I would always get you something for your birthday, either a toy or some kind of chewy food that you liked. All I can give you now is all my love.
I miss you so very much.
I hope you had a good day.
I will talk to you again soon.


Macky, it is one year exactly from the time you had that awful, awful experience.
It eats my heart out every day for me not recognizing you needed help badly. You had never complained and never got sick. You are a beautiful doggie, and I love you so much. You spent one week suffering in the veterinarian hospital. I saw with my own eyes what you had gone through. IF I only had responded faster to your needs.
For that I suffer not having you here with me. Your ashes are going to be with my ashes and we will be back together the. No one will ever be able to separate us again, NOBODY.
This Christmas week is going to be awful for me, remembering everything that happened one year ago. It is just something I have to go through. Yes, I wish you never had to go through your what you did one year ago. I am super cautious with Bailey, and he still gets things in his mouth that he should not. It is not your faults. You do not know what is harmless and what is not. It is ours to keep you safe. It is not easy, but if you are going to have a pet you love, it is OUR responsibility.
Our new Bailey (Shih Tsu)is a loving dog. I cannot go without loving him, and I am doing everything possible to keep him safe. I never can go through this again.
Bailey is different from you, fun and loving. He is trying to give us the love we enjoyed from you, and Bailey and we know he will never be like Macky.
It is also the beginning of the winter season. You love pushing your cute face in the snow. I am going to change your scenery so that you will be in sync with what is here on earth.
Macky, I hope this Christmas season for you will be fun and joy at Rainbow Bridge,
and I hope you never remember last Christmas season.

I love you Macky so much!


12/29/2016 Macky, it has been one year exactly since the worst day of my life EVER!
I wish that day and week NEVER happened. I take full responsibility for what happened to you. All I can do now is talk to you and look at your pictures daily.
The tears will NEVER dry, and the heart will NEVER heal. I want to be back with you...Macky!


3/6/2017 Hi Macky,
I love you so much and miss you so much. We have Bailey now, but it is not the same. He is a Mommy's dog. You were a Daddy's dog. He is fun and has a different personality than you. I would not want anything to happen to him. He is more of a "freshie" and you were the "goodie". It is too bad that what happened to you, taught me a very big lesson. I wish I was more careful and I am trying to be very cautious this time. Bailey puts everything in his mouth and does not know what it is.I quickly remove items from his mouth that he has picked up.If he is quiet you know he is up to something no good.I am going to post some of his pictures here, so you can see what he looks like.
I've updated your scenery to the spring season, and the music of you are Always On My Mind which you are and you know it.You know that I talk to you everyday.I need to finish your outside memorial and get your photos up on the hallway wall above where you slept so cute in your bed in the back hallway. Macky, I love you and PLEASE wait for me.



Hi Macky,
This is two years since you have been gone.I can never forgive myself for letting this happen to you.You are always No.1 in my heart. You know I talk to you every night, and that will continue until I meet you at Rainbow Bridge and we are back together.I am going to say some prayers for you right now. I just finished saying prayers. I love you Macky so much. I will continue on Monday New Years day.Talk to you tonight.


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