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Memories of Max
Max was my baby...really. I moved to US from Europe in November 2000. I was so home sick that my husband asked me one day if I would like to have a little kitten. Without thinking for a second I agreed. I always liked cats. Meanwhile our friend's mama cat had a few babies and he told us to come and pick one up. He also said all kittens are so beautiful with blue eyes. We were very excited and couldn't wait when we can make a trip to his house and bring home a new member of our family. Finally this day came. What a surprise waited for us...instead of beautiful fluffy ball we met an absolutely hairless kitty with big ears and long thin tale. The only truth about him was....beautiful blue eyes. We looked at each other and my husband told me...we don't have to pick him up..we can find us prettier cat. And I said..no..we told your friend we are going to take him and we will do it. So he came home with us. For three days he was hiding behind the washing machine and no matter how I tried to block everything around there I still found him behind the washing machine every morning. After first week living with us my husband told me...he seems so wild..we can take him back if you want to. I said ..no...he will stay with us. Who couldn't even think that such a wild and ugly kitten will grow in gorgeous, loving and sweet cat. All my family was crazy about him. But for me he was very special...he was my inspiration...he helped me to adjust in the new country. He followed me everywhere in the house or on the backyard..like a little dog. My husband always said..he thinks you are his Mom. I was his Mom. I spoiled him as much as I could...especially in his last days. We know our pets will not live forever but it seems it is never enough time we spent with them. Max lived only 12 years...but wonderful 12 years..full of love, care and attractiion. I hope he will like his new home and find lots of friends to play with. One day we will meet and never be apart again.....

Good morning, my little boy. It's been a week since you crossed the Rainobow Bridge. Mama misses you so much...
Hello, my pretty boy!It's been a month.... I hope you are doing well and enjoy playing on Rainbow Bridge. Just want to say we miss you so much...Life is not the same without you...
Hey, baby! It's been almost a year since you left us. We have new companions.. two Birman kitties. Chloe likes to play in your little house. I am sure you would be friends. We are still missing you so much. I hope you enjoy your place in Heaven. Love you always....

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