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HI, MAX HOW ARE DOING ? WE MISS YOU SO MUCH. IT IS VERY HARD FOR US REALIZE YOU ARE GONE IN BODY, BUT WE HAVE YOUR SPIRIT WITH US IN A PRETTY URN. YOU SIT ON THE SOFA WITH US AND GO TO THE NIGHTSTAND WHEN WE GO TO BED. THE DOG TAG THAT YOU WORE FOR SO MANY YEARS IS AROUND MY NECK NOW AN WILL REMAIN THERE TILL I DIE. YOUR MOM CARRIES YOUR OTHER DOG TAGS ON HER KEY CHAIN,SO YOU SEE YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH US. IAM NOT ABLE TO TALK ANYMORE RIGHT NOW BUT WILL BE TOUCH YOU SOON, LOVE AND KISSES, MOM & DAD. 2/8/11 max hope you weren't asleep.have you been having fun with your new friends. have you caught any squiarls yet? max we still miss you very much and think about youall day long..me wearing your dog tag helps but it isn't like having you with us. we will say goodnite and sweet dreams, don't snore, ha! love and kisses mom &dad. 2/16/11 hay max how are you alltoday? i hope you are still having fun playing with other dogs. boy i sure do miss you i think aboutyou all day long. I got your paw print today and i could harly bare to touch it. i just sat and stared at it and rememdering how you didn't like anybody touching your paw and i smiled. I polished up your dog tag Iam wearing and boy it show does look good. I show it to everybody. I get all upset when I talk to you so I will have to go for now. Your mom, said hi and that she loves and misses you so much. Good night by boy, I will talk to you soon, Love Dad.2/22/11 hey max,hows it going old boy? boy I sure do miss you. I still thank about you everyday, how we use to go for rides in my truck an yu would hang you head out the window and let the wind blow those big ears. Hey do you remmener that time when we were riding and i had to get out of the truck to mail a letter. when I came back you were so happy to see me you jumped up on the arm rest and hit the door lock button,it was raining and I was lock out. I finally got you hit the button again and let me in., i was soaking wet, your tail was just a wagging. I enjoy our talks. I feel like when we talk we are very close, I love you boy, Dad Mom sends her love also. 3/8/11 hi max. how are you doing ihope that you and you friends ar getting along ok. every day we miss you more and more. you were such a big part of our lives. you gave us so much love anbd support when we needed it. i hope you realize just how much we loved you. sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and think of all the times we would go a walk . if you got tired you would find a shady place and lay down. remme nber when we walking and that pit bull attacked you. ionly had that little boop shovel to beat him off with, finally i hit him in the eyese and he took off.lucky you did not have scracth. i kow it is late and you want to go to sleep so i will say good by for now. iam going to get your urn and holdit the rest of the night like i always do. remmenber to pee so you don"t wet your bed. your mom and me love you very and miss you terribilty. 3/14/11 hi max did i wake you up, hope not have you been chasing squirals? boy imiss you and wish you were here. hey do you remmenber how we use to play hide and seek? i would hide in the bathroom and call you. you would all over downstairs and when you would find me, you would be so happy that you would run around in circles. i forgot to tell you we put your picture on the monument and boy does it look great. iam going to add some pictures so other people that visit you can tell just how pretty you were. max i forgot to tell you something. a few days after you went to rainbowbridge i was sitting in the kitchen and i heard your paws clicking across the kitchen floor . i knew that you had come back to say good bye. please come back again if just for only a few minutes. max i got to go now but will talk to you soon. your mother and me miss you so much we still are having a hard time with you gone,but knowing you are in s special place and we will all be together someday helps. love mom and dad. hi max,dad just have a minute but i wanted to see how you were. not much going on , i broke a rib but will be ok. iam trying to be just as tuff as you were in your final days. max i miss you so much. i hope you haven't forgotten us. welol like i said i didn't but a minute. you take care an i will write you soon,love dad . mom sends her love. 3/24/11 max, dad how are doing , ihope ok. your mom and me miss you just as much if not more than we did when you left us. ihaven't heard your footsteps lately. i hope that you may able to visit if just for a minute.i hope and pray that you are doing ok and having fun with your new freinds. i went out and sat in the swing and all i could think of you,how you like to swing,but not to fast. you know when we uused to go to the park and walk, you would sniff at everything. it would take us and hour to just walk i/2 a mile , but i din't care, you were having fun. well you mother is calling me for supper an i had better go. imiss not being able to toss you scraps..i miss you boy, dad mom sends her love too.we both hold you while we watch tv. and then take you to our bedroom as we always did , i have got to go now ,dad. 3/31/11 max you better wake up sleepyhead, its dad. iknow you take a short nap about this time everyday just before supper. i bet you have been chasing squirals as always. remmenber when you caought one in the back yard, your mom and sister screamed scared you to dead and you dropped it. i don't think that you caught another one. i got to go to the hospital for another test and i hate it just like you did when you went to the vet. iguess i better go now . just wanted to say hay. it helps me to talk to you we miss you so much. you take care and have a good supper. love dad & mom. 4/5/11 m ax, dad how are doing. seems like i talk to you when are napping an i am sorry. ijust wanted to let you know that i heard your foot prints on the floor the other night when i was alone an eating supper. boy it show did make me feel good knowing that you can back for just a short visit, plase do it again when you get a chance.. not much going on here just sitting and thanking of you and how much i miss you. plase take care of your self . i got to go now. you take of yourself dad. mom snds her love and kisses. 4/11/11 max i don't have but a minute. just wanted to let you know i can't talk for a few days as we are going out of town. i wanted to take you with us but me and your mom though someone my steel you you out of the car or motel room, so we tought it best that you stay home this time. we want be gone but for a few days and i will write you when we get back. good bye for now , we miss you alot, love mom and dad. hi, max how are you? i miss you more4 everyday more and more. i jhust can't seem to get you out of my mind and i don;t care. have you been havibg fun with your freinds. have you found missy yet? she is up there playing with other cats so you will have go over there and find her. as i said we went on our trip, but i didn't enjoy it because you were not with us. remmember how we would fix you a bed in th back seat, you did enjoy riding. listen i better go know but i will talk to you soon,ok. we miss and love you so much mom and dad 4/27/11 hi max, how is it going? i been thinking about you more today than ever and i just had to talk to you. max i tought it would get easier, but it hasn't. i miss just as much now as i did we you left. it helps to talk you though. you still chasing them squirals? i bet by now you have caught one, be sure and don"t hurt it. max i guess i had better go for now but i will talk to you again real soon. your mom sends her love, be good love dad. 5/19/11 max hi how are today. sorry i haven't talk to you lately, but things have been hectic. i so do miss you . i still thank about you everyday wishing that you were still hear. life just isn't the same without you. i was just thinking the other day it should would be nic e if you go on vacation with us again being how you like to ride. the other day i thought that you had come home again. the other day is was in the bathroom and all of sudden the door sung open.. remmember you use to push it open if anybody was in there. iloved you so much max and will always love you and look for the day that we can be together again forever well i guess i better go for now . have fun with your freinds. love mom and dad. 6/5/11 max, its dad. how are you doing today. today i have really been thing about you, how much i wish you were still here. i miss you so much. it helps me to talk to you and i hope that it helps you too. have you benn bsy chasing squirals? the other day we were a a parade and saw another dachound. he was little like you when i brought you home, but was not as pretty. max you were such great dog , friend and copanion to me and your mom. you have no idea how much support you gave us when we needed.. always when we were down you showed us your greast love, as you sort of senced that we needed some comfort. i will never forget that. hay i polished up your dog tag that i am wesring and boy it looks good, i show it to everybody. did i tell you that i got your picture in my cello phon e. every time i turn it on i see your face, it makes me feel good. well its late so i better say goodnite and hope you sleep good. love dad. mom also sends her love. 7/2/11 max, dad how are you? hope you idn"t think that i forgot you, did you? never in a miilion years. i have been pretty busy trying to paint the house and put shutters up. i been late coming in and to tire to talk to you. max i miss you just as much now as when you left and that will never change. i still hold you every nite when i am watching tv. i wish i could send you apicture of your urn, man it is shure prety, i know that you would like it. iam sure you have settled into you new home and have found a lot of freinds, remmember that one day we will all be together with you, so be patience because we will be there and we will be together foever, love dad, mom sends her love too. 8/7/11 max, dad how have you been. boy i sure do miss you..i still thank about you every day. you still playing with the squirals up there/? not much going on here. its been real hot for the last two months, you would not like it. you never did like the heat. you still sit on the sofa with me every nite and go upstairs with us when it is bed time. max i need to talk to you about something. your mom wants get another cat like missy. you remember missy, your and her use to play all the time. if we do decide to get a cat i want you to know that it will n ever take your place in our hearts. you will always be very special, nobody can ever take your place. well i guess i will let you go for now an i will let you know if we get a cat. love dad, mom sends her love too.. 8/31/11 max dad, whats going on? its been awhile since i talked to you and i am sorry. but i want you to know that miss you just as much as i didmwhen you left. just want to let you know that we haven't decided on gettng a cat. we are so lonely without nyou to comfort us, we need someone. i remmber hoq you and missy use to play all the time and now that both of you are gone there is just a big void. i hope yu want be mad if we decide to get a cat. by the way have you seen missy lately? tell her we said hey and that we miss her also. well i guess i better go for now, but will talk to you soon. much love mom and dad. 10/28/11 max, o boy how have you been doing. i know it has been awhile since we talked and i am sorry. istill thank about you everyday. still hold you when i watch tv and still take you to bed with us when we go. you know i told you that we were thinking about getting a cat and i would let you know if we did. well we didn't get a cat but we got a mexican chichuachua. please let me explain.. a lady sent us a Email saying that she had resueded this girld dog that they were getting ready to put to sleep. it seems the dog had been used for breding and since she could not do it any more they didn't need her. i hope you understand and realize that she will never take your place in our hearts altho we will love her and take good care her uou will always be number one. me and your mother still miss you so much you were such a big part of our lives. i hope everything is going good for you. well supper is ready i guess i better go, i love you my boy, you take care, love mom and dad. 12/21/11 max , dad. how are you doing . i want to apolize for not writing you sooner, but things have been pretty hettic.. as i told you we got that chichuachi. she is really sweet. you would have like her very much. she isn"t like all the other chichuachuas. she does not bark or skake.. but she will never as good as you were. you were the perfect dog, companion and friend and we will always love you. her name is lola and all we been able to find out is that shge is between 5 and 13 years of age . one dr. says 13 another says she 5 in any case we will take care of her until her time comes. well again it is supper time i guess i better go for now and i will write you soon. ps this will be the first christmas we will have without you in 19 years and it will be hard to deal with that. you remmmember how you loved your xmas stockins. we will again put one up for you and save what in it till we meet again.. love you mom and dad. 4/2/2012 max, dad how are you doing. please o be mad at you for not writing soonner. i have no excuses. by me not writing you soon dos not mean we have forgotten you, that will never happened. everything here is ok . lola has adjusted to us and is getting along just find. i know that you two would have gotten along real good. i guess i had better go. i just wanted to let you lnow that we still miss you and still forward to the day we may meet again, that day is getting closer every day. love dad & mom. max, dad how are doing. iknow that it has been a long time since we last talked and i have no excuse. i hope you have been doing welll. since you have been there for a while i guess you know your way around. i hhope that you feel good and have no more pain. i want you to know that you sit on my dressor and we talk evey morning. iknow that you have been gone for a year and half but it seems just like yesterday that you left. its not one day that i don.t think about you. i still have your picture on my phone and look at it everytime i use the phone. also i am still carrying all of your old dog tags on my key chain. lola is still doing good and she keeps us company but she will never take your place. well it is suppertime and i guess i better go for now. remmember that we will always love you and thank about you everyday. love mom and dad 1/10/2013 max don't fuss at me i know it has been a long time since we talked and i haqve no excuse, please for give me. imis you you as much now as when you left us. ihave your urn on my dresser and i gve you a kiss every nite. i hope you are having fun up there with all your new friends. everything down here is pretty much the same. lola has settle in and is a real comfort for both me and your mom, but she can never take your place, i know you would like her. well i am getting ready to go to bed so i will say goodnite and sweet dreams,me and your mom love you very much, will mtalk to you soon.

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