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Memories of Max
My dearest Max - oh how we miss you ... your rolling on your back with all 4 feet in the air to have your belly scratched, your grunts when you wanted a drink of water or a cookie or just some attention. But, most of all I miss your protectiveness and early warning system. After you crossed over the bridge, neither Remy or Maddie barked when the doorbell rang or there was a knock on the door. Aand, now that it is just Maddie left, she still doesn't. I do hope you & Dali are showing your little brother, Remy, the ropes where you are - you know how he loved to be right next to you. My darling, I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you - as I do each & every day. I promise to get the photo album put in here soon - right now Mom's just a bit depressed since losing all 3 of you in less than a year. Wish I could be with you for some of those wonderful kisses you used to give me! I love you, my big boy!!!! - Mom

Hello, my sweet big guy ... how many times a day I think about you and how I miss knowing I was always safe with you here. You always took such good care of me and Dad and the other canines. I still marvel at how they would all bark when you did, but now that you are gone, Maddie doesn't make a sound ... do you think you could whisper to her that she's supposed to be taking care of things now? Oh well, I know you are watching over us still - I do miss wrapping my arms around you and snuggling - you always smelled so good. I hope the 3 of you are staying together - especially Remy - he had never been without his big brother. I have to go now, my pretty boy - just needed to work on your album and let you know how very much I love you! - Mom xxoo

Hello my big boy - I know it's been way too long since I wrote to you and I'm so sorry - the missing you has been really tough for me lately - I know it will get better, but ...... I know Dad misses you so very much, too, but you know him - he handles you being gone much better than I do!
I think Maddie still misses you a lot, too - she still lays in your last spot. I hope you are taking care of yourself and playing a lot and watching over Dali and Remy - Remy especially needs his big brother to show him the ropes. Thank you for all the security and love you gave me - I miss your kisses so very much! I'll talk to you again soon - I miss you and love you dearly!- Mom xxooxxoo

Hi my handsome big protector - it's been so long since I had a few moments to talk to you - these 2 puppies sure could use you to discipline them - they keep me so busy! But, they don't keep me from missing you - nothing ever will! But, I know you are safe & not in pain. I know Daddy misses his big boy terribly * you know that, too! Thank you for still watching over us - tons of love to you, my sweet love - Mom xxooxxoo

My dearest Max - I thought after 2 yrs the pain would be more gone that it is. I miss your antics and those huge beautiful brown eyes - they could speak volumes! But, I am happy that I know you are having a wonderful, pain-free time with the rest of the pack - probably giving Dali a real run for her money - LOL!!!! Dad sends his love - you know how non-demonstrative he is .... I know you still watch over us - thank you for being there for us. I love you my Max-er and I miss you so very much! Give my love to the others, too ..... Mom xxoo

Good morning my big boy - Dad and I were talking about you last night - there was a picture in fb that looked just like you! I thought I'd just take a second to let you know how very much you are missed still - such joy you brought to us and such security I always had knowing you were right there and such love you gave us! I love you dearly my big protector - Mom xxoo

Well, my darling big guy, tomorrow will be 3 years since we lost your light. The pain is as fresh as it was then and I think about you most every day. The pups are2 years old now and Maverick is so horribly different from every Golden we've ever had, but each of you have your own specialties and personalities - yours was the one we dearly adored, but then you knew that! I just wanted you to know that I'll be thinking of you (again!) tomorrow, but I knew I had a lot to do and probably wouldn't have time to write this note - give my love to the others and lots of hugs & kisses to you, my gorgeous big boy! Dad sends his love, too! - Love you - Mom xxoo

Hi my big beautiful Maxwell - just a little note to let you know I was thinking about you and missing you so much - some days I just guess the pain will never go away! I really miss your quiet watchful eyes - so protective & so always in charge - I was always safe & always felt like I didn't have to worry about anything with you there! I know you are taking care of things where you are now as well! Daddy & I miss you so much & will see you again some day - I love you, big guy! Love = Mom xoxox

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