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Memories of Max
April 26,2019
Still love you baby boy.Think of you and Jordi often, such sweet memories and tears
I still see your golden hair and the love in your eyes. Memories I cannot forget

March 23, 2017
Hello sweet Angel on this your 9th anniversary at Rainbow Bridge.

You were always the sweetest most loving baby of all. You loved to be hugged bathed, brushed, combed and always wanted more..

I think of you so often in the summer and how you loved to be pampered on the back porch especially after your bath. I can close my eyes and still see how beautiful you were with your soft golden hair and your sleepy face.

God keep you and Jordi and all the other safe until we get home.

Love you always
Mom, Dad< Abbey, Pepper and Molly

October 1, 2014
Hello sweet angel.
Miss you still on this your 6th anniversary at Rainbow Bridge.
My comfort and Joy is knowing you are with your beloved brother, Jordi,and so many other cousins and friends.
Sleep well sweet boy, you are still so loved. Abbey is your new sister and she has been here 2 years, wish you could have met her. She has brought us lots of comfort and joy as you all did. Pepper sends love too.
Mom and Dad, Abbey, Pepper, coco and Molly ( the two outdoor cats)

March 20.2014
Today is Jordi's anniversary, two years you are together. Thinking of both of you with love. Happy spring and Happy Easter.
Love you forever.
Mom & Dad

January 28, 2014
Dear Max,
So sorry I missed your birthday on the 26th of January. In 1996,17 years ago a beautiful loving golden was born
and I am so glad God chose us to love and care for you until you returned home to him on October 1, 2008.
You and Jordi will forever hold that special piece of our hearts. No matter how many years pass I still miss
and love you and all the others. Take care all my babies until we are together again. Rest in God's arms.
Mom, Dad, Abbey, Pepper, Molly, & Coco

October 1,2013
Dear Max,
love you baby, happy 5th anniversary in heaven. Love to Jordi and all the rest as well. Rest well until we meet again.
Love Mom, Dad Abbey, Pepper, Molly & Coco

Sept 9, 2013
Yes your music always make me cry. It is time to renew your resting place, it will be 5 years on October 1st since I have seen
your beautiful face and the excitement in your eyes for every adventure. Oh how I long to hold you, Jordi and all my furry loves for one last kiss.
You all played a special part in our life and at times you all were our life. No regrets, just loving memories. God keep you all safe till we meet again. Love you Max.

Mom, Dad, Pepper, Coco, molly and our new love Abbey

March 20, 2013
Hi Max baby,
Please stay close to Jordi today. He is with you a year and I am sure you both are missing us very much.

Love each other until we meet again

March 4, 2013
Hi my darling Max
Thinking of you and Jordi and praying you are together and loving one another.

Today is Mom Varra's 34 year anniversary so please visit with her, she will love you both. Kiss Mom Peterack and my brother Ross and our beloved Friend Vi, who used to take care of you both.Take care.
Mom & Dad

Nov. 30, 2012
My sweetheart Max
Think of you and Jordi every day. Love and miss you with all my heart. This week we adopted a new little girl and her name is
Abby. She looks a lot like Jordi although my choice would have been a beautiful Golden like you, Dad and I just could not handle a big dog anymore. I was surprised at how strong Abby was when we tried to give her her first bath. Hope we are up to the task. Please keep an eye on little brother Jordi until we can be together again. You have so many wonderful friends to keep you all company.
Love and Miss you
Mom & Dad

October 1, 2012
Today the 4th anniversary of your passing. You will always be a beautiful memory. I dreamt of you last night and now I know why. I almost forgot your anniversary. Please love Jordi and stay together today and send some love our way.

Miss my Angels.
Love Mom & Dad and Pepper too.

Sept. 4, 2012
Hi Max,
It is time to renew your residency. I cannot believe it will be 4 years on Oct 1 that you said goodby and returned to God. I am so glad your buddy , Jordi, Is there to keep you company. A dear friend to love you and keep you safe until we are all together again. Love you both to the moon and back.
keep safe
Mom & Dad

June 17, 2012
Hi My sweetheart,
We haven't forgotten you. I know you are safe and happy together with your beloved brother Jordi.
Please keep him close to your heart and watch over him until we are together again. It was a lonely Fathers Day without OUR Boys.
Mom & Dad

March 20,2012
Hi Max,
By now you are reunited with your BFF Jordi. we are counting on you to look after him and introduce him to all your friends. I wish I could see him now young and alert with two good eyes and four good legs. The only bad side is that we are so devastated by his loss. Please look down and comfort us as we miss him a whole bunch.

Love you both to the moon and back. Hugs and kisses.
Mom & Dad

March 16, 2012
Hi Sweets,
I seemed to have missed your anniversary, thanksgiving, Christmas and New year. Happy late wishes for Valentines day and especially Happy St Patrick's day tomorrow.
As usual we have been so tied up with Jordi. We have not been out together since October because one of us has to be here at all times with Jordi. He is a fighter. Constantly trying to walk but his legs won't hold him so he falls and gets stuck in so may places and we have to be here to pick him up and walk him all day. We had a bad scare this week and I was sure he might be joining you soon but we are trying to hold on. He will be 15 and 8 months on the 19th.

Just wanted to send you love as you are still always in our hearts.
Mom & Dad

September 8, 2011
Hi sweetheart,
I just renewed your residency and said a prayer for you.
Thanks for taking care of Jordi again. Today he had a teeth cleaning and an extraction and he did very well. We were scared but I felt confident that you would look out for him.
We love and miss you every day and are so greatful to have jordi still with us. He celebrated 15 years on June 19. Thanks sweetheart and keep watching over us.
Mom & Dad

March 4, 2011
Hi Angel,
It has been a while since I wrote to you. We are all fine here. Jordi is doing ok. we love him to death and try our best to keep him comfortable.
I wanted to tell you we still love and miss you. Hope you are happy with the angels. Today is Mom Varra's anniversary so please give her a kiss from us.
I just changed your scenery for Spring. We can't wait for sunshine so i thought of you.
Mom, Dad,Jordi, Pepper, Molly and Coco

October 3, 2010
Hi sweet angel.
We thought of you often on this 2nd anniversary.
We still love and miss you and pray you watch over us all. Jordi sends his love. I am sure that he has a pain deep in his heart for the friend and companion he lost.
Sleep in God's arms.

Mom & Dad, Jordi and Pepper

Hi little boy,
Wanted to let you know that Maggie's brother Cody, the other golden retriever from across the street has also left and gone to heaven. Our neighbors, Kim & Louis have a brand new golden to care for now. His name is Peanuts and he is 8 months old, very active. Please look for Cody and spend some time with him and Maggie now that they are together again. Jordi is doing ok. We love him so much I think it keeps him alive. Keep looking after us.


Good morning Dear Max,

Time goes by so quickly and here it is August already. Our dear Jordi turned 14 this month and he is still here with us. He is a great source of comfort and the best part of our life. He is slowing down each day but we are grateful for every minute.
How are you doing? Still romping and playing I hope. I think of you often and how much you enjoyed each day and so excited for every little thing that happened. We are so grateful for you and all the other wonderful animals who shared our lives over the years.
It is almost time for the change of seasons again and it will be two years in October since you retuned to God. We still miss and love you. Keep watching over us.Pepper sends his love.
Love you
Mom & Dad

Dearest sweet Max,

It is another year, time goes so quickly here on earth. I hope for you that each day is but a minute. I pray that you are well and happy with the angels and always know you are forever in our heart. That little corner is reserved just for you. We have lots of corners filled with love for all the precious animals that have filled our life. I hope you have all met and are waiting for us to be all together again.
Today we had a little scare with Jordi, he has been having a hard time getting around at night so we took a trip to the vet and he gets so stressed out that he would not eat for us tonight. You know in all his 13 and more years he has never refused a morsel of food. We are beside ourselves so please shine your love on him and make him well. You can ask your angel friends to keep him safe with us for a while longer. Every day is a gift.

We love you always.
Mom & Dad,Jordi, Pepper Coco and Molly too.

Dear Maxie,
Love and holiday wishes on this your 2nd Christmas away from home.

Sorry I didn't visit yesterday. You are always in that little corner of my heart and I thank you for the wonderful years we spent together. Another big thank you for asking God to let Jordi stay with us for yet another Christmas. God bless him, we love him so much and our hearts are happy because he is still here with us. He is slowing down but we give him all his meds and he is still doing good as he can for being 13 plus.
How are you? Are you still romping and playing and having a good time until we see you again? I hope you have many friends that you share your life story with and I pray you still look down and keep a watchful eye on us. God bless you sweet angel and Merry Christmas. Love to Buddy too and all our humans that we miss so much every day. Life is so blue with out all the uncles, aunts, parent ,siblings , and friends that we loved so much.
Sweet dreams.
Mom, Dad,Jordi and Pepper

Hi Angel,
Happy anniversary in heaven.
Sorry I did not visit yesterday, it was too emotional and we are so grateful to have our Jordi still with us. He is really slowing down but still loves to eat. God bless him and thank you for asking God to let him stay with us as long as possible. Did you get to meet Maggie? She is the Golden from across the street. I hope you guys are enjoying time together as neighbors should. Love you precious
Mom & Dad

Hi sweets,
It is starting to get cold out and we are fast approaching your 1st anniversary of your rainbow bridge residency. We love and miss you still.
Jordi is doing ok and we shower him with love everyday. He got a bath this week but he doesn't love it like you did. He will sometime fall asleep when I use the fan and blow dryer and I think of how you just fell asleep and enjoyed the bonding.
A few weeks ago our friends across the street had to say goodbye to one of their Goldens ( the blonde) and Cody ( the red one) is missing his girl so much and so are his humans, Kim and Louis. We had a little cry and offered each other a hug to remember our babies. I forgot her name so please look for her and show her lots of love until she can be with her family again.
Sleep well my love.


Hi Baby Angel
How are you? I cry tears of sadness when ever I visit.

Thank you for keeping Jordi safe. He just celebrated his 13th on Sunday and we are so grateful for every day, every minute. Dad & I love him so much as we loved you too.
It is so hard to get through every day because I never know when the days will end and every minute is so precious. Hope you are well and happy and keep a soft spot for us for the day we will all be together again.
Love to Grand Mom & Grand Pop Petersack & Varra and all our loved ones there with you.

Mom & Dad

Hi Max sweetheart,
It's over 7 months since you said goodbye. Miss you always and forever. I have been sleeping downstairs again because Jordi can't get up the steps but he is not like you. You always slept right by my side and barked if I tried to sneak upstairs. Jordi still likes to sleep in the hall or dining room so sometimes I do sneak up to bed and he doesn't miss me . You always made us feel loved, so this morning I am visiting and rereading your story and my heart is so filled with sadness. Please watch over Jordi, we need him so very much to stay with us as long as forever.
Send me love this Mothers Day. I will see your face in all the flowers and remember you with love.
Have sun filled days until we see you again.
Mom & Dad

Happy Easter holidays sweetheart

Sorry I haven't visited you in a while. You are never long out of our thoughts and our hearts.

We have been sick most of the last two months and Jordi is not so good either. Please intervene with your angels to keep him happy and comfortable. We need him to stay with us. I think he has never gotten over losing you, you were always such an important part of our family. It is a broken home now but we do the best we can and love Jordi and Pepper every day and Coco and Molly outside. They will soon enjoy the sun filled days you used to love. I always think of you on the porch with the fan blowing your golden hair and how safe and comfortable you were, here protected in our love. Never doubt what you meant to us.

Please shine your love on us and send a sign that we are in your thoughts. Enjoy your friends and the love you share at rainbow bridge. Goodbye for now sweet love.

Mom & Dad


Good morning Precious Doggie,
Can't believe another new year, sorry you can't be here to share with us. Soon it will be 4 months you went away to be with God. We still miss you every day and the life we shared so long with you. Just wanted to say "hello, we love you". Say hello to all our loved ones and keep a watchful eye over us, we depend on you.
Hope you are warm & happy with lots of friends and food and all the love from our family there with you.Remember to stay close by all the others we took care of in our lifetime. Till we see you all again, much love.
Mom & Dad

My sweetheart,
Thank you for sending me a sign of your love 216. I will send some to your animal friends.
Love you to the moon and back. Your still the best.
Mom & Dad

Hi Max,
Well it is almost Christmas, our first without you in 12 years. I have been feeling so sad
Christmas without your beautiful face and I worry every day about Jordi and want to enjoy this Christmas with him as every holiday is so precious. Dad and I send you our love from that special place in our hearts that is reserved for you only. Take care of Buddy, Rusty, Puck and little Mac and all of God's creatures that you are so lucky to have met.
Please send us your love for Christmas. I will see you in the first snowflake to fall.
keep warm
Mom & Dad

Hi sweet angel,
We went to Peddlers Village to see the Christmas lights and I spotted a sign that said" I love you to the Moon and back" and I began to cry because I knew it was a message from you. That was the first place we took you back in 1995 when you were just a babe. Everyone at Rainbow bridge writes that saying but I had never heard it before so it meant so much to see it at Peddlers Village. Love you always dear friend.
Love Mom, Dad, Jordi and pepper too!

Hi Angel baby,
Hope you are doing well. You have been gone from us 2 months today, that awful day. We missed you this holiday but we are learning to live our lives with your memory. Dad went to visit the Goldens across the street yesterday. Our neighbor said whenever we need our Golden retriever fix we could go over. I just look at your pictures constantly surrounding me. The sky was a beautiful color of corral last week and I knew it was you saying hello and sending love.
Thanks again for the years of love you shared with us. Go Play and sleep on a cloud.
Love , Mom & Dad & Jordi too.

Hi Sweetie,
It is almost Thanksgiving and we are so grateful for the years you were here with us and so sad to miss you this holiday. Please look for Uncle Mickey as he headed you way last week. He has a great love of animals and would love to meet such a royal dog.
Jordi sends his love, he is doing good, we give lots of love for both of you. We have adjusted our lives but it would be far better if you were in it. Have a great holiday with your new friends and the angels to watch over you. Thanks for looking after us.
Love Mom & Dad

Hi sweet Max,
I cry a tear every day for you. I won't forget you. I love you sweet precious boy. There is such a dull ache in my heart and I wish I could feel your golden fur or look into those adoring eyes. Remember always how we loved you. Watch over Dad on his trip and always send love to keep Jordi safe. Sweet darling boy, I love you.

Hi Sweet Angel,
It's almost a month since you left for rainbow bridge. We are doing ok but every once in a while I just feel so devastated and have to get in a good cry. I went into the chat room on Monday night and met a lot of nice people who were praying for their lost babies and trying to comfort each other at the candlelight service. The house is not the same without you in. Something is missing and it breaks our hearts. Dad said hello and he thinks about your beautiful face all the time. Watch over him on his trip and send your love from above. You are always on our mind.
Sleep in the arms of angels basking in the sun, safe in God's arms.
Love Mom

Good morning precious,
I awoke thinking of you again today and the last 3 months we spent together. When Dr. Robin Lee told us you had bone cancer and had maybe 6 months to live I felt like my soul left my body. I screamed at God so many times, why couldn't he have let you live your life in peace. I am sure there was a purpose and maybe it was that we got to spend those last month giving you lots of hugs and kisses and seeing to your comfort so that your last memories would be ones of safety and love. I know you trusted us to take care of you and I have no regrets because we did everything humanly possible to make you feel safe. We spent 3 months sleeping on an air bed or the couch because you couldn't climb the steps any more. You were comfortable and you never really got to the stage of excruciating pain so we are eternally grateful for that and all you brought to our lives. Play hard, sleep well you earned your place in heaven. Jordi and Pepper send their love.
love Mom & Dad

Hi Angel Baby,
Just checking in to say you are always on our mind. It' so hard to eat dinner because you always loved to get the leftovers, sometime you got the best part of the steak. You sure loved all the spaghetti and meatballs, rice and chicken, pork chops and mashed potatoes. I cry when I have leftovers now. We are cutting Jordi's food back since you are gone to keep him in shape so that old arthritis will not get him down. We take him for rides but he doesn't like it the way you did. He just wants to get home but you loved every minute of going out. God how I miss your face. I hope you are happy while we wait to be together again.
Love, Mom & Dad

Hi precious baby,
Thank you for helping us heal. I try to remember how it was to hug you and it is so hard, my memories are fading but you will never be out of our heart. I look at your pictures every day, I will never forget you. You were such a sweet part of our life, always there to greet us, always letting Jordi jump in front of you so content to walk a step behind. What a sweet gentlemen you are. I hope you have had lots of visitors because you always loved company so content to just be by our sides. Miss you so much.
Mom & Dad

Hi sweet baby
Thanks for sending us sunshine filled days, I know it is you smiling down on us. Jordi seems to be improving. He is taking the same meds as you so he can get around better, that makes us happy. We visit you every day at Rainbow bridge. I hope you see us and send us your best hugs. It is still lonely without you. I picture you in the dining room watching me cook with your face on your paws, or on the back porch asleep with the fan blowing your golden hair around. All of your favorite spots, I always picture you there. Have you visited with Jim & Is yet? He was another babysitter for you boys. I miss them very much. Give hugs to Ross, and Dad P. who are there with you also. You are always on our mind. Have a fun filled day, love you

It's been a week since you said goodbye, I am so sad not to see your face ever again, only in memories. Love you baby. Have fun.

We had just lost Jason, our beloved golden retriever in June of 1997 and the loss proved more than we could bear.

So a few weeks later on July 19, 1996 we saw an ad for a Golden Retriever for sale. We took one look at Max and fell in love so he came home with us that night. Of course we never told him that he was marked down for quick sale but worth every penny.

He had been living with a Spanish family for his first 5 months and spent a great deal of time outside with another dog . He had fleas and worms and we of course had to deal with all that to make him comfortable. He didn't answer to his name for a long time but once I called him in Spanish and he came right over, thus began the task of teaching him English.

He learned very well but always played dumb because that way we didn't expect much of him and he could then do his favorite thing which was to lay around and do nothing. I think if he had a lounge chair he would never get up.

A year later we picked up our black lab, Jordi. Coincidently Jordi was born on July 19, 1996, the day Max came to live with us. They became fast friends and have never been parted in 12 years. They spent their childhood together playing and romping and tug a war with all the toys. Never a growl,a bite or a harsh word between them. I tried to explain to Jordi that Max was a gift and we had him on loan and now we had to return him to God and the angels. I know he must be happy there because I think in heaven you are young and healthy and have all your favorite things.

He loved his bath more than anything and especially loved being combed and pampered afterward. He always knew when the baked chicken came out of the oven and was always behind me to beg for some. His favorite breakfast was scrambled eggs and toast with jelly. French toast was always a favorite too.He had to share with Jordi so they each waited their turns like true gentlemen.They always got their way. He loved a car ride or a walk when he was able. He was happiest when we had company any he could lay by the visitors chair and just be near you. He loved his hugs and kisses and when you stopped petting him he just looked up as if to say,"just a few minutes more". What I wouldn't give to see that look again. Just to put my arms around him and kiss that beautiful face as I so often did.

But the best gift was always the look on his face when we came home and he was so happy to see us. If John went out to get the mail he acted like he hadn't seen us in days and just barked and jumped for joy. What a loving spirit we have lost.

Our memories will always be cherished and our heart a little broken because he isn't in our life any more.He gave us so much and I hope he knows we returned his love. I pray he is in heaven playing and running with all the others who God chose to give us in our lifetime, Minute, Scotty, Sheila,Jason, KC and Miss Kitty.

We looked forward to the day when we will all be together again.

Much love Sweet Prince.

Please also visit Jordi.

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