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Memories of Maude
She reminded me of my cat Tommy whom I had just lost about one month before. She was trying to grab or play with my finger. I thought she may have been too much and would be adopted before I could adopt her. Thankfully, that didn't happen. She would play there with a little thing enthusiastically. She would touch noses with a rottweiler there and try to climb the fence next to him.They loved her at the shelter even though they weren't cat people.
It was a very happy and exciting time getting her. The people at the vets were she was spayed said she was cute which was true.
She had no trouble settling in at home. She explored the garage and went to the bed to start kneading. She loved attention and would look at me when I would pet her sometimes.
Many people enjoyed seeing her.
I wish she could be here healthy and enjoying the warm weather. We would play outside. She would chase a string and hide in the peony Bush and jump out when the string came by her
6-25 I'm by myself and I so wish Maude was here. It's sad not having anyone to come home to. She was great last summer when I was home by myself. I am glad we had that time. She surprised me by stalking a rabbit and maybe killing him. She sat on the deck a lot. I miss her coming up and sitting by me on the couch.
She outlived a veterinarian's prediction of how long she would live by 7 months. I wish it was longer. I didn't think she would live that long. Kidney disease and arthritis are evil things.
Hi Maude, I thought of you the other day we had a deer in the yard and Fluffy, the neighbor's cat was in the yard. You detested fluffy, but that's fine. He just likes the deck. It made me think of the time you were outside and I was shocked to see you right close to a deer.
Someone we used to know asked about you yesterday. Someone also sent a card with a cat that reminded them of you. Life isn't near as good without you. I will love you always. I miss seeing you on the chairs and you getting on the couch with me. The pet stairs really helped when you had trouble jumping.
I remember you used to be right at my bedroom door and you would meow a lot after the alarm went off. I was a hard person to get up, wasn't I. You had to come right in the bedroom. You always hated closed doors. You would often insist on attention in the morning. That was a joy to do. You often had a good purr.
I remember you liked to sit on the piano a lot when someone would play it. You really liked vibrations. You would even get on it if we were playing recorded piano music.
Hi Maude, I saw some friendly cats today. I was glad to see them, but they weren't you. I loved how you hardly ever seemed scared of visitors. We even had 8 people over once and it was a bit much, but you didn't hide. You scared one visitor by jumping up on the piano once. You did really well playing with the kids after church. You had a lot of kids sometimes and you seemed patient. Some of the people at church remembered you including the kids. I remember even after you had kidney disease, some kids walking by petted you. I remember when we took you to see my Grandma's friend Mary. She was amazed to see how long you sat in her lap. I hope you can find her up there. She would love to see you. Many other people would love to see you there also. You never met her, but if you see a lady there named Helen, she would love you. If you see Kris or Nikki, they would love you toYou were a joy to have.
I miss you greeting me when I came home. You were very good about being left by yourself, but you were glad when we were home also. I've been thinking about getting another cat, but that in no way means that I love you any less. I've just been wanting to help people and animals. Many of them need help.
I remember when we moved into this house and you were having such a great time playing with some paper that was put down to protect the carpet. You also sometimes liked playing with wrapping paper at Christmas. I remember you would also chew the newspaper sometimes or play with the Kleenex box. You really loved the ends of my Mom's knitting needles.
Hi sweet Maude. We have another girl in the house. She will never replace you. It's getting colder here. You always hated cold. I hope you have a warm place.
2-17 Thinking of you.
3-21 Hi sweet girl. I can't believe it's been a year since you left. We are finally getting some warm here. I was wishing it could be warmer for you when you were sick. I will always love you. Lizzy reminds me of you sometimes the way she sleeps and covers her face. She likes sun also, but is scared of outside. I know you hated other cats, but she will never replace you. She hasn't figured out how nice the dryer top is like you. She reminds me of you when you were younger when she plays sometimes. Thanks for giving me extra time with you. I didn't know what to do sometimes when you were sick, but I cared about you. The cuddle clone of you came. It's good if I can't have you, but doesn't replace you. I will never forget you. I love you.
5-30. Hi Maude. I miss you. I was thinking about you a lot on my birthday. I went away. I always had trouble leaving you for vacation. I remember when we had to board you. I was so nervous, but you did well even if you were a little mad at me. One person there really liked you. You always wanted to go out when we got back. You were such a blessing. Your spirit is still here. I love you forever and always.
3-21 Hi Maude. Thinking of you today sweet girl. I can't believe it's been 2 years since you left. Some things are different. We have a garage now. You would have liked to sit under it. I remember how you loved the piano and dryer. Thank you for being mine and giving me many good years. You were a very good girl. I will always love you
3-21 Hi, sweet girl. Thinking of you and missing you. I'm sorry you got so sick. I hope I was a good Mom to you. I can't believe it's been 3 years. Lizzy likes to lay in the sun like you did. You brought joy to many. I love you always pretty girl.
1-7-22 Thinking of you sweet girl. Thank you for being there for me, especially during the hard times. I love you.

Thinking of you. Miss you.

Thinking of you today sweet girl. We don't have Fluffy here anymore. I miss seeing him. He went to another home

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